12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2019: Day 11

-Guys, we have
exactly two shows left before we go on Christmas break,
which means it’s time for that beloved
“Tonight Show” tradition. It’s time for “12 Days
of Christmas Sweaters.” -♪ 12 days
of Christmas sweaters ♪ ♪ Two days left ♪ -That is right! Every show between now
and Christmas, we’ll be giving
one lucky audience member an out-of-this-world
Christmas sweater from the Countdown
to Christmas cabinet. Now, since there are
only two shows left, let’s open door number two. [ Drum roll ] Where is it? Oh, wow. Yeah, go for it, buddy. Go for it, yes. Oh, wow. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] [ Coughs ] Oh, my goodness. Look at that. Look at that right there. [ Cheers and applause ] Now let’s see who’s going home
with tonight’s sweater. Everyone, look
at your seat number. If I call your number,
I need you to jump up. Let me know where you are. Quest, can I get
a drum roll please? [ Drum roll ] Who wants me to pick
their number? It’s a good one! [ Cheers and applause ] 320! ♪♪ There you go! All the way
up there! Here we go! ♪♪ How you doing? Nice to see you. How are you? -Oh, my God. -How are you? What’s your name?
-Hi. Alex. -Alex, where are you from?
-Florida. -Hey, Alex from Florida.
-Oh, my God. -I’m so happy you’re here.
Thanks for coming to the show. First time to the show?
-Second. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. -Who’d you see
last time you were here? -Um, I can’t even talk
right now. I don’t remember. -Okay, good. I’m happy you’re back. I know Florida —
-Millie Bobby Brown was there. I remember that.
-We love her. It gets a little chilly
in Florida sometimes at nighttime, right? -No.
-Not really, no. But, yeah. But maybe
if you’re indoors, maybe, and the air conditioning’s
cranked up? -Little bit.
-Yeah. You’re going to need
a good sweater. -Yeah.
-I got one for you. -Thank you so much. -You got to try this on.
This is — ♪♪ Are you in there?
-Yeah. -Alright, are you in there? Oh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, this is unbelievable.
This is — Look at this. Oh, my gosh. Here, put it — Oh, yeah. Look at that. You look gorgeous. Beautiful!
[ Cheers and applause ] You look gorgeous.
-Thank you. -Thank you so much
for coming back to the show. I appreciate it.
Thank you very much. Congratulations
to our lucky audience member.

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