10 Free Christmas gift Ideas (Last Minute)

happy holidays everyone if you have been
following my channel you can see that the background is different because I’m
not my family’s house yeah I haven’t really accepted all the way it but here
we are if you’re new here welcome my name is kat Theo and today it’s money
Monday where we talk all about things money on Monday because everyone
loves money and everyone loves the holiday but if you’re not careful you
might have a ho ho hole in your wallet okay bad joke I’ll make it up to you
later I hope so today we’re gonna be getting into 9 different free gifts that
you can add to your Christmas list this year to help save you a lot of money and
lower a little bit of the Christmas cost of gifting to your friends families and
co-workers etc etc etc okay so let’s go first free Christmas gift you can do is
with the Amazon trade In program so we’ve talked about the Amazon trade in program
before in this video but to refresh your memory
you can send Amazon something actually something that you don’t use anymore
like for example this random bird you can send Amazon this random bird and
they will send you back a gift card and you can use that gift card to buy your
friends and family something on amazon.com this is a really great way to
get rid of some of your old stuff that you don’t really use but they do have to
be in good condition you give read on their website what they
consider and what they will not consider but you can actually exchange a lot of
different things that you don’t use anymore in your house my second way you
can score a free Christmas gift is on freebie websites I’m actually gonna be
going more into different ways to get free stuff in general let me know in the
comments below if that’s something you’re gonna be interested in watching
but there are lots of ways to get free freebies from like freecycle.org which
is pretty much people that are just getting rid of their stuff they don’t
feel like selling it and you can just pick
for free and you can find a lot of great gifts there things like unopened coffee
machines or some random sweater that’s not their size but is your uncle Susie
size and many other things that you can find on free cycle there’s also a
different reddit subgroups like reddit.com r freebies and there’s another one
called reddit com r barter and that’s where you can also get a lot of free and
really discounted things on reddit but you do have to pick up so it has to be
in your city okay my third way to score a free gift for Christmas is offering a
service to your friends and family I actually used to do this with one of
mine you know ex-boyfriends and instead of like gifting him something I would
offer something for free like here is three free massages and you can like
make it look all cute and maybe maybe like laminate the paper so it’s actually
girl like kind of like a coupon that they can cash in but you can do this
with your friends and family whereas wash their car free massage you know
you’ll walk the dog different things like that and people actually do
appreciate these types of gifts because a lot of times people just don’t want to
wash their car or take up the dog or babysitting for example this can be a
really great were three free nights of babysitting it’s actually something a
lot of parents would really appreciate I forth free gift that you can give to
someone is with mason jars if you’re anything like me i have a ton of mission
doors in my house i actually don’t even need you can make a lot of really cool
mason jar crafts like by painting them or wrapping it ribbon on it and putting
candles in it or you can even make a cool sparkler you just have to be
careful you don’t burn yourself my fifth free gift idea is to make a video or
somebody telling them what to love about them or just even some memory that you
have of them I personally love this gift idea and I think especially it’s great
for kids to their parents or adult children to their parents or your
boyfriend or even just to your boss or coworkers just
what you appreciate about them what you love about them it’s something they can
keep forever and it’s something they can watch when they’re having a bad day or
just feeling kind of down you know I think this is actually a great gift idea
for your best friend or even a lover because you can go through all of the
memories you’ve had with them and combine it into one short video just to
remember all the things you’ve been through all the good times especially it
like maybe you’re having a fight it’s a really good reference to remember like
all the good times you had my 603 gift idea is gifting a book to one of your
friends I know this is only gonna work if they are oh a bookworm
you know if they actually like readings but I know for me personally I love to
read and I love getting books especially books that I’ve actually want so you
know if you have a friend that has a similar taste in books you can head to
your little bookshelf and grab some books and gift them to your friends you
can also do this for ebooks and if you have a Kindle you can also send them
some Kindle books or some ebooks to paint on if they’re a prime member or
not okay my seventh Christmas gift is the gift of time one of the most
valuable things we have it’s not the most valuable thing we have is our time
so of course this is probably my favorite gift ideas on this list is
giving your time to people you love and care about
so some free options are going on a picnic together bringing your food and
spending some time in the Sun right now it’s kind of cold but if you live in a
climate that’s a little bit nicer then you can still go on a picnic or go on a
hike in the mountains with this person or even taking up some rollerskating or
some rollerblading in the park with this person studies show that when you are
having an active activity with somebody you’re actually connecting it more
deeply with that person you can even try starting a new class with them at a
class of yoga or a cooking class my eighth way is if you’re already going to
be buying things online this is not free but if you’re gonna be longest free
money yeah if you’re already going to be buying things online is to be buying
through cashback website I really like the website ebates.com the
link will be in the description something you’re already gonna buy like
let’s say a camera for someone you can buy it through the cashback website
you’re gonna get money back which is gonna save you money on all of your your
purchases so let’s say you plan on spending a thousand dollars this
Christmas season you might only spend 800 because of the cashback that you’re
gonna get my ninth way is becoming an Amazon Prime member if you’re not
already an Amazon Prime member you have free two-day shipping with any of your
orders so if you really only want it for the December season for the holidays you
can just get it for one month and get free shipping all month long for all the
things that you need I think if you are planning on buying a bunch of stuff it
could be a great way to save time from going to the stores in looking and over
buying because you’re seeing all these different types of things and you can
buy everything in one place and get free shipping
okay my last weigh my 10th weight to give something for free for this
Christmas season is obviously any type of crafting I always thought it was
always a really beautiful thing where my friends giving me something that they
personally may whether it’s jewelry or just some type of clothing or any type
of thing that they can make so this might not be free if you don’t already
have the materials at your house but if you do this can be something really easy
for you and if you’re not crafty you can just go to EXCI calm and nobody will
even know the difference pouring dis ruptor your viewing I lost a
little bit of footage but I forgot to say was you can also give people food by
baking you can make some cookies and wrap it up in some nice ribbon or you
can make a cake and put it in a lovely box and you can make really anything to
make it look luxury so people think you are like this chef and it’s a really
great way to get to their heart through their stomach okay back to the other
video okay so that’s all I have for you guys state thanks so much for watching
this video let me know what things you’re gonna try and what other ideas
you have to give something for free this holiday season and I’m sure we would
love to hear about it if you haven’t subscribed to my channel we talk about
things money every single Monday and I will see you in the next video bye

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  1. Here I have many other Christmas gift ideas: https://www.cashbackbase.com/christmas-gifts-2018?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=comment&utm_campaign=181224+ace

  2. I am checking back in to say, I just went and researched the Amazon trade in idea. Sounded great to me because I have shoes in good condition (nebsr touched pavement) and TONS of books that I am ready to release. Welp, Amazon is VERY SPECIFIC on what they will receive based on what they have "offers" on or for. So your birdie would not be eligible unless someone is looking for a cute bird statue. The good news is that is you have electronics that you're ready to get rid of, after a few steps on your end to uncouple them from cloud services and other devices, there is a good chance you will get that gift card. But even those are very specific items. Still reading through the fine print, but I wanted to share.

    Keep being great, Kat❣

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