12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2019: Day 7

-We have exactly six shows left before we go on Christmas break,
which means it’s time for that beloved “Tonight Show”
tradition. It’s time for
“12 days of Christmas Sweaters”! -♪ 12 days of
Christmas sweaters ♪ ♪ Six days left ♪ -That’s right. Every show between
now and Christmas, we’ll be giving one
lucky audience member a bitchin’ Christmas sweater
from the… from the Countdown — What? From the
Countdown to Christmas cabinet. Now, since there are
six shows left — Who’s writing this stuff?
Six shows left. Let’s open door number 6.
[ Drumroll ] Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] Ooh-la-la! ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Coughs ] There you go. Beautiful.
Look at that. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. Now let’s see who’s going home
with tonight’s sweater. Everyone, look at your
seat number. If I call your number, I need
you to jump up and let me know where you are. Quest, can I get
a drumroll, please? [ Drumroll ] Who wants me to pick
their number? [ Cheers and applause ] 305! ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my goodness.
How you doing, buddy? -Good. How are you?
-Nice to see you. What is your name?
-Tanner. -Santa? -Tanner.
-Oh. Oh, my gosh. I’m meeting Santa.
This is so cool. So your name is not Santa.
It is Tanner. -Tanner, where are you from?
-Tennessee. -Tennessee.
Oh, we love Tennessee. It gets a little chilly
in Tennessee around this time, doesn’t it? -Yeah. -Do you have a sweater
to keep you warm? -Not that cool.
-Yeah. This is gonna be — Would you
like to try it on right now? -Yeah.
-Alright, let’s try it, Tanner. Let’s go for it.
♪♪ This is gonna be good.
[ Cheers and applause ] This is good. Yeah. Oh, Tanner, this is good.
[ Cheers and applause ] This is good. This is good.
Tanner, this is good. It’s subtle. It’s subtle. You walk out,
no one will even know you’re wearing a sweater. You’re just — They just know
that you’re warm. You know what I’m saying?
-That’s right. -Happy holidays, buddy. Congratulations to Tanner
from Tennessee.

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  1. I got here earlier than expected and have no comments to read while watching the video. 😛

    P.S.: sorry guy who says second. Here 4 seconds earlier than you.

  2. damn i cant believe this garbage has 22 mil subs thats fucked, this content is awful youtube is a monetized cesspool full of trash now

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