10 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines | K-Swag Flirts | Kamri Noel

100 thoughts on “10 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines | K-Swag Flirts | Kamri Noel”

  1. Gonna have a basketball game Saturday against are main rivals and they cheat by hitting are team captains 3 games in a row! Thumbs up if you think are team will win

  2. #EarlySquad I love you so much!! You make the best videos ever!! My favorite character from your channel is Kenzington!!!! Lots of love from Kansas!! 😘's -Hayley

  3. "I need a band aid for my pride" "Oh you're going to 9? Well let's go to ten so we can take this to the next level"😂😂😂

  4. in her profile picture it doesn't look like karma it looks like brooklyn, like if you agree or its juts i just woke up so yeah XD it might juts be me lol

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