11: Sodium Tile (12 Days of Christmas)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, we have
element number eleven, sodium. Not a piece of sodium, a tile with sodium on it
and sodium is element number 11 and it really is a tile, look on the back. It
was made by an Italian school girl called Sofia who was brought here by
her father Leonardo plus a school friend and other family members. She’s a real Periodic Videos fan and
she wanted to come for her birthday to Nottingham and she made this tile for me
so I could put my mug on top of it and the reason why she chose sodium is
because she saw in a video, our sodium video, that I said that sodium was my
favorite element – Holy crap – Not because it explodes, but because my mother’s first name, her Christian name was Ina, I-N-A, and as a little girl she used to call herself Na and my children used to call their grandmother Na because of this, so every
time I see the symbol Na, N-A, I get just a warm motherly feeling and Sophia liked this and made me a great tile. So I have it on my desk and I brought it down here
specially for the eleventh day. So number eleven, tile with sodium, two elements osmium and thorium, periodic table handkerchief, charred beam from our carbon lab, fan from a fan, element six carbon, glowing plectrum for guitar, four drinking vessels, three chemical badges, two periodic table bed covers, and one piece of tartaric acid from a Swiss wine barrel. Let’s see what we have for day twelve! …tiny droplets of metallic sodium and as these droplets go through the air some of them will react with the water vapor
in the air and some will react with the oxygen in the air, and there’s a lot more oxygen than water…

96 thoughts on “11: Sodium Tile (12 Days of Christmas)”

  1. I was really confused when the music went staccato and I thought it was going to stay that way but apparently not.

    Very well in sync this time though.

  2. Does this mean, if say, the protective coating on top of the tile (I assume there is one) is some how removed and the professor spills water on it, the tile would explode?

  3. Been following your videos since last year and this series of videos truly made 2015's Christmas more special for me! Been waking up each day anticipating your new videos. Thank you Prof and team for the hard work 🙂

  4. I have no idea, why exactly I enjoy these videos so much. The professor is just so heartwarmingly modest. At last, I have a suggesstion maybe for another video. How about a video on Methanhydrate – or burning ice? It supposedly caused at least 1 mass extinction in the past and it's probably also the cause for the strange happenings in the Bermuda triangle. Also, it's burning ice. :-))))

  5. Seriously though, shoutouts to Alan for playing a new day countdown on piano for every video rather than just using an edited version of the whole 12 days each time. You have fans too!

  6. has anyone else ever noticed that the professor has the exact same face on every thumbnail of the videos in this series?

    also, drinking receptacles turned into drinking vessels lol. (i know, they are the same thing).

  7. I am hoping that for Day 12 we'll get to see everyone who made all the great Periodic Videos get together for the best wishes of the new year. If not well at least you have all of ours and thanks for doing them!

  8. I want to have a tile on my desk with Seaborgium on, which is my personal favourite.
    But Seaborgium's radioactive and extremely hard to produce.

  9. Congratulations on 700,000 subscribers! Thanks for the science! You did a lot for the internet's chemistry knowledge.

  10. I love the gesticulation from Prof. Martyn. Seeing people be excited about chemistry legitimately makes it more interesting.

  11. Hey Periodic table of videos, i would like so much if you talk about the new 4 elements that published today 🙂
    Greetings from Mexico.

  12. sir. i have read an article that magnesium absorbs CO2. Can this be true? If it is, could this solve our global warming problem? I mean can we use magnesium to absorb CO2 and possibly throw it in outer space. Im sorry if i sound so naive to you sir. Just want to here from the experts.

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