2015 Holiday Gift Guide | 125 Practical Christmas Gifts For Men

Gentlemen, Antonio here. All right. Let’s get into it the holiday
gift guide at Real Men Real Style. If you go over to Real Men Real Style right here,
I’ve got a link to take you over to my complete list, over a hundred items on that list. Everything
on that list has been tested, has run through my office. I wanted to make it simple for
you, so you can go out there and you can get something that’s going to surprise people.
It’s going to be functional, it’s going to be useful, it’s actually going to be
a quality build and a lot of the items on this list, they’re going to splurge a bit
and let me tell you why. So, couple of years, it was about five years
ago, I received a gift from a friend. Brett McKay over the Art of Manliness sent me a
really nice briefcase and it surprised me, it was functional and incredibly useful. I’ve
used it hundreds of times. Quality build, something that – I – what I really liked
about is he splurged a bit because at that point in my entrepreneurial journey, I probably
couldn’t afforded that briefcase. Nowadays, yeah, I can. And, but it’s just something
I wouldn’t have gotten for myself and I think that’s what really makes a great gift
is when you get something for someone that surprises them, is useful, is functional,
all that, but maybe it goes a little bit beyond. And so, a lot of the items here they’re
going to be a little bit of a splurge, but that’s the cool part about being able to
give a great gift. I’m not going to go through all 100 items and to even make this even more
awesome for you, I’ve got a lot of excess gifts here in the office. If you want a chance
to get one of these, I’ll send it out to you, all I need to know is down on the comments,
please tell me about the best gift you’ve ever received on around, you know, this time
of the year and which of the items on my list you would like to receive. And I could tell
you some of them I’ve got plenty – I’ve got a lot of excess items here.
Let me start off with some of my favorite items on the list, Manlygram. A new company,
they sent me quite a few of these things. I can tell you that this is awesome because
– and I’m going to gift one of this to my brother, I’m going to gift one to probably
Ryan Masters if he’s not watching this video. But, why this is such a great gift is they
put all of these really cool high value, I mean very tasty really useful stuff into one
box, they packaged it up for you and they ship it to you.
My brother, he’s EOD in the army. I’m not going to surprise a guy that goes around
looking for bombs to blow up. It’s just not going to happen. However, what I can do
is I can say, okay, everything I looked over at Manlygram, I’m like this is pretty manly
this is pretty awesome and they make it very simple. He’s going to like at least one
of the items in here. So, I’ve got this one, it’s – what is
it? The beer goggles, every — all the products, I mean there’s no beer here, but they’ve
got like a chocolate caramel sauce made with beer. A Beer Kissed caramel sauce scotch porter,
they’ve got Beer Brittle, some caramel popcorn with beer somehow, you know, pretty cool.
They’ve got this other one Sir Mix A Lot, so it’s – if you want to mix up drinks.
And they’ve got nice book in there a cocktail kit. I’m Watching The Games, it’s got
really hot spicy pepper sauce bacon and chive dip. Just really cool sauces. I mean you can
go over to the website. Now, here’s the cool deal I’ve got with
these guys, for the first one hundred of you that use the code RMRS, they’re going to
give you 25% off. They’re a new company, go check them out. I really like to support
new entrepreneurial ventures and, again, they make it so simple because hey, they ship it,
they deliver it, and whoever you give this to especially if they’re hard to gift for,
they’re going to love at least something in that box.
So, the next company I’ve got on the list Blue Claw Luggage. Now, I know Adam the founder
and I spent time I had a couple of beers with him in Minneapolis just a couple of weeks
ago. And, I’ve learned a lot more about this company. Now, I like them when they first
started years ago, one of my first sponsors here at Real Men Real Style. So, if you go
back you see I’ve talked about them and I still have probably five pieces of their
luggage. What I love about these new bags is that Adam is making them in his own factory,
American-made and if you’ve never owned a high quality bag, Blue Claw is a great place
to start. Third company I’m going to talk about, the
Collaterals. You guys have heard me talk about Carlos over at the Collaterals. I love the
cufflinks, I mean he uses precious metals. He’s getting these thins expertly made.
I just love what he’s doing he’s an entrepreneur trying to make a go of it and I love his company.
Go check them out the Collaterals. So, for stocking stuffers, go – you guys
have heard me talk about grooming and stuff, well, Brickell men’s products. Josh, one
of the owners spoke with me at the Style Con. I’ve been using his products. I love them
because they’re all natural and everything uses they’re really great stuff and you’re
not going to find anything that chemicals that you shouldn’t be putting on your body.
Check them out. You got someone out there that, you know,
they are maybe shaving and they think they’re pretty cool because they’re using a safety
razor, have them go check out the Grim Blades. My friend, Luke and what he’s built over
there at the Blades Grim is pretty impressive. I really love his products over there.
[0:04:55] Okay. Will over at Scent Trunk. And this is
a company, you’ve guys have probably seen it, I put out a lot about fragrance over the
last few months. If you’re trying to figure out which fragrance is going to work for you
and you want to work with niche fragrance companies, go check out Scent Trunk because
for a very reasonable amount it’s kind of like a subscription service, but they will
send you three samples enough for the entire month and I love it because they sent you
like these playing cards and it’s like they remind me of baseball cards except they tell
me the top, the middle, and the base notes, the time of day to wear, the longevity, the
sillage. Really cool company, I like what they’re doing. Now, yeah, and they’re
a startup as well, so as you can tell a lot of the companies here, I’m testing them,
I think you can get a great deal when you work with companies that are just starting
off. Now, I talked about Wiseman House chocolates
last year and the year before, they’re still on the list because what Kevin is doing down
is in Texas, I love. Like I said we got a pound of this almond toffee sent to us and
there is nothing left because it is that good. And this happened when my kids went through
this in a period of about 20 minutes. So, it’s good stuff and Kevin if you’re watching
this video, please send me more and send it to me, don’t send it to my home address.
Okay. So, Birchbox, I have them on the list. I really like Birchbox because for a reasonable
amount of money you actually get a surprise every single month. So, if you’re looking
for a gift that is going to keep giving to a person again and again, perhaps you’re
buying for your son you’re buying for your dad, you’re buying – they’ve also got
women’s subscription. If you’re buying for a woman, go check out Birchbox, it’s
so easy because you can literally go by for the year and the woman of your life she’s
going to get a gift every single month. I think it’s a great gift and a great way
to be introduced to some pretty cool products. So, I can tell you just, you know, to let
you guys know these are some of the excess gifts I’ve got. So, I’ve got Mr. Natty
over at Birchbox. I’ve got this the Balm Squad by Jack Black over at Birchbox. The
Perfect Shave by what it is? The Art of Shaving, they’re a little kit here by Birchbox. And
this one is actually really cool, it’s over at Baxter of California, they make some great
product. And this is a pomade mixer kit. So, go check this out, again, over at Birchbox.
Guys, the three guidelines I gave you for purchasing a gift which a person is going
to remember is remember, is you want to surprise the person, but you also want it to be functional
and useful and you want it to be of quality build or of quality ingredients. Splurge a
little bit this holiday season. Now, I’m not saying go into credit card debt, but what
I am saying is think about, you know, people in your life that mean a lot to you and it’s
fun I actually enjoy it really giving a nice gift. To me it’s something that allows especially
if it fills that criteria I talked about allows you to just really let them know how much
you care about them. And if nothing else, don’t have a whole lot of money, then get
on the phone and call the person that you love that means a lot to you and let them
know that you love them, that you care about them, and I mean that’s priceless.
Go over, check out the gift guide. Leave me a comment down below on the best gift you’ve
ever received and why you think, you know, what you would like to have from all these
gifts I’ve listed out. Take care, guys. See you in the next video.
[0:08:15] End of Audio

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  1. Hello Antonio, my name is Karl Davila. First I'd like to say that this is a very great video and it is really useful especially with Black Friday coming up and everyone will be buying their Holiday gifts.
    The best gift I have ever received was an old violin from my late grandfather. I remembered going to his old house and listen to him play all sorts of genres of music; from classical all the way to 50s rock, he had an thing for Elvis Presley. When I told him I wanted to learn to play the violin, he almost jumped in the air with excitement. I remembered it was near Christmas when I told him, and then on Christmas day I got his old violin under the tree. I was so excited! He taught me how to play and I was always excited to see him at my recitals. This violin was under all three of the categories you listed in your video in my opinion, it was definitely surprising, I continue to play to this day, and it is a Mary Portman violin.
    I am so glad you decided to do this give away, to you sir, I thank you. I glanced at your list and the thing that I would really like are those Paul Evans Double Monk Strap. In my opinion, the double monk is the perfect shoe. Those specifically look very elegant and classic and versatile. I love double monks but I only have one pair of tan ones. I think the Paul Evans will definitely be great to add to my shoe closet. (I should probably give you my shoe size; I am a 10 or 10 1/2).

    Thanks again Antonio,
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. One of the first things my girlfriend ever gifted me was a crisp navy blue striped shirt. I loved it because it was out of the blue, of high quality and complemented me really well. Until then I mostly wore jeans and T-shirts. She introduced me to a whole wide range of clothing and showed me how I could dress smarter and better. I believe in shopping for quality and utility. The Blue Claw Luggage Bronson Weekender and the chrono all black watch absolutely gorgeous. I would love to own a pair of those.

  3. best gift I ever received (besides my wife and kids) was a white shirt from my mom. I have recently been trying to upgrade my wardrobe, grooming habits and fragrance usage. she noticed and found me the perfect french cuff white shirt that I had been looking for far and wide for weeks! moms always know
    I have been interested in birch box stuff for a while so if you have extras or anything fragrence related that would be appreciated.

  4. Best gift I've gotten was my first mechanical watch, a Seiko, from my mother. She know my taste so well, and it was perfect. After that christmas I've grown very fond of watches. If you could send me something I would like luggage from Blue Claw, cause I am traveling more nowadays than I did before.

  5. +Real Men Real Style The best gift I received would have to be my bicycle. I would like the Paul Evans double monk strap shoes. Thank you for all your videos and these great gifts.

  6. My best gift was a keyboard piano when I was 4 years old. My parents bought me the keyboard and it really surprised me. Playing piano now becomes my hobby.
    Could you please send me a Blade grim if you still have an extra? I consider to change from a electric razor to a blade after watching your video and I would to give it a try. Thank you very much for your time.

  7. whenever I think of the best gifts I have received for Christmas, 2 things stick out; one from my childhood and another as an adult. 1) ps2…I remember christmas day opening that gift and I cried because I had been asking for it and I was just do ecstatic. I still have that ps2 and I dust it off from time to time. 2) plane tickets to fly back home and be with my family. I currently am studying abroad and had been missing home so when I got those tickets, I was just so happy I could be with my family again. well, I was gonna say my 2 nephews as the greatest gifts but let's stick to material things 馃檪

  8. I got a study bible that I use everyday from my parents. It is the not useful gift that I have gotten.
    I would add something to the gift criteria: try to get them something that they wouldn't necessarily get for themselves. It is a good way to surprise them.
    I would probably like the birchbox subscription out of all those

  9. Thanks for all the work you do on this channel, Antonio! A lot of great information.
    My favorite gift has probably been the 1901s I received last year for christmas from my sister. I love these dress shoes because they can easily be dressed up or dressed down, they work in a lot of situations.
    I would love a pair of the J.L. Rocha Calfskin Boots, as I dont yet own any boots. These look like another great option that can be dressed up or dressed down. Beautiful boots that I would love to own!

  10. Hey Antonio! Good to see another solid vid. The best gift I ever received was actually free. I knew this older gentleman who was elderly that I often worked with. He knew I wanted a quality briefcase after seeing your video. Since he no longer worked he presented me this beautiful old brown leather briefcase. Although it may have some wear and tear, it looks beautiful. I did purchase some honey leather yesterday and I see it's on your list, wish I could have asked for that but too late!
    I wanted to know if you have any Paul Evan shoes in size 8.5 or 9, ever since your review I've been looking at them but their out of my price range for now. Would greatly appreciate it! or maybe some tishu handkerchiefs, I gave most of mine away ha!

  11. The best gift I ever received was an Italian leather jacket. I got it from two upperclassmen on my cross country team who were dating at the time and are now married!! The guy got it when he was on vacation in Italy with his family. He never really wore it though and had some buyers remorse. His girlfriend, who I was close with, knew how much I wanted a leather jacket and how I was planning to save up for a nice one when I was older and had a job. She talked to her boyfriend and they decided to give it to me. It wasn't for my birthday or Christmas or any special occasion, it was just because. I really love the jacket but more than that it let me know how much both of them truly cared for me. I realized, hey these people gave me a FREAKING ITALIAN LEATHER JACKET maybe they like me and we should hang out more. So we did and they're some of my best friends now!!
    I'm really interested in the blue claw bag.

  12. Hello, Antonio. As always, I applaud your dedication to style and the like. In addition, I have to thank you for giving shoutouts to startup companies. As someone who has worked for/with a variety of startups, it's great to see!

    As for the best gift, I suppose I have two answers. The first – most important one – was during my younger years. I received news that my mother was finally cleared of her cancer. There is nothing greater than a loved one being with you for longer. Which ties in to another point – the gift of a close family that I can celebrate with and rely on.

    As for a physical gift, it would have to be the very first food tour of New York City I received. I am very much a foodie, and this resonated with me. It ultimately led to my assisting various blogs, starting restaurant reviews, and prompted more exploration.

    I really love this list you've compiled. The Rocha boots, Ledbury sport coat, and the Bronson weekender are magnificent. I'd be humbled with anything, though.

  13. When i was 10 my great-grandmother got me a tulip bulb. At the time i thought "gee, this sure is a lousy gift." but i went back to my house and planted it. She unfortunately passed away a few years later and every single spring, the tulip blooms on her exact birthday and every year it gives me that awesome memory of a beautiful woman who was very dear to my heart.

    As for me, nothing would make me happier than a straight razor. For the past few years i have really dug deep into grooming and hygiene. It has been my dream to own my own straight razor but i never really have had to money to afford a straight razor so i have been shaving with disposable razors and they are awful. I think the razor would really impact my personal grooming game and take it up to the next level! Antonio, your videos are incredible! Keep it up!

  14. Let me think, when I was about 13 my mom bought me these really toys called Battle Strikers. I had a blast playing with them. The reason I really enjoyed the gift was do to the fact that my mom spent quite a bit of money on the toys. That didn't matter to her, she just wanted me to be happy, and happy I was until I stopped liking them. Hahaha now I'm 18 and slaving has become a part of my life, I wouldn't mind having the perfect shave kit. Thanks and keep up the great videos.

  15. First time commentator here! Love all your content, working on watching all of your videos, there are ALOT. Best gift I ever got was a action figure toy. It was my students favorite toy and when the school year ended he wanted me to have it. Although I couldn't take it, it was completely selfless and warming to give up something like that as a child.
    If you happen to have any good hangers I would appreciate some, I only have plastic ones :[ … socks or even literature to read on the bus! You're the best, keep cranking out this useful content & happy Thanksgiving

  16. one of the greatest gifts I have ever received was my grandfathers bomber jacket from world war 2 when he was a fighter pilot. He took really good care of the jacket and it also helps me remember him and his stories about the "nations greatest generation."
    if I were to win I would like the subscription to to Burch box because I would like to be exposed to these high quality products to help me improve my style as I am currently very typical blue collar in approach but would like to improve.

  17. I was going to subscribe right away to Birchbox, but they don't ship men stuff to Canada… pretty sad!! Anyone knows a company like this but in Canada?

  18. The best gift ive gotten was a really warm grey sweater my aunt got me. I love it because it was a good quality knit, fit was exceptional and i got a TON of wear out of it haha馃槀 oh and i probably wont win the giveaway but incase i do id like that handsome bag or the perfect shave kit馃榿 great video as always!

  19. Best Gift I have ever received was last year from my parents. I had been watching your youtube videos for a long time and I made it my goal to get a full suit. They took me out, and got me a tailored black, single breast suit with 6 dress shirts, dress shoes, and an overcoat with scarves.
    The items I would wish to have the most is the Sir Mix a Lot cocktail mixer for my brother. Or the straight razor for my father who takes shaving just as serious as I do.

  20. My favorite gift is a pair of Cole Haan chukka boots. I would like the Fort Belvedere Polka Dot Tie. Thanks for all your videos.

  21. Hey Mr.Centeno my favourite gift that I have received was the old pocket watch of my dad. When he gave it to me for Christmas I was a younger man and I didn't know what to do with it. but now when I go to MUN Conferences across the world I always carry that pocket watch in my suit jacket and even when he is far away I can always carry a part of him with me and that gives me confidence :). and if I had to choose a gift from that list I would probably pick the leather weekend bag or the backpack because I have to travel a lot and it would be really useful for me 馃檪

  22. Hey Antonio, love your videos! The best gift I have ever received is my London fog trench coat, never expected to get it, but I really do love it. I would absolutely love that blue claw bad!! That would be fantastic!

  23. My best gift that I got was a really nice guitar,( a Gibson Les paul) in my opinion that is almost the perfect gift that I can get. But both The blue claw bag(looks to be really nice quality) or a new razor from grim blades as a younger man I love the carbon fiber on the handle.
    Take care

  24. Hi Antonio big fan!!! The best gift I ever got is a MacBook Pro. If I am lucky enough I would love to receive a cufflink, I don't really have one sadly. Thank you so much and happy holiday!!!

  25. my best gift was the most recent birthday of mine, my mom got me a black overcoat as she knew it would suit me. I'm 6"4' and I was never wearing clothes that smart and with a shirt she got me months before they worked really well together. the coat made me look a little better and now I dress in boots and shoes and have ditched the trainers. mothers intuition. of all the gifts I've saw the pomade mixture kit would be a great gift for my Brother but I wouldn't mind one myself.

  26. Hi Antonio, thanks for your videos. For me, the best gift I ever got was a set of Anson belts and buckles (which I got for myself and brothers in laws last christmas). I never owned a high quality bag like Blue Claw, but I really can use some tools. Enjoy the season and the very best to you and your family this coming new year. peace. m2/nyc

  27. The best present I got this time of year was a pair of black high quality skin gloves. But I don't want anything of the giveaways. I'm in Sweden =P just wanted to add to the comments because I appreciate your videos =)

  28. The best gift that I ever received was a bike from my father. I broke my bike in the fall back when I was 15. That Christmas I walked downstairs and saw a new bike. I did not ask for it so I was not expecting it.

    I would like the Blue Claw bag so I could give it to my father.

  29. The best gift I've gotten was a pair of boots from my parents. They are great and I still wear them. I would really love one of those straight razors. I want to be apart of that group who shaves with them because 1. They're really cool and 2. They give a great shave, from what I've been told anyway haha. Thanks Antonio, love your videos.

  30. The best gift I ever received, was from my sister, after i graduated from Military Academy back in 1990, in preparation for the real world, my sister got me a classic Yves St Laurent, Grey Wool Jacket.. 1 of my most favourite jackets, i look so sharp in it, as i do today, i wanted to show it off as much as i could, so eventually one night, i wore it to a bar & as many know, back then in the 90's, people smoked indoors..

    so unfortunately due to my excessive vanity, as karma would have it, i dont know LOL, but a women stumbled into me with her cigarette & basically put it out on the chest, leaving a big black burn mark, my beautiful YSL ruined wow, i was totally bummed out for like months, i never wanted to dress good again, Metallica T's & jeans were pushing as high up the fashion ladder i wanted to go LOL..

    mean time my poor sister was so bummed out also, she actually saved up abit again & got me another at Christmas, iam of Greek decent, so its a big deal & wow a lot of money at the time for her little bro.. also standard procedure, every year my sister has got me some kind of Polo either a sweater or a shirt LOL, & standard Lacoste on birthdays, since i was 14 years old LOL .. but every year, each thing i have received or even given in general from family or friends, means more & more to me, now that iam 44..

    anyways, if iam to receive a gift, Antonio since i dont have children, give it to your children, too give to some-one they think would really enjoy it, understanding it is not really about the price tag, it is just human nature to express respect & love through giving & receiving..

    thanks, happy holidays

  31. hey Antonio, I'm come from a poor family so I never really had a good high in gift, but the best gift I had ever received was a $50 walmart gift card. but I didn't keep it. I went out to a family less fortunate than mine. I gave them the card and a ride to walmart so they could get some food. but that's my best gift ever story. I wouldn't mind receiving anything from this video. but I most like the straight edge razor if I could get that that would be swell.

  32. The best gift I have very received is actually only a couple days old now. As an early Christmas present I was given a very attractive Citizen watch from my girlfriends grandmother. I am just about to turn 20 and have also only just recently gotten my first 'professional' job. Now that I am expected to present myself nicely and in a professional way, I have delved into the world of style moreso than before. The videos that you at Real Men Real Style and at Alpha M have truly changed the way I present and feel about myself. This watch has seems like a good closing piece to my wardrobe. I have the clothes and the shoes, now I have the jewelry. Not that these things are essential to putting forth the the best possible image, but when worn and rounded out with the proper confidence and attitude I believe it can put forth the image that will help me gain the respect of my peers and those around me. I had been looking at a few watches to buy as a gift for myself but this watch was to me much like the briefcase you received from Brett. It's no Rolex, but it still is a hair out of my price range so It means a lot to me. I would be most interested in the samples of cologne from Scent Trunk because not only do material items make a man, scent is a powerful factor as well. I have been using lower end colognes that do smell good but I am interested in branching out.

    Keep up the great videos and Happy Holidays!

  33. The best gift I ever received was a few years ago I was gifted a very highend mechanical keyboard.
    I'm an IT guy and I really always wanted something like this, but it was much too expensive for me to just buy. So when my family pooled their money and gave me this keyboard it was a big surprise, incredibly thoughtful, and a very useful gift I'm now using at work. (Where everyone has complimented me on my unique keyboard too 馃檪 )

  34. the best gift I ever received was the Christmas after my grandfather passed, my mom gave me his hunting rifle and one of his pistols. they are so special and dear to me.

  35. Hey Antonio, I'm a big fan of your videos, I am 17 years old and the best gift I've ever received is a peacoat, I balance school And a part time job. my family is not what you'd consider wealthy, we don't enjoy all the luxuries in life, but we are proud to say we get by fine, my job is meant support myself so my parents can save their money. Now I've always dreamed of a peacoat but couldn't afford it, I've wanted one for years, you see, I buy my own clothes, I buy things that are on sale stylish and fit like a tailor made it, I never break the bank, But I couldn't afford a peacoat until one day when I came home from work, there it was on my bed, a navy blue peacoat my favorite, a gift from my mother, I am extremely grateful because of the sacrifice she made to give it to me, I wear it with pride.
    Antonio, I would like to request your the Art of Shaving Kit, like I said, I am 17 but my hair grows very quickly so I'd use this often, and I'd appreciate it. Thank you for your videos.

  36. the best gift I got was a 255 piece socket rench kit from my dad and I have been wanting to get a straight razor forever but I don't have enough money to buy it

  37. Hey Antonio, The greatest gift I ever received was a musical instrument (a brass Trumpet) which I was given when I was a young boy in elementary school. This was a gift that first exposed me to the love of listening to, playing and creating music. It was a catalyst that set me on my lifelong path of an appreciation towards music which culminated into my current career as an elementary school music teacher. It also inspired me to learn other instruments as well and I currently play guitar, the drums, and the ukulele amongst other instruments. Receiving that instrument was the beginning of what opened up a new world for me and for that reason, it is the greatest gift I have received.From the gift guide, I would love to have the Makita LXT601 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit. As someone that tends to do home renovations, this comprehensive kit would really help give me the vital tools I need to make it easier do a variety of diy projects. Thanks for the video Antonio!

  38. The nicest gift I have ever received was a brown leather briefcase from my wife. A brown leather carry on would be great! Keep up the good work!

  39. The best Christmas gift I have ever received was a well thought out spiderman sandwich holder. It holds 1 sandwich. I loved spiderman he was my favorite super hero growing up and I love sandwiches, I eat them everyday. its nothing fancy, but I appreciate the thoughts and memories that were gifted with it. I would like "stainless steel manicure men's set in leather case" if still possible 馃檪

  40. The best gift I've ever gotten was a made to measure suit. There's something more personal about a suit that really fits. And, honestly, the thing I really want most from your list are the Paul Evans Newman Chukka

  41. hi antonio great gifts..im tinking just buying the gifts for myself .. question does birchbox send outside the u.s .. i.e asia.. ??

  42. the best gift i remember getting was a punching bag that my father bought. ps i would like to get KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot if you have those liyng around and thanks for the great tips.

  43. I like this video for the great ideas (a subscription for year of gifts for a friend sounds amazing) and because you want to help startups. Entrepreneurs must stick together.

  44. One of the greatest gifts I received around the holidays were my grandfathers 2 vintage razors, vintage grooming kit(with travel razor) and his bager brush. I recieved his heirloom 1935 Gillette butterfly DE safety razor in silver tone and his 1972 Gillette DE safety razor in gold tone. His personal grooming kit has a leather pouch with combs, clippers, etc. made in Germany, and another USA made 1975 Gillette travel DE razor in silver tone that fits in it. All this with the brush was my dads way to introduce me to wet shaving and I've never looked back since. I think any color bag or luggage from Blue Claw Luggage would be a fantastic gift!!!

  45. The best gift I ever received was a pair of 591's from shoepassion (Chocolate double monk straps) for my 21'st birthday. The perfect shave kit from Birtchbox would be lovely!?


  46. The best gift i've gotten was a golden monogrammed ring i got from my father. He got it from his father and my grandfather got it from his father. I'd would really like to get one of The Collaterals cufflinks for christmas.

  47. the best gift i have ever recieved was from my dad. He got me a great leather weekender duffle witch i use 4 to 5 times a week when going to the gym or when i travel to and from my girlfriend on the other side of the country. I love this gift this much because it is incredibly useful to me.

  48. The best gift I've ever received was my first suit from my fianc茅. I wear it to as many occasions as I can. If I could receive something, it would be the last item from the first company you talked about.

  49. the best gift I've ever received was my phone last year and I would really like to win the blades grim razor because he is so finicky about his beard line and I've wanted to get him a good razor for the longest time but haven't found the right one

  50. Hey Antonio, the one gift that I keep using are my pair of rockport casual leather shoes that my sister got me once i turned 18, I had never thought about getting that type of footwear, turns out I got invited to canvass for my congressman only to get invited to a private dinner with said congressman, i spent a few minutes worrying about what to wear to such an occasion and the thought that came up were the shoes with a blazer chinos and tie, to this day I am still using these shoes and am thankful my sister got them for me. If you got any left I'd really appreciate the grim blades straight razor, Thank you and a merry season to you and your loved ones!

  51. When I was growing up I was fascinated by watches! Before phones they were very functional! I had many Casio and other digital watches but I had never had a luxury watch. When I was about 15 my grandfather gave a square box and it was a little heavy. As I opened it I suspected another expedition watch but instead it was a Citizen chronograph watch! I was amazed by what I got and guarded it with my life everywhere I went! From the gifts what really interests me is the collaterals cuff links! I have a few French cuffed shirts but don't have many cuff links! Also I just got an internship so I'm new to business dressing!

  52. The best gift I ever received around this time getting a swap for my RnR from a buddy. I was scheduled to be one of the last people go on our deployment, but he traded out with me since he could tell I need to get some time away from the DFIP on BAF.

    I would love to try the Art of Shaving Elements Starter Kit to see if I can finally get rid of the razor bumps that have plagued me since, well forever.

  53. My favourite ever Xmas gift has to be my first ever suit gifted to me from my parents. I put it on for a Wedding the following month and felt great and since then I haven't looked back. It's amazing how one present can alter the course your life takes so much. It inspired me to look better and to ultimately achieve more. I'm now at Law School and I must say that one suit had such a big effect on this. In terms of what I'd like to receive this year it has to be a pair of Paul Evans Brown Monkstraps with a matching Vvego Belt or complementing Sharp and Dapper Braces. Shows how in a matter of years how my style has changed… first suit to double monks! Many thanks Antonio this video will be a great help this festive period! Love the long hair too!

  54. I always treasure any gift I receive, but there was one that that continues to mean a great deal to me. My grandson was in school to be a jewelry designer and he designed me a ring one Christmas. The stones were simple and the design understated. Inside he had a heart felt inscription that has special significance to me and him. I have a lot of beautiful jewelry but I find myself wearing that ring daily because every time I look down at my hand I think of my grandson. I love the list you have put together of gift giving ideas! This is sure to come in handy when selecting something for the men I give to. That magnetic tie pin and Blue Claw Bronson bag are ones I will be looking in to further. I have a few gents on my list those would be perfect for!

  55. Hello. I have a question for you sir.
    Im currently working at a supermarket and as you could guess I wear a uniform at work.
    BUT Im still interested in clothing and style.
    Would dressing up outside work crash with the line of work Im in?
    Would it look wierd or stupid even if I wore a suit or a nice blazer on my time off even though Im in such a "low class" line of work?

    Im affraid of looking like a tryhard becaus your style should be congruent to the life you're living.

    Thank you for taking the time if you'd like to answear this question. Would love to hear your thoughts about this.

  56. The best gift I got? A cookie jar, It had inside meaning, simple, but something that was thoughtful! I love the Blue Claw Luggage bag. Thank you for the great ideas.

  57. Bottle of Highland Park Dark Origins. Yeah, it's not much to some, and I'm a Scotch collector. But this was brought by a dear friend coming back from Theater. I sip this..slowly. If there was any gift on your list I would like to have, it would have to be Blue Claw Luggage. I travel often, and I like the quality. Never owned one, but heard you talk about them often. Or, straight razor from The Razors Grimm. I'd need to practice first. LOL!

  58. Best gift I received was a Merkur shaving kit with brush, stand, dish, soap, and safety razor.
    I would love the Blue Claw bag to help build my wardrobe.

  59. Hey man, I have become a regular viewer since a couple of weeks and I noticed that u give examples of things available only in some parts of the world. It would be really great if instead of being specific, you give generic ones, like instead of saying company names, you tell us what kind of products to purchase and maybe that will help to those of us who are in a completely different geographical area.

  60. Great video, I love how you really go through all of your advice: I already had people running through my mind as you mentioned your guidelines!
    The best gift I ever received was a signed Amar'e Stoudemire Jersey from my family. It was definitely not cheap and I knew they all had to sacrifice in order to get me my favorite player's jersey that I can now keep for life. I will always appreciate my family that much more every time I look over at that number 32. My family is amazing and they always push me to be my best and I am so thankful for them and what they do for me. That's what that gift means to me.
    I would love to own a high quality bag for the first time, my last (current luggage) the handle broke off completely at the airport! Also, I think it's great that it's American made and I love that you love to work with these type of businesses. Blue Claw Luggage Worton Weekender.

  61. One of the best gifts I ever received was my first few dress shirts. It's because of those shorts that I was able to start dressing sharper and reform my wardrobe.

  62. You forgot to mention sprezzabox, that's another great monthly subscription, I got that for my birthday last year for three months until I signed up for myself

  63. If it's not too late to try to win…
    The best gift I ever received:
    One year, for christmas I received a car maintenance kit for my car at the time. I really appreciated it because it allowed me to take pride in my car and learn how to take care of it on my own, from keeping the interior clean to changing the oil. I've kept those skills with me ever since, and I enjoy working on vehicles now.

    The gift I'd like:
    I'd really like the Blue Claw men's bag because I travel pretty often now for work and family and I'd really love to have a bag that fits my personality. Right now, I have a worn messenger bag from a conference during my college days, and it's ready for retirement.

  64. I will say the coolest gift I ever received was a quasi Gift of the Magi moment. In 1985 I had gotten divorce and was broke. I was going to spend the holidays with friends who had been very supportive emotionally during this time. My friends had moved to help his parents to help his parents and had to restart his business from scratch. I was dying for the Springsteen box set but could not afford it and all the gifts I needed to buy. I sucked it up and got it for my friend on CD. When we exchanged gifts his wife asked us to open together. He opened his Springsteen CD box set as I open mine on LP. It was a wonderful Christmas.The Blue Claw Luggage 聽Bronson Weekender if I may be so bold

  65. Hi Antonio, thank you for this giveaway and for your insightful videos. The best gift I ever received was an old hand-me-down SOG multitool from my dad. He gifted it to me when I entered the military. I'd love to have the Leatherman Wave Multitool because I'd want to gift it back to him. He'd make good use of it because he's retired and have been tinkering with his hobbies. Thank you again and keep up the great work. Hope to hear from you soon!

  66. One of the best gifts I got, a while back, from my godmother, was quite a simple but definitely long-lasting wallet/cardholder. The reason it stood out from the typical, thin credit and debit car holders was the pocket clip (not to be confused with the easily-pickpocket-able belt clip). The concept was: it's a two fold simple wallet with a (metallic NOT magnetic) buckle that could easily attach onto any (preferably) sturdy material like denim. It was designed by Fossil. So far, I've used it almost exclusively (for the past 4 years) but I've had my eye on some equally unique stuff like the Fort Belvedere Ties and the ManlyGram Manscription; the first for it's subtlety and rarity in modern-day dress codes, and the second for my love of food.

  67. The best gift I have ever received was a lamy Safari fountain pen because it really got me into the art of fountain pens and calligraphy.
    My favorite item on your list is definitely the blue claw bag. But everything on that list sounds awesome especially the birch box goodies.

  68. Loved the video! My best gift was from my wife, she always has a hard time shopping for me, but two years ago she bought me a pair of flannel shirts. I would have never bought for myself but I wear them a lot as a light jacket or as a main shirt when the weather turns cold. It really surprised me the time and thought she took and how every time I reach for one of them I always think of that Christmas.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share. If picked please surprise me like she did.

  69. My brother bought me a gentlemans grooming kit. Would never have bought one myself, but use it every week. Love all the products on show, particularly the bags. Very handy.
    Thanks for the great info as usual

  70. Two years a go I received a set of cufflinks that my girlfriend had bought for me while she was studying abroad in Paris. At the time I was just discovering my personal fashion sense and having a set of albeit simple but meaningful cufflinks as a souvenire meant a lot to me. I now have four different sets of cufflinks and wear that set for special occasions. If I could have an Item off the RMRS gift guide I would love to have the Blue Claw Luggage Worton Weekender bag. Recently I've found myself traveling quite frequently and I have a decent wardrobe but catch myself putting my clothes in a nike gym bag. I Love your videos and look forward to many more to come!

  71. I really never received a great gift, other than something from my grandma who would get me what she could afford, however I do recall getting a gift fur friend I think he enjoys allot. it was a book, I think men and women need to read plenty more books, do I got him a nice 400 pg book..I signed it saying I Joe his adventures don't stop. so yea I surprised him, something useful and it was a hard cover haha.. I'm a huge admirer of cuff links but I'm sure your out of those, and I get plenty back from you, from all the videos you post. Happy holidays

  72. The best gift I received was a car from my Father after I rode a Honda Shadow 750 in the cold. Lol. I would like to receive a collateral bag. Thanks and I enjoy your videos.

  73. I would say that the best gift I got is a safety razor and a little kit last year! wasn't expecting that but it is wonderful and so useful! I would love to receive one of those Blade Grim, it would be the next level!

  74. The best gift I got was when I was 12 years old, on christmas day when i got to see my dad walk through the door in full BDUs after getting a week of leave from his deployment. His Army service followed me everyday of my life until I decided to answer the call. @real men real style as a veteran yourself, you know the struggles of juggling military and family life and the hardships that come with being deployed over the holidays. Instead of me receiving one of the gifts that you have available, I would like you to send them in care packages to our troops overseas and to their families. Most have given up their youth and put themselves in harm's way, and a little love from us back home could mean everything to them. Thank you and happy holidays.

  75. I received a pen from my friend around 5 years ago!!
    I still use it now..! It just feels like that pen is carved for my hand.

    And from your set list of awesome stuff i really liked the "SCENT TRUNK" and the "BIRCHBOX". 馃檪
    Though i really appreciate Manlygrams and their all new concept.

  76. I'd say the best gift I've received was a computer from my grandfather. I can't afford one myself and I can use it for fun and for school.

  77. Best gift I've ever got? I new BMX bike when I was 13! I loved that thing!!! Parents couldn't get me off of it for months! Kept it for a long time and finally parted with it when we ended up moving homes.

    Really liked that Grim Straight Razor. Discovered safety razors earlier this year, but I think I'm ready to graduate to straight razors…still available?

    Anyway, thanks again for the awesome videos Antonio! Keep'm coming!!

  78. One of the best gifts I have ever received is a pair of high quality, American made moccasins, full leather with shearling lining. I had just worn through my cheap old pair of slippers when my mother gave them to me. I had never owned a pair like that… Opening that box and seeing the craftsmanship and attention to detail was amazing to me.

    If I could have something on your list it would be the leather bag from Blueclaw. My brother and I are going on a trip together and it would be a perfect gift for him. I like many other things on this list but the bag is my favorite… I love leather.

    Thanks for the ideas, Antonio!

  79. ANTONIA!!!! theres something wrong with one of your links for the:
    -Chrome / Tabacco Modern Wood & Metal Suit Valet Rack Stand Organizer-

    Just some constructive criticism, nothing to major

  80. I always get the men in my life cologne! It's guaranteed to get used, and I always get them a more "high end" scent that they normally wouldn't splurge for themselves. But I get everything at a great price at www.perfumiya.com, so they always think that I spent more than I did! This is what I got for my father-in-law this year https://www.perfumiya.com/products/Fahrenheit-by-Dior-/307/

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