How’s it going guys, it’s Jason Williams here back at it puts another video and in today’s video We are doing as you can already see by the title gifts for your mom for Christmas Mother’s Day her birthday just If you want to buy her a gift Yeah, let’s jump straight into the video But we’re gonna start off with the types of moms that you get and if I look down don’t worry because I’m just checking out this thing alright so first we’re gonna start off with the outdoorsy mom if your mom likes to go outdoor have fun be adventurous yeah, so those types of moms so you could take a Skydiving you could go gardening with her. I don’t know you could go for a picnic at the park unless you live in South Africa, and they will steal all your stuff and you can buy her a new yoga, mat, cuz Yeah, I don’t know why and then the next type of mom is the book lover like you know those moms I’d like to sit All day in the quiet time listen to the birds and just read a book yeah those types of moms and You could get her the latest crime or thriller if she likes crime or know whatever type of book she likes Her favorite book trendy book markers like bookmarkers other things I think they’re the things that you put in your page, so you don’t lose your page number, then the stylish reading glasses not to be mean or anything but Most moms need glasses to read and then now we’re gonna go to the free But thoughtful gifts like they won’t cost you any money, but it’ll mean a lot to your mom in your heart So the first one is you could clean the house for her I think well I know moms love it when you get down and dirty and start doing the work Okay Yeah, and then you could make her breakfast in bed if you want if you know how to cook and then What’s your favorite movie with her without complaining because I know a lot of you out there complain when she wants watch your favorite movie and then Random gifts for your mom’s you could take you could buy her a spa gift voucher blankets bath robes or slippers their favorite type of makeup their favorite soaps and creams perfumes jewelry shoes clothes Take them for a day up wherever they want to go yeah a picture frame with a picture of their children or a picture frame of their handprints yeah a box of chocolates and last but not least I hate treatment for their hair if they still have here Joking, I know you guys have here. Don’t tell them I said that but yeah a hair treatment alright guys I hope you ain’t time to enjoy the video, if these if these gifts worked or gave you an idea of what to buy Please do not forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video Which would be tomorrow if you wanna see that subscribe because?

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