101 Last Minute Holiday Gifts – Gift Ideas For Men – Christmas – New Years – Mans Guide

101 Last Minute Holiday Gifts – Gift Ideas
For Men – Christmas – New Years – Mans Guide Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I have 101 last minute holiday gifts, so for you guys out there that
have not done much shopping, this post is for you. And I say this post because in this video,
I’m only going to over a few — well, quite a few of the items, but I’m not going to hit
101. And I have a lot more information in the link to the article right down below,
so just go to that article after you watch this video, especially if you see something
you like, and then just follow the link over. The links are affiliate links, but that helps
pay the bills. A lot of this stuff, by the way, too is over
on Amazon and I really like Amazon. A couple of reasons, great return policy. Also, I’m
an Amazon Prime member. And if you haven’t looked at Amazon Prime, I highly advise it.
I love it. Basically, you pay a set fee and there’s a student discount and a few other
discounts too, by the way, and literally everything is delivered to you within two days, so you
purchase it and it is delivered to you really quick. Let me jump into some of the items. These
are some of my favorites. The 101 items, I pretty much either own, have tested, or have
had my hands on every single item on that list. So the first one, it wouldn’t be complete
without mentioning Brett over at The Art of Manliness. Now, this is his book set. If you
haven’t gotten a copy of this, this is a very nice gift, and I’ll tell you why because you
get both copies where you get Manvotionals, which is a great book. I’ve reviewed it. And
then you have The Art of Manliness actual book, so this was the original book. And the
cool part is it comes in this really nice cigar case and it really, I think, takes up
the level. You don’t pay really much more than what you would. In fact, I think they’re
a little bit cheaper than buying both books separately. It makes a great gift for any
guy out there. The next one I’m going to talk about, we’re
going to get into a little bit of shoe care. I’ve got Chamberlain’s Leather Milk. Actually,
that is the conditioner. It’s called Leather Care Liniment, and then they’ve got the Straight
Cleaner, which they’ve got handy, No. 2; this was a No. 1. And then they’ve got a No. 3,
which is a water-protectant. Now, these are still in the bags because I’ve tested their
other products. By the way, if you leave comments over on
realmenrealstyle.com, I’m probably going to be sending and picking a few winners and sending
them some of these gifts, so you’ve heard it hear on YouTube. Go leave the comments
at realmenrealstyle.com. I use this and it’s pretty easy to get in there. I’m also recommending Leather Honey, very
different. I would say that what you see over her with the water-protectant, Chamberlain,
it’s more water-based. And this over here, see, I’m not 100% sure it’s oil-based, but
the viscosity is much — yeah, this stuff is like honey, but both of them are great.
I’ve tested both products. I think if you have a lot of leather products, you’re going
to want to look at something either Leather Honey or Chamberlain’s Leather Milk. Now sticking around with shoes and leather,
I’ve also got some Sapphire, I’m going to recommend, and this is sold at — Kirby carries
this over at the Hanger Project, so I link to Kirby and his beautiful hangers, which
I gave some of those away not too long ago, but just the Rolls Royce of hangers. So think about it, you spend $1000 on a sports
jacket, maybe $2000 on a suit, maybe $200 on your suit, buy you put it up on a really
poor hanger that doesn’t have the right size shoulder, you’re really going to be ruining
that suit over time every time you hang it up really, and this hanger prevents that.
So again, this is one for the suit or any type of jacket, and then we’ve got this one
for trousers. I’m going to recommend my friend, Raja. He
owns Monte Carlo Tailors. Now, you’re probably wondering, “He’s a custom clothier recommending
another custom clothier.” Well, Raja is over in Bangkok and he went through my style system,
a great guy. I’ve gotten to know him and I really think that he puts together some good
value, quality custom clothing. If you signed up for that list about the grey
flannel trousers, I’m going to be recommending him because really, to me, that’s a hidden
way of getting some awesome grey flannel trousers such as these right here, which he made for
me, and I’ve gone through and looked at him. I mean, he does a great job with the piping,
with all the handwork, really a great pair of grey flannel trousers. He makes shirts. He makes suits. I would advise
checking out Raja. He’s a lot more affordable than many other tailors out there. Now, if
you’re not going to travel to Bangkok, you’ll have to work with him remotely, but make sure
to stay on my email list because I’ll tell you how to do that perfectly at a later point. Okay, so what do we have next? Oh, let me
go ahead and talk about the guys over at Sharp & Dapper, so they sent me some really nice
suspenders or braces, whatever you want to call them, and the cool part is that they
not only have the braces, but they’ve thought about, well, what if you’ve got trousers and
they don’t have any buttons, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of sewing on
buttons? Well, they’ve actually got this cool little
automatic button system that will fit right into the trousers and I thought this was pretty
cool, so they sent me this. And in addition, if you haven’t seen, those guys also make
amazing shirt stays that connects your shirt to your socks and in a sense always make sure
that your shirt looks like it’s tucked in perfectly. What else? Okay. I did a review on this a
while back, but I think this is great for $20 or $15 maybe on Amazon, this tiny travel
steam iron. Any guy who travels a lot, this is a must because you show up to a hotel,
you’ve got wrinkles on your shirt, and the hotel, if you look at their iron, it’s got
stuff caked like someone used the other one to make a grilled cheese sandwich. You don’t
want to be using that iron. Use this iron that you brought with you. Deo-Go. Now my friend, Mike, over at RIPT,
he actually is helping introduce this to the United States. Deo-Go is an amazing remover
of stains in the armpit area. Basically, it focuses on what causes the armpit stains,
so if you’ve got $150 shirts or $100 shirts from Brooks Brothers and they’ve got stains
in the pits, this will get rid of them or you can get your money right back on that. Okay. I want to bring up my friend — and
I say friend because whenever I bring up products, usually I know the owner and I’ve spoken with
them and I’ve gotten to know that guy. And this one, Robert over at Vvego, he’s got two
V’s in the pronunciation of it. Robert is really focusing on accessories. This is a
really cool, small, slim wallet that actually has a money fold or a money clip and a place
where it can hold your credit cards, so go check them. He’s a former pilot and he brings precision
to everything he builds right there in Alabama. He also has these really cool cuff links.
I’ve never seen cuff links like this. I don’t know if you can see these. They’ve got a turquoise
look. They’re made from one solid piece, really unique, very attractive. He also makes awesome belts. Now, you can
look at the prices of his belts and you may think, “That’s a bit higher than I would pay
in a department store,” but this belt is stiff. If you conceal carry, this is the type of
belt you need to have. He also makes some really nice alligator belts. Go check those
out. We’ve got Mike over at the AmmOMug. Now, Mike
is a former military guy and he came up with this idea. What I like about this thermos
is that it’s steel. I had a thermos and it was really nice. Well, it wasn’t super nice
because I dropped it and it used a ceramic inside and that broke in like a thousand pieces.
I love the steel thermos. I also like how it can open up and clean the inside of it.
I’ve got a Stanley thermos and it’s just really hard to get in there and clean that one. It’s
pretty cool. It looks like — I don’t know. What size of shell do you think this is? Okay. I also talk about working out and staying
in shape. What do I use? What are the little devices? One of them is my headphones. I use
the plug. It’s made by Koss actually in Milwaukee. I don’t know if they make them in Milwaukee,
but I know Koss is based out of Milwaukee, and I’ve been using these headsets — not
this one in particular. I’ve had to replace them probably once a year, but for ten bucks
on Amazon, you really can’t go wrong. The return policy, I’ll admit, sucks. But for
ten bucks, it’s just worth it to me to buy another pair, and I love how they fit right
in there and I can keep them at a low signal. They cancel out noise. I also talk about this SanDisk. This thing
costs like 40 bucks MP3 player. I didn’t want to get a shuffle, so this is really nice
because it clips right on me when I’m working out and I can forget about it. I also talk about this HeadBlade. HeadBlade
is really known for their razors that you can shave your head with. I haven’t used that,
so I can’t talk about that, but their little grooming kit is actually really nice. Let
me see if I can give you an inside look. All the pieces, they’re good quality, much better
than I’ve seen elsewhere. The only thing I don’t like about this is the case could be
better quality, but it’s at least small and convenient, and I travel with it. I’ve only
torn one little part of it in the last year worth of use. And again, the price is pretty
good to go. I fit into that and I talk about as well,
what I use to trim my nose hairs with. I love this little nose hair trimmer in the sense
of it’s small. It’s pretty much human powered. You don’t have to worry about batteries. And
this thing, I mean, not that I want to pass this on to my kids, but this thing is going
to survive a nuclear war. Okay, what have we got? I don’t just talk
about things in style. I talk about a lot of other things in that list of 101 items,
and one of them is my Makita drill. I’ve had this drill for five years and this has done
so much work on my old Victorian house that I just have to bring attention to this drill,
a great drill. I talk about the whole set. I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth out
of that product. I also bring in this Lodge skillet. I think
a lot of guys have talked about this. I have the combo set, so I believe this is the ten-inch
pan and it’s got another larger pan that fits on top of it, but yeah, this thing, it’s clean
because I just washed it because we use it pretty much every day. Now, with staying in shape, I’ve also got
a couple of things. I use this by Fitbit and this is the individual — just the Fitbit
— I don’t remember exactly which one this is called, but basically this is the little
item that fits on your body or you carry it around with you, and it tracks the number
of steps you take in a day. I wear this at night and it measures how you sleep at night.
Basically, it measures how many times you move, how many times you wake and get up,
which is interesting for me because I’ve got a daughter that’s going through potty training,
so it seems like every night, I see a big spike around two or three a.m. when I get
up and go put her on the potty. Okay, the Fitbit scale. I love this scale.
Now, why would I love a $130 scale? I love it because it hooks up right to my wireless
network and it tracks my weight over time, so I can look and basically see a chart of
am I gaining or losing weight. I really don’t care. I mean, Fitbit has got a lot of cool
other things, but for me, to be able to see that chart over time is a constant — it’s
an accountability thing. And it’s really cool, again, just to be able to see that. The scale
itself is great. You can have I think up to eight different people on it, so I highly
recommend that. Maxwell Scott briefcase, awesome, dressy briefcase.
I also own a Saddleback Leather briefcase. This is in a different class in the sense
of this is more for dress, but if you’re going to be wearing a suit, let’s say an overcoat,
Saddleback is more of a casual style over there. The last thing I’m going to recommend here
on the video at least, my friend, Kevin, down in Texas owns Wiseman Chocolates. This box
is empty. In fact, probably hours within receiving this box of chocolates, it was empty. He sent
me some other samples. He makes this chocolate down in Texas. I don’t know what he puts into
it, but this stuff is dangerous and addictive, so I do recommend it, but — yeah, again,
Wiseman House Chocolates, amazing products. Again, guys, I’ve got a lot more recommendations
in the article down below. I hope you enjoyed it especially for those of you guys looking
for some last minute purchases. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you could easily get
those before Christmas or maybe New Year’s, or maybe Christmas next year or maybe — I
don’t know. Just send it to the person in January. In any case, guys, I will see you in the next
video. Take care. Bye-bye.

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