TBY’s Amazing Award Ceremony

Today was our second annual award ceremony. The young members got recognition for their achievements this season. We hosted it in the Butetown youth pavilion and we had over 100 people attending, consisting of players, coach’s, parents and special guest.

We had inspiring special guest such as MP Stephen Doughty, Tony (BRG) and Fitzalan High School. Everyone was dressed to impress for this special occasion.

The U13s, U14s and U15s awards was a proud moment for the club and everyone who attended.

The U13s award winners

Top GOALSCORER: was the talent Younis Dahir
Most improved player: was the bless Yusuf Rahman
Goal keeper award was safe hands Sacad Mohamed
Players player award was speedy Habib Rahman
MVP was power house Mohammed El-Khatib

The U14s award

Top goal scorer: the prolific Malik Abdilahi
Most improved player: Soulja boy William Yohanes
Goal keeper award: braveheart Ziqri Rosdi
Players player award: whiz kid Walid Khalid
MVP: multi-Talented Kaya Emanuel

The U15s award
Top goal scorer: Born leader Samir Sanchez
Moat improved player: shabby ranks Nuh Essa
Goal keeper award: cool brother Clinton Hamzah
Players player: lil dynamite Ashraf Boulaiche New
MVP: the calm cool n collected Ahmed Osman

This year we did it a bit different and we
recognised community role models that have made things happen for the youth. Our dear secretary Helen Edgeworth received the education award for all her hard work in the community. From running ESOL classes, to helping youth/adults with their assignments. She’s an amazing individual who puts her community first and she deserved to get recognised for her efforts.

Our next award was the unsung hero award and our winner was Jamie Burns Jamie is a teacher in Fitzalan high school and he takes time to support TBY Youth with maths tutoring after school on a Friday. He also helps us with training and he also attends games. I can’t name another teacher that will do that.

My good friend Jamila Mcbill has been working tirelessly for this community for years. She’s an innovator, Jamila is the first person in Cardiff to start a girls night in Butetown youth pavilion. The girls were able to do so many activities from cooking to arts and crafts to sports. She would take them on trips and look after them like little sisters. She deserves to be thanked by the whole community.

The next person to receive an award was Abdi Osman for being an inspirational youngsters. He’s a long distant runner that represents wales, he’s currently doing his first year of an A Level in maths, economic and law. He’s also a referee and talented footballer. He’s been working part time since he was 16 and he’s just a wonderful brother and I’m sure he will be successful in any field he decided to pursue.

My little friend Amir Mohamed also received a huge award (Club Man Of The Year). You get this award for being caring, polite, respectful, loving, hard working, courteous, smart and COMMITTED. I’ve never seen or heard him being disrespectful. He’s always encouraging his team mates to do better. I was really proud with this little man.

Coach of the year award was so difficult to choose. We have so many hard working coach’s. So picking one was impossible. In the end we had to make an executive decision and we chose Ilyaas Ahmed for his excellent contribution with our award winning team. Our other winner was the newly wed Mubzz Ahmed for his amazing effort this season. He inspired his team to promotion and he is always doing extra work.

The parents also got an award for helping us grow as a club. Hussain Noor, Suhair Hadeed, Abdi Akeem are always there when ever we need a lift. They always ask how we are doing they are forever advising us. They are loving people. Rachida Talha is the mother of the group. When ever we need a boost she’s there with her words of wisdom. She always prepared the sandwiches and the food for fundraisers. Sometimes I give her short notice but she never declines. I’m lucky to have her as a colleague and friend.

Last but not least the rest of the volunteers who are forever putting the youth first. None of this would be possible without them.

God bless you all

Ps: I also had a lovely catch up with the u14s after the presentations. We ate in roscoes then we went back to mine to watch the game. There was a bit of WWE and banter.

I hope everyone enjoyed today as much as I did.

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Please enjoy the pics 💯💯

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