Tournament Review


Tournament Review

We had an excellent tournament today in the Butetown youth pavilion. Over 40 young people participated in the tournament. There were 8 teams that consisted of players in year 4,5 and 6. We played a round robin putting 4 teams into 2 mini leagues. The top 2 teams went straight in to the semi finals. The tournament started at 2pm and finished at 6:30pm with plenty of long breaks in-between.

I believe every volunteer and parent that spectated loved every minute. The team work and individual brilliance was out of this world. The boys played fair and respected one another without losing the competitiveness to progress to the latter stages. Which is something that a lot of adults can’t differentiate between. I have nothing but compliments to say about everyone who turned up.

Today’s winners of the tournament who were undefeated were team Kamani. They played as a unit and they were very impressive. They had a scare in the finals against team Isaaq Ali Who they were losing against 4-3 but they got a last minute equaliser, they then went on to win on penalties. Well done to the winners and runners up for entertaining the crowd in the finals.

Unfortunately we could only pick 2 MVP (Most Valued Player) participants. Me and my colleagues put forward who we thought should be given the award. As today’s Referee I chose a very respectful and talented boy. Who I am very fond off but this wasn’t the reason I chose him. He was his team’s captain and was a true leader, he scored 5 goals and 2 of those goals were absolute crackers. Without further ado my Choice of MVP Imthiaz Hazard

The second player was chosen by my right hand man Musty Mohamed I can see why he chose this young person. This boy is super polite and he is also so skilful. he is a team player who shined and helped his team win the tournament. He also scored 5 important goals, he was communicating with his team and his work rate was second to none. Remember this name Mustafe Ali!!

I would also like to thank the wonderful parents that catered for us today. Rachida Talha Rawshanara Begum Hajrah Qayoom and Hinda made the most tastiest sandwiches and snacks. I am thankful That we have the most hard working and amazing parents onboard. How could I forget our secretary Helen Edgeworth for all her behind the scene hard work. Her organising skills are brilliant.

Last but not least I would like to thank Saeed Noo Ebrahim and Mustafa Hassan who always look after us and provide us with a state of the art sports hall. God bless you guys.

We managed to raise £150 which will be deducted from the parents final payment for our trip to Amsterdam in March Inshaa Allah. There’s more tournaments and different fundraisers this week and next week. Every penny will go back to the parents of the young people coming with us. So please continue to support us.

Great to have Jamie Burns of Fitzalan high school involved with TBY, he helps out with the education side of things for the U14s every Friday and he has also started coaching with us. He’s a great addition to the forever growing TBY family. The boys are really taking things onboard, with football and education working together hand in hand.

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