❤️ Christmas Gift Exchange ft. Sunnydahye 💚

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel and today, I have sunnydahye here with me because we are doing a swap together Hi Christmas swap. Yeah, yeah, hello, hello Hello (Korean) So on my channel, I’m gonna be opening the things that she got me and on her channel She’s gonna be opening up all the gifts that I got her Wait can I give you order to like yeah, open what first yeah No, no no no no no no okay. This one. You read it Without this thing on– it’s a little personal Your writing is so cute I think it’s the first time I received anything handwritten from you. Oh, yeah And it’s your favorite no but I know. Cause the envelope. Oh. Yeah. Yeah, but can I just open the card? Yeah, yeah, okay? I won’t read it. I will read it I get shy about reading letters too. That’s so funny. I was gonna get something very girly, but and I mean it’s your present so I gotta like guarantee your The one that you like. It’s a Rifle card. You don’t have this right? No. I’m gonna put it right. Awww. This is so pretty I love Rifle. It just adds a touch too. And this color will look good on your like aesthetic. Definitely Thank you. Oh, my gosh this is so thought-. You know the thing is I get happy with just a card from Rifle. Oh I’m like “Thank you!” Get this one out of the way like I want to let you open this They’re a set. Oh my gosh Sunny, you’re scaring me. I’m nervous. I think I’ll go yeah I’ll bring a knife. I got my knife It’s a set? -wa wa wait and then you have this one
-oh my I just saw this and I thought of you because this is very like Like very minimal and very like classy Ya Oh, Sunny. What is this? I don’t know I just thought it was really pretty. Isn’t it really pretty? kimchi jjigae yeah You can have like you can bring like coffee or anything. Wait, this is so cute. Yeah you like it yeah i love it thank you Cause I was like I was in this store for like an hour cause I was like oh my god, I really want this I don’t know what to do like do you think she’ll like it and I asked my boyfriend I was like do you think Joan would like this and he was like yeah, this is pretty classy And he knows he knows me too. Thank you. Woah. This is heavy. Dude. How did you bring all of this here? Dude, that’s why I took a taxi. I kid you not. Dude, you did such a good job at wrapping. I like barely wrapped for mine. It’s okay. but oh my gosh Dude you are you You know I was gonna get so oh my it’s a marble coaster. Yeah, I Love it I was looking for like a bigger one remember like the plaque ones yeah I know I like these more and and they were sold out so I was like oh my god, and they only had the emerald looking color one left And I was like no I don’t want it, but then I thought about it I think she would like this more because she can like put it on like her vanity or here Just to add a little accent? Oh my gosh. This is so great. Thank you Mmm the last so I’ll let you open this one. Okay, this is like an extra one. Extra one. I like extra ones. Yeah, okay, cool. All right So I know that you really Like this. But this is a little bit more like an upper. Upper scale. This is more like the luxurious one. So this is the lowest drip coffee, and I think this is like more like a processed one mm-hmm and more like mature Sunny got me into this coffee And I was like I need to go to Bali with you or Indonesia and just pick up this coffee cuz it’s so good This is better This is better. This is really really good. I can drink it out of my big cup. I know Okay, now this one. Okay? Oh. Oh, this is heavy too. Dude, everything is heavy Dude, but seriously open first. Just open it first. What is it? No but really, I. Why? First just open it. I’m gonna open it and not look at it I thought you don’t have this Oh my gosh. I thought you don’t have this. I love this. But I saw it over there and I was like that’s why my My smile kind of faded when I came here. No, no the more the merrier. I love Candles, you know that. And I know you love Diptyque This is beyond open it open it. Oh my gosh. You’re scaring me should I open it from back or. Uh back. This way? Okay maybe I’ll just like open it and then I like have the screen show Oh man. I was so sad when I saw this. Why? I saw another one there. I was like “Oh no!” It’s okay I love candles. Aw that’s good. Okay Cause you know I went to Diptyque and I was like “Give me the best candles you got.” And they were like “This one.” I’m like “Okay, that one.” You’re so funny. I literally said that. Give me the best one. So I got you a star. You bought me a star? What? Hold on. Let’s open this. You bought me a star? Wait, hold up. What? I got you a star. You bought me a star? Yeah, it says Joan Kim on it. That’s– how do you do that? I don’t know. What the– are you serious? Oh my gosh! Hold on hold on hold on. Can you hold that? Yeah So it says here Joan Kim. Yeah. And then this is like a constellation. And then this is like the certificate: Joan Kim. I was gonna do joanday, but then I was like I think I’ll just go with Joan Kim What the, oh my gosh, I didn’t even know you could do this yeah Oh, thank you, cuz I was like Oh, I think Joan pretty much almost has everything she wanted to get it so I was like what should I get her oh? Oh let me get her a star. Oh my gosh, thank you so much. That’s why I told you you can never get this on Earth. Yeah. I gave her a little hint. What, thank you so much This is so meaningful Yeah, and I purposefully picked the white frame so you can hang it in your room I will no this is this is intense, dude Dude, you’re so thoughtful oh So cute. It’s pretty right? Yeah I was so scared you weren’t gonna like it. I was like “Oh my god, please at least like this one.” Why would I not like this? I liked everything you got me. This is so cute, please do check out her channel to see everything that I got her It’s not big, but it’s a lot of little things that I hope you like so Check out her channel check out Sunny. She’s been working so hard on Vlogmas it’s been very inspiring for me to see though. No Yeah it has. I feel like inspired when I see yours so no but please check her out And thank you so much for the presents again once again And I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye!

53 thoughts on “❤️ Christmas Gift Exchange ft. Sunnydahye 💚”

  1. I dont want to be a kill joy but you really cant buy stars. It's a scam. It's the thought that counts though. Love you both.

  2. woahhhh joan idk what you did but you're glowing in this videoo!!! Skin goals! also makeup goals bc it goes so well with your new hair <3

  3. Omg!! Sunny is literally the best friend ever. Everything was so Joan's aesthetic and man "the star" of the presents was awesome 😍😍

  4. Wowwwww….is that real star????like fandom always give to their idol????daebakkkk!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😱😱😱 sunny,anda luar biasa!!!!👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

  5. Sunny buying a star reminds me Lu Yang he also did the same thing in A love so beautiful chinese drama as well as in Gumball

  6. Woah, joan you actually amazed by luwak coffe from bali? You should try toraja coffee or sumatra coffee, they better hahaha. Maybe you should tru many indonesian coffee joan. We have so many and so good!!! Hihihihi

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