What’s up guys? John be here at a fourth-place video. It’s gonna be a part of my Christmas vlog mass and for today’s video I’m gonna show you guys how you can make some candy cane Graham so you can give your friends family coworkers and For this one for this video I just want that you guys know that I am a part of the one of the needy Association is called see sad and See sad stands for the coalition of sailors against destructive Decision and I’m a part of this committee for this whole year and Hortis Christmas. I actually wanted to do something To kind of like boost the morale in the clinic actually feel that it’s Christmas and to actually have that Christmas spirit so what I did is actually made a Fundraising it’s called the Glenn Cocco Graham. And I actually already did two other fundraising is already and Both of them are candy grams I did one for Halloween and also did one for Thanksgiving and just then I really wanted to put candy crammed Candy cane graham. So what I did is I made a Glenn Cocco graham So for this one if you are familiar with the movie Mean Girls, you already know who Glenn Cocco is Glen Coe if you are not familiar with the Glenn Cocco is pretty much a fictional character and the movie Mean Girls and so on That on the movie itself actually had a scene there where? Damien who is dressed up as a Santa Claus? He walked around on each and every classroom and he gave candy canes To all the some of the students actually got candy canes. So I wanted to do that one. And what I did is like I posted a flier that says like Glenn Cocco Graham Glenn Cocco candy gram and I asked people to actually give a dollar for each candy gram and I only bought like a couple like candy canes so I wasn’t It I wasn’t really really expecting that There’s gonna be a lot of people that’s gonna be a part of it and actually gonna participate and I should be gonna give you no actually gonna buy candy canes for other people so I know I Just posted it like a couple of days ago like Monday or Tuesday. I posted it Tuesday And I said right now it’s it’s only Thursday and I actually already have like 84 84 pieces of candy canes candy cane Graham’s like four orders So I’m gonna show you guys how you can make some candy cane Graham’s and King Grahams and How you can actually put a little bit of styling in also how you can make something out of it So for this project, of course what you’re gonna need since we’re doing candy cane grams or a lot of tender canes We’re gonna use some yarn if you you can just buy these Lake for a dollar for like three year olds I bought this one for like a dollar and there’s like three rolls and this one already so yeah, we’re gonna need some yarn or twine if you may And also, I’m just gonna pull these like nice Lace kind of like ribbon. So we’re gonna use that one as well And then also for tags, what I did is I kind of made something like these If it can focus like that, so this is gonna be like pretty much like a tag so what you’re gonna do is just gonna I printed a lot of bees I Printed a lot of tags right here And yeah, so and also, of course you’re gonna need a Glue gun right there if it can focus And let’s get started. First of all, of course take your yarn. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna cut a lot of like probably 10 inches long of yarn Because you are going to do some bows actually made a lot of like remade bows already Right there I me myself It’s I went I actually went online. I went to YouTube actually, actually I went and watched some videos of like people that actually are trying and Are giving tutorials on how to make the perfect bow. So what I did is actually a cut a lot of twine or The strings right here and they’re probably good like 10 to 12 inches long so what I would do what I actually learned from this is you’re gonna take two of your fingers and then you’re gonna put the yarn in between like like that and then what you’re gonna do is like So at the end of the yarn you hold it with your thumb and your middle finger and then you roll it on your pointer finger pointing finger I don’t know only thought then after that so hold it right there and then point on your pointer finger wrap it around your middle finger and then you wrap it over your Pointer finger, so if you can see right there, it’s like alternating. So again, so you’re holding it like that I’ll turn a over I’ll turn eight under and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put the very end of the string in between in between your fingers right there and Then take it from the back all the way to your pointing on we are pointing finger right there and then you grab the twine and then Pretty much like make a knot at the middle. I Am not really good at tutorials and stuff like that, but I will put a link on the video So this is what I made I’m gonna put a link on the video and where I actually learned all of this all of this like Making twine kind of thing. So that is a pretty nice twine right there so I actually made a lot already as you can see I have Made a lot. I was just like watching Brett Brett Morocco Aldo and I was like might as well start making a lot of Twins Ribbon, so yeah, we made a lot of ribbons already it will focus So yeah, I mean a lot of those already and then once you actually make a bunch of them Put them on the side. And then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get your candy canes So what you’re gonna do your candy canes is you’re gonna get a candy cane and then one of the pre-made twines Premade ribbon twins and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna glue gun This twine right here at the middle. So it’s gonna kind of look like that So I’m just gonna do that really quick So I put a little bit of glue right there and then I’m just gonna put this ribbon at the center Like so Right there and then after that what I am going to do is I’m gonna get a super tiny twine like this right here and Then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna connect this one somewhere behind the ribbon Maybe somewhere right here. And then I am gonna attach one of the tags that I printed out So I’m gonna attach this tiny twine. This is like part of like an inch long Twine, and then I’m gonna put this one at the back right here and then I’m gonna connect it To right here a little bit of glue at the back of the tag and then I connected the 1 inch Twine at the back and it’s gonna look like that It’s gonna look like that and then after that you’re gonna connect it to your candy cane like that So I put a glue behind the ribbon. So I’m just literally gonna connect the twine right there and then let it dry for a couple of seconds and Voila There you have it and then actually made a lot more So I actually made other ones this one is actually with a really really nice ribbon the satin kind of ribbon that I did and I also cut out some of The like a brown paper and then what I did is like I put like a little miniature Card right here so they can actually put something inside like a dedication or a personal message There’s the one that I love the most this one is cute right here And then also a same thing I put A little bit of card right here, and it’s a little bit bigger than the other ones so they can fold their personal message right here and Yeah


  1. This is perfect. I have been searching for the perfect candy cane diy idea. I'm glad I found your video. I just subscribed to your channel as well. 😊

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