10 Great Christmas Gifts for Yourself! Best Ideas!

hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel it is Christmas time and it is just time to talk about gifts I’ve
already done a couple of gift guides this year and I thought instead of doing
my typical blog posts on gift guides why not get on camera and do them there’s so
much more fun kind of like watching a TV episode maybe I’m a whole lot less
entertaining a lot of people on TV but still better than reading a blog post so
I wanted to talk about today gifts to treat yourself with I did a treat
yo’self blog post back to the beginning of the season but of the holiday season
but I thought it’d be fun to do a video because you know what if you’re having a
single girl Christmas it’s a thing it’s a thing and you don’t have anybody
special that you want to buy gifts for then pies and even if you’re a mom a
hard-working woman whatever you are maybe you just deserve something special
and nice so that’s what we’re gonna do today is rent talk about gifts for
yourself for Christmas so let’s talk about idea number one first idea is
treat yourself to the luxury of beauty no but for real like a spa night at home
you need good products you need quality products and so I want to talk about
kapo’i I’ve talked about them before I love
their products they my first experience with them was their coconut oil I love
it I use it for a multitude of things beauty wise but now they have expanded
their line and they have so many different products and the first thing I
want to talk about is their coconut crush scrub and I feel like the best way
to have an at-home spa experience is by giving yourself a scrub or doing
exfoliation on your skin on your face because I feel like immediately you’re
removing that top layer of dead skin and your skin feels polished and fresh and
glowy and just luminous and all of the great amazing adjectives that are out
there to describe soft skin so they’re coconut crush scrub is something that I
would highly suggest if you’re going to treat yourself to a spa night that’s a
really great one a couple other products of theirs that
are great are the starry eye bomb which I love under eye products I’m skeptical
of a lot of under eye products but I love claipari and this one has a really
beautiful consistency and can you see the sheen they’re super hydrating and
then another product of theirs that I think would be just a great thing to
treat yourself to is the coconut rose toner and the reason that I love this is
because it is a spray okay so when it comes to toners most toners come with
like the the pour out that you put on a cotton pad or cotton ball that’s just
standard I got that I hate the feel of cotton so much so I love the idea of
being able to spritz it on your face and go out the door so the thing about
Campari that’s awesome is that it’s cruelty free it’s paraben free and it’s
sulfate free so it’s definitely a product that you can feel good about
investing in and putting on your skin next thing to treat yourself to this
Christmas holiday season is some new makeup brushes chances are if you’re
anything like me you will use and use and use your makeup brushes until they
are beyond the time of needing replaced so this is just a reminder to go out and
grab yourself some new brushes these are from Sigma I love Sigma brushes I think
they’re great but I love a lot of different brands of
makeup brushes Real Techniques is great for drug drugstore brand and morphe Mac
every pretty much every brush line zoeva has a particular brush in it that I love
like for instance I love the Marc Jacobs brushes for foundation and bronzer but
then for eyeshadow I really love morphe zoeva and sigma and then for brows I
love benefit and then you can’t forget your beauty sponges too so just a
reminder that if you’re going to treat yourself to something this holiday
season why not think about getting some new makeup brushes item number three
that I think is a really great idea for getting yourself or treating yourself to
this holiday season especially if you can find a great makeup sale is new
eyeshadow palettes another thing that before I became a makeup artist
because after I became a makeup artist I really kept my kit stocked but before
that and I was just crazy about makeup for myself but I you know I was in
college I didn’t have a ton of money to put into makeup I would use my eyeshadow
till it hit pan and I was a covergirl fanatic there was a little trio of
eyeshadow from covergirl that had like a gold like a copper and then like a deep
brown that I used every single day I loved it so much anyways let’s talk
about the palettes that I have right here in front of me so a couple of that
I think are really fun that are new to me that I thought this would be fun to
talk about the Urban Decay Naked reloaded I think that the shades are
incredible but there’s some pinky Reds in there which you guys know I cannot I
cannot stress enough how beautiful I think oranges and reds look on people
with green or blue eyes and they’re stunning and then there’s a bunch of
neutrals in there that looked at on all eye colors then there’s this Lele pons
buy and then it’s also the tarte it’s the chart collaboration I should
say and it is an eyeshadow and face cheek palette I think those are
beautiful shades that Miami is stunning I cannot wait to dig into that this just
arrived this week so I’m excited to break into that and create some really
pretty looks for the holiday season and then this one I’m especially excited
about because it’s color pop and I am such a fan of color pop mostly because
it is such an affordable brand but I think that the eyeshadows have amazing
pigment and the color payoff is incredible especially for the price
point this is the bare necessities palette its oh my gosh settings don’t
mind this those are little fingers if you couldn’t tell
McKenley is obsessed with my makeup now she like there’s no better day than the
day that I let her come into my Beauty room and play with makeup like she loves
it and she puts her lipstick on and then she runs up to Matt and asks to put it
on him and let’s put it on me and I shot it was a new thing but I shadow goes
right here on her every time anyways this palette is beautiful look at all of
those amazing neutrals and I’m not sure if the camera is picking it up but
there’s a ton of matte shades but then there’s also it’s really interesting
like this color is like a matte deep purple but then right next to it is kind
the shame the same color but its shade but it’s got a really beautiful glittery
sheen to it so it’s just they did a really good job on this palette and I
haven’t even dug into it other than my daughter sticking her fingers in it so
I’m really excited we’re traveling next week and I’m thinking about taking this
with me because like I could create some beautiful looks so if you haven’t gotten
an eyeshadow palette in a while this is your reminder to treat yourself this
holiday season especially during sales and try some new eyeshadow colors next
is a new beanie this is just something that I think that if you live in a
colder climate during you know the winter months I think that you could
totally benefit from a new beanie every year this one is from Amazon I want to
say I paid like 20 bucks for it it’s so soft I love the leopard print
and the poof on top every time I wear this out people stop me to tell me how
cute it is I have another one that’s very similar from Express they’re
basically interchangeable I’m sure a million places have leopard beanies this
year but I think that since leopard print is like is basically it the it
thing this season getting a leopard beanie is just fun and it’s a great way
to treat yourself to something that season appropriate next idea is hair
related so I tried something new with my hair today and I’m digging it I think
it’s fun I kept seeing this thing on Amazon it’s
the bed head wave artist and you just put your hair in it and crimp it down
and let it go and it waves your hair and you just go all the way down to do my
entire head it took maybe 10 minutes and that might be an exaggeration of time or
it might my I feel like that’s pretty accurate I think it took about ten
minutes do my hair and I didn’t do anything else to it except for put some
spray in it which I have a pen rest spray that I just love love-love-love
anyways I love the way it turned out I think it’s really fun it’s super
voluminous and it’s just if you have straight hair like me it’s just a fun
departure from your just plain old straight hair so I thought that this was
really cool I loved the way it worked it heated up really fast
and I did my hair probably about four or five hours ago and it still looks pretty
darn good it hasn’t fallen out which I’m actually surprised but my hair does not
hold curl well another idea if you want to treat yourself this holiday season or
anyway honestly these gifts are great for any woman in your life but
specifically I was thinking that they’re just things that I liked buy them for
myself so it’s a fun suggestion for you but the Revlon hairbrush dryer hair
dryer hair dryer brush whatever you call it this thing whatever this is it is
awesome it’s awesome every this thing is hot is so hyped on the internet and it’s
for good reason it works it works really well I love it I love the way my hair
looks like when I use it I think it’s a great product I bought mine on Amazon
but honestly you can buy it anywhere you can get at Target Walmart anywhere it’s
awesome so those are my two tools that if you don’t have them in your arsenal
right now in your hairstyling arsenal those are fun things to experiment with
and especially after Christmas they’re probably gonna go on sale so why not
why not get them for the new year a new year new you you know next item on my
list is a new pair of PJ’s but not just any PJ’s comfy PJ’s and the reason that
I’m saying this is because I feel like it’s so easy to get into the habit I’m
not sure if I’ve said this before or not on YouTube but I definitely said on my
blog it’s so easy to get into the habit of wearing old sweats old t-shirts old
whatever to bed but I like to think of bed as Anna look as a luxurious
experience like when I get into bed I want my bed to feel like I’m getting
into like a bed that was made at the Four Seasons like I want to get in and I
want my experience to be falling asleep and a very soft very serene feeling bed
and just feeling my most comfortable so if I’m doing that I should also want my
sleepwear what I’m wearing to bed to also feel luxurious doesn’t mean you
have to drop a ton of money on pajamas what it means is that you should have
dedicated sleep clothes not it shouldn’t be your lounger on the house
this is what I wear on a lazy day I feel like you should have dedicated but you
like that dedicated this is what I wear to bed and it’s because sleep is a
special time and so I have special clothes for that call me crazy
that’s just how I think so you will rarely rarely see me wear sweats to bed
like there’s got to be something going on with me to do that I like my PJs and
I like them comfortable these are from soma soma is one of my very favorite
stores to buy pajamas from and underwear and all of the things I think that their
stuff is just amazing quality but you can’t get great pajama so many places
like I found a really great pair of pajamas at five below which I don’t know
if I don’t know where they’re at like I don’t think we have five below in LA but
we have them here at Ohio and they’re awesome you can get great pajamas
anywhere so it’s very much a personal opinion of what a great pair of pajamas
what means to you because to me it means very soft feels
good on my skin stretchy so whatever good is to you in the pajama realm that
is what you should be sleeping in and you should feel like when you’re putting
them on at night it is a treat the pleasure next item on my list it’s a
it’s a slasher it’s – it’s a great robe and a great pair of slippers
I forgot my robe upstairs and I’m just too lazy to go get it but if you follow
me then you know what my robe looks like because I post on Instagram stories and
it every single day of my life it’s gray it’s fuzzy it’s incredible and I want to
rub my face on it because it’s so soft bottom line
get yourself a comfortable robe every woman deserves a comfortable robe hit
pause rewind listen to it again let me tell you every woman deserves one you
deserve a soft comfortable robe that when you put it on in the morning you
feel like I feel relaxed and now I can have my cup of coffee like that’s just
how it should be along those lines you also deserve a great pair of slippers
again both of these things are personal opinion what constitutes great to you to
me is comfortable it’s soft it’s fuzzy its fluffy it’s I melt into it and it’s
delicious same thing about throw blankets but we
should put that here too I’ll just link all of
below my favorite robe my favorite slippers and my favorite throw blanket
so when it comes I’m writing notes so that I can put this in the description
box below for you for slippers I bought myself a pair of slippers this week and
quite honestly I bought them for a gift for somebody else but I loved the idea
of them so much that I bought himself a pair for myself as well and they haven’t
arrived yet but I’m gonna link them below
they are microwavable slippers they are slippers that you put in the microwave
so that your toes stay toasty why couldn’t I have thought of that like
there’s nothing that I want more in life than toasty toes why didn’t I think of
that I do that all the time I’ll see an idea out in the store and
I’m like why didn’t I think of that that’s how I feel about the Tostitos
slippers they’re actually called warm e’s my lincoln below i’m so excited for
them to get here because i cannot wait to use them okay idea number eight is a
great pair of earrings i think that every woman should have a pair of
earrings no i think every woman should have multiple pairs of great hearings in
her collection that makes her feel like a certain way when she puts them on like
these right here these are my sassy hoops i put them on and i’m like i’m a
diva and then i’ve got like some beaded earrings that are like okay i’m really
sassy in these you know so i have certain earrings that when i wear them
it makes me feel a certain way i mean you kind of have that when it comes to
clothes or whatever in general but earrings are just really important for
me because they say that lighting is the jewelry of the house earrings are kind
of that way for your face you know what I mean because you put your hair up and
your earrings are what you like really notice so I think that you should
splurge and get yourself a great pair of earrings this holiday season number nine magnetic lashes I’ve talked about it a
million times about my magnetic lashes how much I love them how much I can’t
wear makeup now without them because they complete my face I’m addicted to
them what can I say I have probably five boxes of like individual packs of
magnetic she’s over there i just opened these
ones that i’m wearing their brand-new i love them when i find them on sale i buy
them all because i know that i’m gonna wear them if you haven’t given magnetic
lashes a try yet do it what are you waiting for they’re a game-changer in my
opinion they’re a great gift great stocking stuffer send this video to your
husband and say hey I want a pair magnetic lashes for a stocking stuffer
this year they’re like 12 bucks and you’ll get like 20 wears out of them so
easy to wear I have a video my channel teaches you exactly how to put them on
you cannot lose only only thing is that you only should try the Ardiles what the
0:01 the accents the full lash strips not the same not gonna get the same
outcome they’re not gonna look the same just putting that out there I will link
these these guys down below so that you know exactly which pair I’m talking
about finally number 10 I think every woman deserves a great sweater around
this time of year one that feels good on your skin that’s really important to me
clearly that’s comfortable and that you feel good when you put it on you look
your most beautiful when you feel your most confident I cannot stress that
enough it’s so true when I am I truly feel that when I look in the mirror and
I’m feeling confident that day that’s when I feel that I look my best when I
look in the mirror and I feel so I have zero confidence in myself I look like
trash to myself that’s just how it is that’s how our brains work especially as
women and that’s it is what it is so find yourself a great sweater a great
pair of jeans a great dress something that you can default to and know this is
what I feel good in and make sure because you deserve that you deserve to
have that piece in your closet that you just the second you grab it you know I
look good in this I feel good in this and I’m excited to put it on you deserve
that so get something like that for yourself this holiday season
those were my 10 ideas of things to buy yourself for Christmas so they don’t
have to be for Christmas you can watch this
in March watch this in August these are items that I think that every woman
should have and should splurge on themselves for because you deserve it
we deserve it we deserve to feel good we deserve to look good because when we
look good we feel good and when we feel good we look good it’s like a cycle a
circle a never-ending circle so I hope you enjoyed this video let me know in
the comments below what you want to see from me next on my channel and don’t
forget to visit my blog Angela Lee intercom re guys love you so much
au revoir and Merry Christmas

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