🎄Large Family DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS HAUL | Stocking Stuffers + 🎁Gift Ideas!

– Well, friends, I am back with another haul video for you today. This is my huge Large
Family Dollar Tree Haul, plus I’m gonna share with
you the awesome chapter books that I snagged at one of
my favorite thrift stores for chapter books, that is perfect for
our homeschool library. Let me just jump right into
this Dollar Tree haul right now. So this haul includes everything
to do Christmas wrapping, two birthday parties, and
a whole lot of stockings. It is a massive haul. So down here I got seven
rolls of wrapping paper. The reason I got seven is these
just are not very big rolls. So I got some kind of plain
Jane, snowman wrapping paper, but then this one is cute. It looks like it’s a lot of the Disney little baby characters. And then we got some Elsa. We know who the Elsa will be for. We just got some cute
little holiday elves. And then, you know who’s gonna be getting a lot of the Paw Patrol wrapping paper. This was some Trolls wrapping paper. And then this is some
dinosaur wrapping paper. Some more snowmen wrapping paper. And then this is two birthday
things of wrapping paper. I got three bags of bows. Now I am not the present
wrapper in my house, Travis is. So I just got different
things I thought he could use. I got three packs of the ribbon. I got some of this tissue paper, and then this is a big Santa Claus bag. I was thinking that Benjamin’s big gift might be able to fit in there. We shall see. I’m sure we’ll use it for something. And I was inspired with bags. So I got three of these medium-sized bags. And then I got four of these smaller bags. But they were just so cute, I thought Travis could
wrap things up with that. And then on the birthday
front, we got some napkins, we got two packs of plates. So what’s happening is Daniel turns four the week before Christmas, and Liam turns eight the
week after Christmas. And they’re having home parties with a whole lot of goodies this year. I got a variety of streamers. We got some party hats and then some fun little party blowers and balloons, and these party poppers, and
also these hanging decorations. Now, I also have quite a
bit of birthday decorations, so these are just some fresh things to add in for their home parties. Also on the party present
side, I got a Paw Patrol bag, we got a Spider-Man bag, Ninja Turtle bag, and then just kind of a
general let’s celebrate birthday bag, and some
tissue paper for that. Again, Travis will wrap those. Then up here, we’re gonna
talk about stockings. So out of the eight kids, we
really have about five kids that are really into this
stocking thing still. Benjamin is just too little. I don’t even think I got
anything for his stocking as of yet, so I will get him
a little plushie or something for his stocking so he
can still get into the joy of digging into that stocking
the night before Christmas, and he has pajamas. And all of these kids who
are getting stockings, get pajamas on Christmas Eve, too. That’s just how we do it around here. Anyway, so for my big guys, for my 15 year old and 18 year old, I got them some special candy,
and gum, and meat sticks, because they have beards. They like meat, right? They will also get, I’ll
put some Blow Pops in there and some candy canes, and I got some of this
popping candy with lollipop. I will put that stuff in there, too. But then for the younger kids,
they get a lot of the, hey, some people would call it junk, some people would call it it’s
Christmas, it’s a fun time, let’s enjoy this loot. And that’s what I got for the kids. And also up here, there
are some, two maze books. I will put those in the
older guys’ stockings. And then, Naomi, I got
her an extreme dot-to-dot. And here, let me just
lay across the table. This is some bigger girl
stuff because she is 12, that I got for Naomi. We’ve got this calendar. I know she’ll like this, and the lotion. And this is some perfume
and some more lotion, and some pretty hair things,
look lovely in her hair. And I love this. And wear anywhere so she can
wear ’em as little bracelets or little ponytail holders. I have just a plain ponytail
holder on my wrist now. Then for Amelia, I got a frozen headband and I love you compact, two notebooks, two little doll baby friends, lots of Dollar Tree
paper and pens for them. And so, this would be
for Danielle and Liam and Amelia and Gabriel and Naomi. These are just little memo
notepads that came with a pen. And then for Gabriel
and Liam in particular, I got them each a drawing
notebook, and each a pack of pens. And then I got each of the kiddos a special pack of stickers. And then Gabriel, Liam,
Amelia, and Daniel, a puzzle. And then these are for, I got three of ’em for Daniel, Liam, and Gabriel. And then also for Daniel,
and those dinosaur stickers are also for Gabriel. And so this is a look at what
we are doing stocking-wise. And if there’s a thing
or two that doesn’t fit in the stocking, we will
just wrap it separate and still count it as part of the stocking that they can open on Christmas Eve. It’s just kind of a fun Christmas
warm up to get some loot, and get some candy, and
get the party started. And now I’m gonna give you a look at the awesome thrift store books. Okay, so, yay, thrift store books. We got a copy of Cats Are
Cats and Mice Are Mice. These are poems by the same
author and the same illustrator. And look, this was just
so cute, so cute, so cute. $1.25 and 95 cents, so that’ll be great to add
to our poetry collection. I’m doing this in my
Dollar Tree Christmas Haul. I just didn’t wanna do a
whole video about these books, but I know so many of
you love great books. You don’t care, right? You don’t care, I don’t
care, show me the books. So these are actually,
these aren’t for Christmas. These are just like,
hey, kids, we love books, here’s some more books. So this is also for
Amelia, she is so cute. She goes around writing mommy recipes and helping mommy write cookbooks. And I have a whole stack of cookbooks that I’ll read through, and she’ll bring out
her cookbooks as well. So I got her this Cupcakes,
Cookies & Cakes book, and it just looked so,
(laughs) had so many fun ideas. I can just see her,
she’ll dog-ear the pages and she’ll circle things,
and she’ll make her notes. And she’s gonna work this over big time. So we’ll have, like I say, a
little Betty Crocker there. But that’s for Amelia. She will love it. And then I got this Bible. This is for Naomi. This was $2.50, but it’s a
very nice, in new condition. Looks like early teen girl Bible. She has a Bible that she
carries around a lot now, and does a lot of her Bible reading in, and this one just struck
me as, I probably own, I don’t know, 20 Bibles or more. So this will be great for
Naomi’s growing Bible collection. Now she’ll have at least two in there. We’ve been talking about Pinocchio, and so I grabbed this copy of Pinocchio. I know the kids’ll love it. And then also, if you’ve been around here, you know that we love
Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet, but we’ve never read
any of his other books. It’s awful, I know. So, I have slowly been
collecting all of his books as I see them, and we
haven’t read ’em yet, but they will go on
our Gary Paulsen shelf, and we will get to them. We will get them read. I got this very good
condition of Pop-Up Facts about space books. And look, every single page in here, I think there’s one page towards the end that has some issues. But all the other pages, woo. Love, love, love this book. This one I had thought I would give to Gabriel in particular. Yeah, that’s it. So yeah, all the pages were pretty good. This one was $2.00. So I think of books that
the kids would enjoy, so this one, I had Gabriel in mind. And then this was a medal winning book, so The Fool of the World
and the Flying Ship. This looked like a book
that the kids would enjoy me reading to them. Now I haven’t read this one, though, so forgive me if there’s
something wrong with it, but we’ll read it. I also got Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast. And this looks like for
my dinosaur-loving guys, they are going to really love this book and especially the illustrations. Gabriel goes through
and takes these books, and draws a lot of the drawings in them. We were talking about
Galileo the other day, so this is the Starry Messenger
book, another award winner. And it is also in great shape. I tell you, this thrift
store that I go to, it’s called Book Savers of Virginia, and the thrift store name
is called Gift and Thrift. And it is really a homeschooler’s dream. If you are in the area, you can Google ’em and look ’em up if you’re
in that part of Virginia. This is another T-Rex
book, this was $1.25. And again, I just know, dinosaur-loving kids will love that book. I also got us a numbers bingo set. This says for ages four to eight, so I was thinking between Daniel, Amelia, and I can even make Liam play with us. This would be a fun game for this winter to add to our game collection. I got a copy of Spelling Power. Now I had a friend give me Spelling Power, and if we get into discussing
homeschool curriculum, there’s so many spelling
curriculums out there. This is 15 minutes a day
for ages eight and up, and it’s supposed to go
from ages eight to adult, comprehensive spelling skills. So I had a copy of this
and we never got into it. There were some other
spelling programs we had used, but this was only a $1.50. And just how it goes with homeschool moms, sometimes you’re like, oh, well, maybe I’ll give this one a try. So you can see it’s got a
teacher’s guide, placement test, flow word list, alphabetical list, games and activities, a
lot going on in this book. And I’ve picked it up for $1.25. But this says 49.95. I know I’ve seen it for at
least half that price before. You can get it on Christian
Book Distributors, but if you just wanna get
an eyeball on how it looks. And it may just be something
that doesn’t work well for me or it may be perfect. For $1.50, I thought we’d add
this back to our collection and I’ll look through that this winter, and see if I wanna give that a spin, or I’ll pass it on to another momma. So this is a look at the book haul. So at the Dollar Tree, my total was $134. I know, that’s a lot for the Dollar Tree. But again, think wrapping
paper for probably 15 or so people for Christmas total, because we have a few
people outside of our kids that we buy a few things for. Also, stockings for eight kids. Decorations for two birthday parties. Lots of stuff. And I spent $19 at the Gift
and Thrift on these books. I hope you enjoyed this haul. Go ahead and subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t yet. A lot is going on because
another exciting thing, I’m getting ready to take the
four older kids out of town, out of state to a big city, for lots of homeschool
family travel vlogs, so be on the lookout for those, bye-bye.

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