1914 | Sainsbury’s Ad | Christmas 2014

Jenkins. Oakley. [Knight]. # Holy night # # All is calm # # All is bright # # Holy infant so tender # # Sleep in heavenly peace # # Sleep in heavenly # Jim? Jim! No, don’t do it! Halt! My name is Jim. My name is Otto. Pleased to meet you, Otto. Rose she’s called. Danke. Happy Christmas.

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  1. This is so god dam beautiful, we, the modern generation, we never ever be 1% of a man, like the brave men of WW1/WW2 was, we don't know how lucky we are, how privileged we are because of these men!!!!

  2. The sad thing is, out of every war we've fought in as humans, this is the only day where both sides, on christmas, laid down their guns, their swords and their knives, and had a merry christmas. And Christmas eve, there was no gunfire, no artillery shells, no shouts or commands for combat….both sides just sang, together, german, british as brothers, Not as enemies.

  3. gosh I watch this ad again and again and every time it makes me cry
    a war should never be, no matter what


    The European people must unite against the forces of evil. Men, cast off your chains and expel the (((ones))) ruling over you. Cleanse your lands and take care of your families. Much love from burgerland.

  5. Maybe I'm wrong, tell me if I am?

    But the current wars going on now, us against ISIS. Over religion.

    Do they really wanna fight? I mean politician made these people fight?

    Religion makes them fight? But do they know that?

    Is this history repeating itself?

    In terms of oil? Then that's another situation, but then they're just trying to survive?

  6. What's sad was that was real and even in war there was time for Christmas and the gift of giving, hats off to those who even in war made friends with thy enemy

  7. This may not be accurate but It shows even at a time of war there's still humanity in every place.

  8. England and Germany shoulder to shoulder. Never again, Germany and England are brothers and good friends. No war between us, just love and peace❤

  9. Just shows that politics is the evil. This shows no matter where you come from human feelings towards each other is strong. Stop all this hatred and let’s live together peacefully
    What a lovely advert

  10. You Brits can all us Krauts or whatever. We Germans will never like your food…..and to make it clear: Wembley 1966 was NOT a goal !!

    But we are friends today. What happened between 1914-18 and 1939-45 shall never ever happen again!

    Peace & friendship 🇩🇪 & 🇬🇧

  11. English and the Germans are actually closely related, the English are Anglo Saxons, therefore originated from a Germanic tribe so there you go. Basically brothers almost.

  12. The reason is that they all were of same religion. This can never happen between two armies who are religious bigots.

  13. War with Germany was a huge mistake, all for an agreement we made to Belgium in 1830, Germans are our kin, they should've been our allies, not our enemies!

  14. The thing about this war is that the vast majority of soldiers were young men and teenagers, even children. The youngest combatant in the records was a 12 year old boy from Britain. Many lied about their age to join the war, not knowing about the horrors they will face. Most of them never came back home, and some probably never even said goodbye to their families.

  15. I love and hate watching this advert, could you imagine if this was the day, the event that had ended the war, that these young men had found friendship over the bodies of their brethren, that they had made friends against the will of their commanders and had refused to fight or leave, banded together and said no more, imagine the millions of young lives that would have been saved, but instead old politicians continued, saw past this event as insubordination, and saw bloodshed as the only way instead of the clear ease and beauty of friendship that the men in the fields saw.

    Looking back on this event makes me cry as it could have been more significant than any of us could even imagine.

  16. Government is evil. You do not have to comply. You can simply stop. It isnt impossible. It isnt a fantasy. We saw it. We can say no to war if we want. And there is nothing they can do about it.

  17. I watched this ad when I spent Christmas in the UK with my husband and daughter. So poinyant. A strong moment in history xoxo

  18. please no more world wars, the next fight may come from somewhere in the universe and we will need to stand together to win that fight.

  19. My great grandfather was in the war in ypern in Belgium.
    176th division deutsches Kaiserreich.
    Oberst Wilhelm Koch

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