✨Merry Christmas✨NCT 127 Decorating First Christmas Tree in NY 🎄 (+시즈니~ LOVE💌💌💌)

Okay Could you hit the clapperboard? 1, 2, 3 (Smash) I thought he was catching
a mosquito (But he wasn’t) We’re going to decorate
a Christmas tree Wow I’m excited! Yesterday, HAECHAN and I went to Chelsea Market
to get some ornaments Like this chocolate? Yes, we bought something to eat, too Because TAEYONG has a sweet tooth We bought some chocolate
to celebrate our visit to NY You’ll love it Hi, I’m HAECHAN from HAECHAN CAM
that has a 37.5% viewer rating Today…oh, my hair is falling over All right, I’d like to have a great time with DOYOUNG today Actually, the last time I decorated
a Christmas tree was exactly December 25th, 2006 December 25th, 2006? Yes, 2007 No, I meant, when I was 7 Is it accurate information? Yes, it is Well, actually I haven’t decorated
a Christmas tree We’re walking around to buy
some ornaments now This is Chelsea Market There are a lot of people First, this owl For our ‘silent night’ I think it’ll be great if we buy something that symbolizes us Okay, an owl that looks like DOYOUNG We can put a card into
this stocking, right? Right I like lions (He buys a lion stocking) The members like insects Especially, TAEYONG He’s interested in insects like these Wow, look at this! It’s amazing Come on, we’re not buying
something amazing This is a mixture of a cat and a snail I’m going to buy this insect for TAEYONG (Literally ‘insect collecting’) How about buying a couple of
something unusual? This is crystal clear, this is white
and this is gold Oh, right (Satisfied) Excuse me Yes? I need a bag Oh, okay I like that Thank you Okay, we just bought
Christmas tree ornaments there and got into a shop next to it Yes, we’re browsing something different here Shall we buy some chocolate? Yes How about this one? Yes, we should buy this (Paying) (Nodding) (Shopping is done) We need to work in groups I’ll assemble the tree All right Who wants to assemble
the tree with JAEHYUN? YUTA Okay, YUTA Assembling a tree is a piece of cake Then I’ll take pictures Who wants to install
the light bulbs? Okay, me, I’ll do it MARK and DONGHYUK I’ll light up the scented candle (Haha) That’s too easy Then my job is to take a rest All right, let’s work (Click) I would do something like this
when I was in the USA Let’s assemble the tree Ouch! That stings Come on, that stings This is too close, isn’t it? Oh, this reminds me of ‘SM ROOKIES’ JAEHYUN, let’s do it here We’re going to start Let’s begin There you go JAEHYUN We should rotate this Shall we sing Christmas carols? Should I take this out? (Pushing) (The tree falls down) You were right This is right, isn’t it? Once you’re done with the tree,
come this way Here is the tree Ta-da JOHNNY, what are you doing? I’m looking for sticky tape (Punching) (Snap) It’s done (Snap) That way Done! (The wick of the candle is broken) What happened? We need to film TAEIL
lighting up the candle The bulbs are already connected Please zoom in I’m going to light up the candle Guys, this is his sole footage,
please concentrate Did you hear that?
‘TAEIL’s sole footage’ Hey, watch out Happy Christmas Normally people say,
Merry Christmas’ Don’t they? Or ‘Happy New Year’ You know, making an application
is a characteristic of human Oh, good job Why is this warped? Give me the garbage Let’s remove the garbage Oh, hey (He crushes it) This is a mess What a mess Shall we get a Christmas tree
for our dorm, too? We’re going to bring this ‘Overseas delivery’ We should roll this up, right? Here it is Here, too I think we should connect this
to the main plug, right? Is that it? This is… Yes, this is it,
we should connect this to it No, here (HAECHAN’s nostrils) It’s done Okay, let’s do this Where should I connect this to? Here’s the light, too We’ve done that already (Speaking all at once)
That’s connected to this This is the most important, isn’t it? So, we can connect this and plug it in Okay, then (Speaking all at once again)
Let’s try this first Wait, try this first (Peaceful here)
Just try this first Where is the power strip? Hold on Please, wait Wait We should do this all together No, not yet I don’t know much about it No, I meant… Now we know that it works properly Okay It doesn’t have to be pretty,
just do as MARK does This should be plugged at last,
don’t you think? After completing the tree decoration This reminds me of ‘The Polar Express’ What do you think? Oh, I like that I did a good job, didn’t I? Let me explain one by one You know, there’s a member
who loves insects It’s TAEYONG and I bought this for him A beetle? Can I hang this up? Hang it up wherever you want HAECHAN took the photo
being far away from the camera and now his face looks too small (His face is about to disappear) This means, conquering space It means we’re going further beyond the world to the universe That’s Saturn Yes, till we land on Mars Now I got these for YUTA who loves earrings Nice (He looks good with them) Is that the one for acupressure therapy? You know what I mean For DOYOUNG Thanks I thought he got this as a present from the stylists It goes well with me, doesn’t it? I like it This one is inspired by the tiger appearing in
our MV,For MARK I…I raised him His name is ‘Rangi’ ‘Rangi’? When do roosters crow? At the break of dawn In the early morning, right? There’s a member who starts his day
very early like a rooster JOHNNY This is for JOHNNY (A rooster ornament for him) This is You know, this is colorful There’s a member who makes his
surroundings colorful Wait, I’ll do it again That was not good enough He ran out of ideas Okay, I’ll say differently This is for a member who knows
how to share his love It means he gives his love
to a lot of people (It means ‘a lot’) ‘A lot’ Thank you, I’m impressed He’s a man of a lot of love Wow, we’re almost finished TAEIL’s ornament is the last one Okay, shall we hang this? Oh, that’s good, great As if the tree was a human being I’ll give you this pendant, too Tree, you can flex sometimes Is this a ‘flex tree’? ‘Flex tree’ (He’s been cutting this for 20 minutes) (Haha) HAECHAN’s is funny because
he was shot from far away You did a good job (He stands against the camera) You dumb, there’s no JOHNNY Hey, please step back All right Okay, don’t laugh Oh, I’m worried Okay, here we go Don’t forget about the candle All right, here it is Merry Christmas Good for you to have someone
taking care of your footage (Proud) Are there more ornaments to decorate? Here We have more here All right, this is it Snowflakes! Like ‘Frozen’ Come on, guys We just decorated the front The back side is still empty Okay Applaud (Finally, it’s done) Oh? Who are they?
Who are fighting? Who are they? TAEIL and I are kissing each other What happened to MARK’s hair? That’s what I’m saying He got a haircut It’s very…realistic Find your picture and stand
in front of it Be quiet, please This is for insert It’s difficult to take the insert This is amazing Okay, for thumbnail, too Thumbnail 1, 2, 3 Smile Let me turn on the light Please count 1, 2, 3 You know how to react I have to turn it on right away Where’s the switch? I can’t find it There’s no switch Then I need to stay here…? I’ll do it It’s fine! Don’t be obsessed with it Wait We should say ‘Merry Christmas’
right away DOYOUNG turns on the switch Then say it in 2 seconds, got it? 1, 2, 3 Wow Merry Christmas! Wow, it’s pretty It’s pretty This is it Let’s… Let’s take a group Polaroid TAEIL, hold your candle Are you ready? Don’t close your eyes 1, 2 Merry Christmas One more right away Merry Christmas I closed my eyes We just finished decorating a Christmas tree, applaud! Okay, now What else comes to your mind
when you think of ‘Christmas’? Christmas card! Christmas cake Santa Claus And…Pardon? Rudolph Please don’t digress Let’s do it right away Okay, then let’s write Christmas cards
for our NCTzen Take one as if you are
receiving a school meal The paper consists of two parts: One is for the members,
the other is for NCTzen This is my first time to
write a Christmas card For me, too It was my first time to decorate
a Christmas tree Wow What I wrote was short, but intense ‘Dashing through the snow’ ‘In a one-horse open sleigh’ ‘Should I go or not?’ ‘Should I go or not?’ Have you guys finished already? Put it into the envelope All right, I’ll draw (Drumming) (This is my choice) Wow, this is written so badly Just read, is it yours? – No
– The handwriting is worse than mine Well, this is from… the guy who does ‘YA’ It’s not me I’ll read MARK’s first (Haha) ‘My precious members and NCTzen’, ‘Merry Christmas!’ ‘I’m so happy that’ ‘I can spend my favourite
holiday with you, dontcha think so?’ Dontcha? What was that? (Wasn’t it funny) He wanted to make us laugh? Apparently he did ‘Let’s be happy next year’ ‘NCT 127, NCTzen 127, go!’ Go! ‘Stay healthy and let’s be
together forever’ ‘Be together forever’ Merry Christmas Let me read one more MARK, this is yours Oh, you give it back to me? Was it MARK’s? I’ll choose the one right in front of me That’s mine Wow That’s mine, seriously (Haha) You should read one more after this ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘Dear members, I’m grateful for your great work’ ‘Keep up the good work!
Plus 3 hearts’ ‘Merry Christmas NCTzen’ ‘Love plus 3 hearts’ (Applaud) Short but intense He read it wrong He read it wrong ‘3 hearts’ mean lots of love It’ll be better to
show it to the viewers Yes, that’ll be better You missed ‘love’ part,
didn’t you? No, I didn’t ‘Love plus 3 hearts’ Okay, YUTA, you should read
as the original author ‘NCTzen’ ‘Love’ (Haha) (You should’ve read like that) (Help TAEIL) Okay, I’ll do it again ‘Merry Christmas’ With a higher tone of voice ‘I’m grateful for your great work’ ‘Keep up the good work!’ Try to make your voice
higher like F sharp ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘NCTzen’ (Haha) ‘Love plus 3 hearts’ (I accept that) Now – Oh, nice drawing
– ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘A lot of things happened in 2019’ ‘I’m happy that you are
with me being healthy’ ‘In order to make a lot of
good memories,’ Is this a Chinese character? ‘In order to make a lot of
good memories,’ ‘let’s stay healthy and
love each other’ ‘I love you all, plus heart’ – With a pretty snowman
– It’s TAEYONG’s He drew it nicely Let me read the next one HAECHAN is good at reading ‘Dear all members’ May I cry? ‘We’ve spent Christmas together
so many times, I’m so happy about it’ ‘Ha! Ha!’ ‘Let’s keep up the good work, and’ ‘I’m always grateful to you’ ‘And seriously’ This is from DOYOUNG for sure ‘Seriously’ ‘I’ll cheer you all the time’ ‘I’ll cheer you all the time’ ‘Sorry and thank you’ That sounds like typical DOYOUNG ‘Dear my NCTzen’ ‘Are you having a great Christmas?’ ‘We’ve spent quite a lot of
Christmas together’ ‘Hope this year, too’ ‘You did a great work
for the past year’ ‘Not only happy memories but
also bad memories’ ‘will linger next year’ ‘But I’m sure you’ll have a
happy and warm new year’ ‘Thank you always, go for it’ ‘Go for it’ That was very heartwarming Who shed tears? Pardon? – I almost shed tears
– I did I felt melancholy I almost shed tears What’s that? (He can’t open it) (JOHNNY looks happy) It’s JOHNNY’s What did you do?
Did you use your saliva? He even used his saliva? He sealed it ‘Dear my precious people
sitting next to me’ ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘You are the best present for
a person next to you’ ‘You are my present’ ‘My present, thank you’ ‘One and only, plus heart’ – ‘One and only’, yeah
– That’s JOHNNY’s for sure You read it very well,
I thought it’d be difficult Really? Because it was complicated Next When is HAECHAN’s turn? ‘Dear members’ ‘TAEIL, this winter is warm’ (Haha) ‘JOHNNY, I love TME, haha’ ‘TAEYONG, don’t forget
to take your vitamin ‘YUTA, please wear your shoes’ ‘DOYOUNG, I enjoyed
your meal all the time’ What? What kind of meal? You bought it for me – Oh, is that yours?
– Yes ‘JAEHYUN, teach me
how to play bowling’ No problem Looks like you’re the oldest ‘MARK, okay, I see’ (Haha) ‘HAECHAN, I love you’ ‘Have a warm Christmas
and stay healthy’ And ‘Dear NCTzen’, ‘I’m happy that you’re
with us in this winter’ ‘Thank you for keeping us warm
with your love all the time’ ‘I’ll do my best to make you laugh’ ‘I love you’ ‘Have a happy, warm Christmas’ You really sounded like the oldest You have good handwriting Do I? I thought it was not yours You’re the second best after me Thanks This is JAEHYUN’s (Chuckles) ‘Dear my precious members
and NCTzen, heart’ ‘Wishing you all the piece and joy’ ‘I love you and thank you, heart’ ‘I love you, guys’ ‘Happy Christmas’ (It’s obvious that it’s from TAEIL) Whose card is left? Let’s keep this as a secret Wow This is JAEHYUN’s (Haha) This is cool Great ‘Dear Santa Claus’, ‘Please let all the people I know
including NCTzen’ ‘have happy holidays’ ‘Wishing you a sparkling year’ ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘Merry Christmas’ Okay, close your eyes, let’s pray Make a wish, it’ll come true for sure Count 10 inwardly The song is so exciting Okay 1, 2, 3 Merry Christmas You guys know something (The cards that they wrote) Here we go I really hope my wish comes true Applaud Okay, then let’s hold
each other’s hand And dance party? (Dancing passionately) (Excited) Merry Christmas (Whoopee) Now it’s time to shake Shake your body (Haha) (Happy HAECHAN) (Shaking) Stop You know the song from
‘Black Rubber Shoes’? ‘Shanghai, Shanghai’ TAEIL, there he goes again There he goes again He’s improved a lot Okay Merry Christmas Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Merry Christmas, all together Merry Christmas Applaud

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