2018 UECP Toastmasters Christmas Party

Tonight is a special occasion for all of
us as we will celebrate Christmas together as a family. We have a lot of activities in store for you tonight. We will have
some games to entertain all of us. Of course you have the delicious food with the contribution
of each and every one of you. And the most exciting of all: the White Elephant
Exchange Gift. Before we start the program, let us first give praise to the
Lord through a word of prayer. I’d like to call Toastmaster Miguella Salaya for
the opening prayer. Lord, thank you so much for all the food. We pray that it
will nourish our body. In Jesus name we pray, Amen. Thank you very much Miguella for that very sincere prayer. To formally start tonight’s program, may I invite our president, Toastmaster Michelle Yian, to
deliver her opening remarks. Good evening everyone. I’m glad that you could all come here
tonight and we could enjoy this time together. Enjoy the program and enjoy the
sumptuous dinner contributed by everyone here. So enjoy this time and Merry Christmas everyone. Thank You Michelle for welcoming all of
our members and guests. So you know guys, throughout the night, I can’t help but
savor the aroma of the food. Sobrang sarap guys, amoy pa lang. So just to
give you an idea of what food are there, Zarah and Faye contributed buffalo wings.
Michelle and Kat contributed pancit malabon. Andrew and Mitzi contributed
empanada. Jj had barbecue. Ann contributed the Sola. So much Sola actually. Kline and Juanito contributed iced tea. Yours truly,
sashimi. And Kristine and Kamille, dessert which is mango bravo. Wow. That is a lot of food! Ice cream from Feb. So
please give each and every one of you a warm round of applause. The barbeque became puto. What a surprise. It’s okay, we can have barbeque
anytime but puto, not that much, not that often. Alright, just by saying the menu I’m already
salivating. So without further delay, everyone, dinner is served!
please enjoy your food. Thank you very much. At the count of three. One, two, three. “Let’s Go!” Alright, I love your enthusiasm! Alright, let’s play! The first game is
called Word Jumble. Not Bring Me, Word Jumble. It’s designed to stimulate your mind. We will start in three, two, one, go! So, kunyari, yung first word, you will use
all of those letters to form one word. Lahat yan sports. Toastmasters guys, I
know you can do this. Kelan pa naging sport yung Bingo? Wow, that was powerful! That is
one of my favorite songs. Thank you very much Kristine for your wonderful voice Right now we will have the most awaited part of the program, The White Elephant Exchange Gift. Thank you to everyone for spending your precious time with us tonight. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you had a lot of fun as well. As we go into the holiday break, hopefully
we can spend more time together, maybe have time to play board games or just hang out. Thank you very much for being a part of my life this year and I look forward
to more awesome years ahead. Together let’s make 2019 a fun and productive year. Finally, thank you for letting me host this
Christmas party. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Happy holidays and may God bless you. Thank you.

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