50 Christmas Spoilers in 3 Minutes (Comedy Thunder)

Hi! We’re the Fine Brothers! And consider your Yuletide
cheer about to be ruined. We’re about to spoil 50 Christmas films, even though we’re Jewish… because, really, all we know
about Christmas is from these movies. In one take. In under three minutes. Starting now. Scrooge learns his lesson
and spreads happiness… ..and cheer to all on Christmas! Scrooge learns his lesson
and spreads happiness… ..and cheer to all on Christmas! Scrooge learns his lesson
and spreads happiness… ..and cheer to all on Christmas! Scrooge learns his lesson
and spreads happiness… ..and cheer to all the Muppets on Christmas! Scrooge McDuck learns his lesson
and spreads happiness… ..and cheer to all on Christmas. Why do we watch the same
stories over and over? Willie is shot eight times
by police fleeing from a robbery, but is charges are dropped
due to him being unarmed. Luther gives the cruise tickets
to his dying neighbor… ..and his holiday spirit is renewed. Buddy and Steve reconcile their friendship. Ralphie, not Rolphy, gets
the BB gun for Christmas, accidently shoots himself
in the eye, lies about it, then the family eats Christmas
dinner at a Chinese place… ..after their food was destroyed. Joe agrees to be the new Santa,
but Ernest gets to drive the sleigh. Brad and Kate have a baby a year later,
and didn’t tell their families, but a news crew arrives revealing it to the entire world! Fred and Willy save Christmas
and they reconcile with their families! Scott becomes Santa Clause and his ex-wife
is allowed to visit his son at any time. Scott marries Carol and Christmas is saved. Lucy’s hug warms Jack Frosts’ heart
and everyone celebrates Christmas together. Clarence the angel
lets George live again. His friends pay off his debt
and Clarence earns his wings. Jake gives his winnings to a town
in need and returns home. Arnold gets Turbo Man for his kid,
who then gives it to SinBad… ..because little Anakin Skywalker’s
Turbo Man is his own dad! Kris Kringle is set free! You guessed it! Kris Kringle is set free! Gracie, who killed a one-eyed criminal, gets a reward and then gives
birth on Christmas day. Clark’s boss has a change of heart
after he kidnaps him and gives him his bonus. Eddie provides for his family
on the island and they are rescued! The boy thought he lost Santa’s bell, but awakes the next morning
finding the bell in a present. As an old man, he’s the only one
who can still hear it ring. Prancer is set free and flies in the sky, rejoining Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. Frank sees the error of his ways and broadcasts
a Merry Christmas on television. The Grinch finds Christmas cheer and gives
all the presents back to Whoville. You guessed it! The Grinch finds Christmas cheer… ..and gives all the present back to Whoville. Jack stops Oogie Boogie and Santa
brings snow to Halloween Town. The inmates are caught and the town
covers for Bill, Alvin, and Dale. There are far too many subplots
that all wrap up well… ..and the family comes together at Christmas. Tom and Betty end up together
and Phil and Judy end up together. Walter meets Santa and gets New York
to believe in him again, allowing the sleigh to fly
and Christmas is saved! Santa decides to return to the North Pole
and Christmas is saved! Some kid is an idiot and thinks his mother
is having an affair with Santa. In the end it was his father
and Christmas is saved! Santa completes his gift giving
and Christmas is saved! The Kid gets away with it
and Nellie and Henry reunite. Jack comes back to life as a snowman, but he leaves to let his family move on. The nephew, the Nutcracker and the prince
are one and the same. Rudolph stops being ridiculed and leads
the sleigh, saving Christmas. You guessed it! Rudolph stops
being ridiculed and leads the sleigh… ..saving Christmas! The man is revealed to be Santa
and a news reporter… ..gets the spirit of Christmas back. Barnaby is defeated and Toyland is saved! You guessed it! Barnaby
is defeated and Toyland is saved! Jim and Linda stay together to run the inn. Kris Kringle escapes the dungeons,
changes his name back to Clause, moves to the North Pole, and is forced
to only deliver toys but once a year. James is brought back to life… ..and and Michael and George
are both admitted into heaven. Elizabeth isn’t engaged and Jones
doesn’t get married, so they end up together! Frosty goes to the North Pole,
but returns the next Christmas. And…finally, the only Christmas movie
we were allowed to watch as kids… ..Charlie Brown thinks he killed
his tree, but his friends… ..surprise him with it and yell,
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!” ♪ (Peanuts theme song plays) ♪ Hey, guys! This episode ofSpoilers
was brought by Comedy Thunder. Check out more holiday videos
by some of our favorite comedy channels… ..by clicking on their logos! Thanks for watching and Happy Holidays!

100 thoughts on “50 Christmas Spoilers in 3 Minutes (Comedy Thunder)”

  1. #51: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians(1964): Santa Claus and two kids gets abducted by Martians in order to make toys for good martian girls and boys. Santa defeats the Evil Martian who doesn't believe Christmas in an epic toy battle at an automated toy factory, and a Martian Santa is found.. AND CHRISTMAS IS SAVED! ( on both Earth and Mars) The Ending song is memorable, that the movie is FORGOTTEN!

  2. Why would Charlie Brown be the one that they were allowed to watch as kids and not any of the others? Of most of that list of films Charlie Brown's first Christmas Special seems to be one of if not the only one that touches on the Christian religious aspect of the holidays. :/

  3. well ive only seen 13 of them so at least ur not as bad as me, but i have not actually heard of many of the others, especially the cartoon ones.

  4. No I've only seen the last one and I celebrate Christmas… they're just all so phony *insert Holden Caulfield here.

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