TYBD Award Ceromony 2016/17

Today’s TBYD award ceremony was very emotional. A few of the young boys prepared speeches and they spoke like little men. The distance they have come was evident for all to see. Hudayfah, Hassam Khalid, Jaheim Islam, Ahmed osman and Hudayfah got us all emotional and worked up. They spoke from the heart and suprised everyone with the way the conducted themselves under pressure.

Fuaad Hajinur has to be the coolest young adult out there. He speaks like there’s no one there, no pressure what so ever. His level of English is amazing. What he forgot to mention he has given us more than we could ever give him. #YouTheMan

We had our special guest that had a wide range of experiences, in different fields from politics to education.

I would like to thank Sarah Merry Saeed Noor Ebrahim Helen Borley (Mountstuart Head Teacher), Judith Rees, Sylwia Daszkiewicz, Aby Bidgood, Miss Bailie, Jon greenwood, Sarah Bowen, Michelle Campbell Davies and Helen Edgeworth. I’d like to thank all my colleagues, parents, young people and the community at large.

I would like to thank the mother of the group Rachida Talha for the lovely food and the continuos advice and support. I never give her enough notice for her to prepare food but she always comes through. Thank you Rachide, my sister and colleague.

The speeches by Sarah Merry, Helen Borley and Saeed Noor was inspirational. They all added good vibes to the event, speaking about a range of different topics. The parents, youngsters, volunteers, special guest and parents all benefitted from all of your words of wisdom.

Musty Mohamed presented like he was born with a mic. He covered the football side of things, in a very articulate professional way. He’s an indispensable part of the organisation and always comes with ideas and ways forward. He’s young in age but has an old head. The skills that he posses go beyond football, he’s our treasurer,guide and brother. #ComradeForLife

I’d like to thank all my colleagues Ilyaas Ahmed, Abdi Osman Mohamed Dirie Yusuf, Abdinasir, Hermon, Adam Ismail, Yusuf Dahir, Mahamood and musty jama.

All the coach’s spoke about what the young people mean to them. We are all about our young people and empowering them to empower themselves. They are often criticised and it is nice for them to feel valued when they achieve.

We could not have asked for better role models to hand out the accolades. Teachers, politicians and community workers all played there part.

The award winners from each age group were:


Top goal scorer – Mohammed Sharif
MVP – Abdul Adam
Players player Khaleel Ibrahim
Most improved Mohamed Arish


Top goal scorer – Hudayfah
MVP – Ali Elshishy
Players player Callum Gibbs
Most improved Saad Mohamed


Top goal scorer – Miley Khan
MVP – Moey Santana
Players player – Monsoor Mahdi and Miley Khan
Most improved Uthman Dualeh


Top goal scorer – Jayden Khaild Howells
MVP – Michael Kuman
Players player Ahmed Karshe
Most improved Abdul Jr Adam


Top goal scorer – Samir Sanchez
MVP – Ahmed Rahman
Players player – Saeed Abdi
Most improved – Alamgir Rifat

Coach of the year

Went to the legendary Hermon Yohanes. He juggled between uni and coaching/mentoring our young people and guess what! He won both battles. His team won the league and he graduated. Not a bad year boss. This young man is a role model and has a good head on his shoulders. He hates the spotlight! But he is a valuable part of our family and needs to be commended for his hard work. #legend


Went to our little legend Ashraf Boulaiche New this guy has matured so much in the last year. He has been a role model to his peers, not just in the term of football but also with tuition. He would attend every tuition session and every game even when he was injured. He’d communicate with the adults and his peers to keep everything in check. He has a personality that everyone who meets him kind help liking him. A fully deserved award winner! #BigUp

The non football related awards went to the following special people.


Went to two of my colleagues from Fitzalan High, Miss Dash (Head Of English) and miss Bidgood (PE teacher). These young ladies would come to Butetown after a hard days work in Fitzalan and teach our young people. Helping them with there revision for there GCSE examinations. Sylvia brought a number of great teachers on board such as Kyle Olsen, Miss Ahmed, Miss Prescott and a few other teachers. All these guys did an amazing job. Without them we would not have been able to give the young people the best preparation for their GCSE’s. We look forward to continuing a health partnership in preparing our young people to success. #WeSaluteYou


Went to David White of grange Catholics boxing club. This man has done a great job with local young people, by teaching them the craft of boxing. Which teaches young people all about discipline, respect and humility. He has taken some of these boys from kids roaming the streets to young men. We always support each other and he always invited us coachs to watch fights all over the country. We thank you and look forward to the new boxing season. #CommunityChamp


went to our friend Joseph Ernest, whose been working with young people from the community for a long time. He runs Butetown U13s and he won the cup in style this year. He’s all about community and his actions speaks louder than words. With men like him in the community our area is a better place. He’s always looking for opportunities for young people and I’m sure we will get our youngsters opportunities eventually. #CommunityLegend


Went to my friends Jama, Hassan Ali and Mustafe Muse. These guys have been with us every Saturday morning no matter what the weather is. They help with lifts but more importantly they give outlet young boys morale support. We appreciate these guys to the fullest and they are setting good examples. This is how we hope the club will become. #ParentsOfTheYear


Went to Hozay Abdi. This young man is not just a strong dynamic midfielder. He is also a cross country runner. But his biggest talent is boxing. He is a champion he is dedicated to his trade. He has a bright future ahead of him. Left, right and hook! You got this champ. It’s your time to shine. #Hitman


This year 3 of our coach’s have graduated for university.

Adam Ismail graduated in Accounting/Finance. I know who I’m going to in the future. He is a smart young man that we a lucky to have in our midst. I seeing him going places but still staying relevant in the community.

Hermon Yohanes graduated in Sports development and coaching. No wonder he and Mubzz Ahmed have won the league back to back. He’s been studying the art 👀😂 jokes aside I see the qualities he has gained and brought back to the community.

Yusef Dahir graduated in football coaching and he has brought he expertise back home. This guy is a tactical coach that has not just learnt it from the book but he has also put it in to practice. He is a cool, calm and collective young guy and it transcends with who ever he coach’s.

All these guys are looked up to by our young people. It’s good seeing people you know from similar backgrounds and georaphical locations graduating. You have done us all proud and although you were already role models you are now graduates 😊 #ThreeMuskerteers

GCSE Awards

Went to our young people who attended the sessions that were provided. They could of been anywhere but they chose to revise in a environment with there peers and school teachers. This shows how mature they are! Our young boys and girls can be compared to none. They are kind, over appreciative, smart, beautiful and all round good young people. It’s good that we will be keeping all groups together. Our girl group will continue but it will expand. We are lucky to have Sarah Bowen and Michelle to work with the young girls. The ideas in the room were fantastic. There will be a lot of transferable skills gained. Sarah and Michelle will be apart of our organisation and it’s our gain.


Went to two wonderful smart young girls Maryan Karshe and Hanan El-khatib. Although all of our girls are wonderful. These two girls went above and beyond to make this girl group. They liased with me and made sure that tuition sessions and events were successful. They are powerful young girls that have a voice within there peers. I’m sure they will be a great success in what ever they do 😊. I’d also like to thank them for the chocolates, after shave and the cute card.

We do this to benefit our young people. So no need to thank us. Let’s get ready for the next episode. 2017/18 will be a busy and successful year Inshaa Allah.

God bless you all!

One love



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