19 – Doin’ It Fireside

Hello there!
Hi! Welcome to “We May’d It!”
I’m Cori. I’m B.J.
Welcome back after our short little break for Thanksgiving. We hope you had a wonderful
turkey day. We did.
And ate lots and lots and lots. We did.
And if you made any of our drinks over the holidays…
We did. We did. But if you made any of them, let us
know. We wanna know what you made… Absolutely.
And what you thought, what your family thought, although we don’t really care. Just kidding.
Of course we care. Harsh.
I know. We are totally in the Christmas spirit here.
Yes we are. Look at these t-shirts. Thus the fireside and the tree.
Oh yes. I mean, we decided that if you’re gonna go
all out for Christmas, like, do it. Do it right.
Yup. So yeah we’re wearing our Christmas punny t-shirts today, and doin’ it fireside so it’s
nice and… Nice and warm. Nice and cozy.
Did I just say “Doin’ it fireside?” You did say “Doin’ in fireside.” It’s okay.
I’m gonna leave it in. [laughing]
Well, what are we making today? Bartending fireside. We are making a Yuletide
Moon. That sounds exciting.
It does. It is. I mean, it was exciting when we tried it earlier.
It was really good. Yes, but you didn’t know what it was called
before. I did not know what it was called before.
Yeah. We are gonna start with some cherries. Now
I just happened to have a bag of frozen black cherries in the freezer. We keep a lot of
frozen fruit for smoothies and other things. You wanna use that?
Yeah. I know, just don’t pour it on my rug.
I might. So I just thawed these in the microwave for
like forty-five seconds. And the drink calls for like four cherries per drink. You can
see we went a little bit more than that. Ours is gonna be closer to six.
Because there’s no such thing as too many cherries in a drink in my opinion, so I went
a little overboard. Those are muddled up, so lots of wet in the
bottom of that now, and we’re going to add to it…
And just to remind them what a muddler is, it’s just a smooshing tool. In case you’ve
not watched our videos, you use the rubber grippy end…
This is the handle, that’s the action. Yes. And if you don’t have that, you can just
sub out the end of a wooden spoon. Okay so next up, honey. The recipe calls for
maple syrup. Not a big fan. I really only like maple syrup on my pancakes and my waffles.
So we’re subbing out honey, because again that’s also gonna taste like our mulled wine,
because it had honey in it. So I’ve got about two teaspoons of honey in here, and I’ve just
diluted it with the same amount of warm water, hot water. Because that will make it more
of a syrup, and it’ll shake up better. So we’re just gonna put that in. And that’s about
a teaspoon per drink. We’re doubling, so two. Piece of cake.
Can we stack here? We can.
So that we’re clearing some of our mess. Okay next up is our orange juice, and we pre-measured
that, and we’ve got about two ounces. I over-poured a little bit.
Close enough. But we’re gonna go in with that. And next
up is an ingredient I wouldn’t normally put in a cocktail, but it really works here, and
that is… Merlot.
Some Merlot. And we’re gonna use three ounces? Three total ounces. One and a half ounces
per drink. Yep. And you can use any bold red in this.
Don’t use a real light red in this. Skip the Pinot Noir.
Yeah. And last, for the wet ingredients…. I suppose
that’s a strange way to say that for a drink, but… It’s our bourbon.
So we’re gonna do two total ounces of this, one ounce per drink, of bourbon.
Use your favorite bourbon. We just are using the one with the smallest bottle.
Yeah. We are not using our favorite bourbon. We’re just using the one that was easiest
to get in here in front of the fireplace. Alright, so.
Careful. That’s fairly full. We are going to shake that up with some ice.
Oops. Nicely done.
It stuck. Alright. So we’re gonna shake that until it’s…
Too cold to hold. Too cold to hold. Actually, we probably won’t
shake it that long. You just kinda want to mix everything up here.
Just enough to get it all… But we’ll be back when it’s shook.
Be right back. And we’re back.
All shaken up. There’s a whole lot of shaking going on.
I’m all shook up. Okay so we are double straining because this has cherry bits in it.
It does. If you don’t mind some cherry bits in your
drink, you could just use the one strainer, but we’re using a fine mesh strainer as well
because I don’t want to chew my cocktail. Okay so now you could stop here, or…
Or… OR…
Or… I mean, it’s Christmas time.
Do it up right. So we gotta get a little fancy. So we’ve got
a couple pieces of orange peel, but we’re gonna do that at the end, right?
Oh yeah. So we have some cinnamon sticks. The recipe
says to just sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Eh. Be a little extra. Throw some cinnamon
sticks in there. What’s your tip for buying cinnamon sticks?
Buy them from your Indian grocery. Yes.
If you go to a big box grocery store like a Walmart or a Kroger or whatever, you’ll
often find three or four cinnamon sticks in a little vertical spice jar.
For like five dollars! And it’s gonna be like five or six dollars
for just as many as can fit in there. Meanwhile, for that same five or six dollars, you could
go to an Indian grocery and get a gallon bag of cinnamon sticks.
It’s a lot. It’s just amazing how much is in there.
Really any spices, I recommend going to an Indian grocery.
If the Indian grocery sells the spices, the deal is better on those spices there than
anywhere else you’re gonna find them. We also got our nutmeg there. So we… Again,
you could use just powdered nutmeg, but we have the fresh stuff and a new microplaner
so we’re gonna grate just a little bit. Now fresh nutmeg…
You don’t need much. You don’t need a whole lot, so just grate
it like you would some cheese, right on top. Wanna stir it up with your cinnamon stick
real quick? Yep, and then we’re gonna throw… We should
have used longer cinnamon sticks so you could stir with them… Then we’re gonna put our
orange peels in. Coil it up so it’s all fancy-like and then
it’ll be like “boing.” How will it be again?
It’ll be like “boing.” It’ll be like “boing?”
That’s how it’ll be. I like your sound effect.
Okay. Should we try it?
Yeah. Let’s drink one.
Let’s give it a shot. It’s all stirred up.
Cheers. Mmmm.
That’s really nice. It’s like cold mulled wine.
Yeah, because we were talking about maybe making mulled wine for this video, and then
you were like. I didn’t want hot.
“Oh, it’ll take forever…” And it makes a lot. I mean, we can drink off
of a batch of mulled wine for like two or three days.
Oh yeah. That’s why I like it. If we make a big enough batch. Which… We
will show you how to make our mulled wine in a later video for the holiday season. But
this, if you like mulled wine, if you like those flavors, gosh. It just… It’s like
Christmas in a glass. For real, go make this.
Yes. Because this is an amazing way to kick off…
The holiday season. The holiday season here with us on “We May’d
It!” We should toast to that.
We should. And there’s many more holiday drinks to come.
Oh, it’s happening. If there’s anything you’ve always wanted to
make for the holidays, or if you have like a holiday cocktail conundrum…
Oh yes. You know, because you’re gonna have parties
and family coming over and friends getting together. If you have any questions about
any of that, or if you need a drink to make on the fly, shoot us a message through our
Instagram or Facebook pages. We’re @wemayditcocktails on both places. So you can find us and we’d
love to hear from you. Let us know. We’re happy to help.
Yep, and we will see you next time. On “We May’d It!”
Cheers! Cheers.
Can you go lay down? Can you go lay down? Go lay down.
You can’t have any of this. What do you think is gonna happen here?
That’s the difference between us and Ina Garten? Yes! Because she thinks everyone has fresh
nutmeg and a microplaner. We’re aware that we’re not in the majority.
If you don’t have fresh nutmeg and a microplaner, Ina doesn’t even… isn’t gonna invite you
to her garden party. No, you’re not invited. Nope. You can’t sit
next to Jeffrey at her table. Let’s rewind to when we were talking about
when we… Oh god, he farted. Ugh. Tag Bacardi…
Tag Jim Beam, tag Buffalo Trace when we’re using Buffalo Trace, like…
Except in this video I explicitly said “we’re not using our favorite.”
Yeah we can’t say that and tag them. [laughing]
He’s gotta stop doing that next to an open flame. Like, that’s gonna be a problem. Yikes.
I mean it’s truth in advertising… Jim Beam! It’s okay!
You know, we muddled them, so they get all wet, and then we just poured out all the juice.
You made a face when I said I muddled them and then they got all wet.
The muddler… Is it because the muddler looks like this?
Yes. [laughing]
Yes. What does this look like, honey?
You used that on the cherries and they got all wet!
[laughing] After these messages…
We’ll be right back. I used it on the cherries and they got all
wet… [laughing]

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