8 Best Christmas Gifts for Golfers (2019)

Selecting gifts for golfers can be tough sometimes. But the happiness and satisfaction that you
are going to see in the eyes of your loved ones, are worth the next 10 minutes, that
you are going to spend selecting a gift for them. I might not be an expert golfer, but I’ve
walked the course with my dad enough times, to know the difference between an eagle and
a birdie. I also know that nothing would bring him more
joy around the holidays, than a new set of golf balls or the hottest golf gadget. I asked him and the rest of the golfers I
know, to find out what they really want to get this year, other than a hole-in-one. Hi There, Welcome to our YouTube Channel,
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or Above $100 ? Tell me in the comments section below. Also, we have given links in the description
below for every product mentioned here. Do click on those links and see the current prices
of the products as of now. If there are any future updates or a new product
that enters our list, I will update the links in the description below. So make sure you
check all the links in the description. With that being said, Let’s get started. These gifts deserve a polite round of golf
claps. #8. Gopher Golf Club Cover. Any golfer and “Caddyshack” fan will thoroughly
enjoy this clever gift. It’s a nod to the film’s mischievous gopher. #7. Golf Gear Trunk Organizer. They probably already have a great golf bag,
but what about the rest of their gear? This trunk organizer will help store their
gear in a clutter-free way. If you happen to share a car with said golf
enthusiast, you’ll probably appreciate it, just as much as they do. #6. Bushnell Tour V4, Shift Golf Laser Range
finder. Serious golfers will be impressed by this
game-changing gadget. It accurately locates the pin within 1 yard,
and the slope adjustment helps indicate when 150 yards uphill, plays more like 166 yards. It’s also legal for tournament play when the
slope function is disabled. #5. PuttOut Putt Trainer. And if they don’t have a green nearby, they’ll
appreciate this putting trainer that acts as a stand-in for the cup. It rejects putts that wouldn’t make it in
the hole and returns good shots. #4. EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror. Train like the pro with this alignment guide
and never miss a putt again. #3. Blast Golf Swing Analyzer. Practice smarter
with this small sensor. The club attachment monitors the user’s performance and provides
metrics via Bluetooth to the Blast app. It provides insights on both a full swing
and a putting stroke to improve consistency. #2. Bill Kroen’s Golf Tip-a-Day Calendar. If golf is a consistent part of their lifestyle,
they might appreciate getting a daily tip to help improve their game. #1. SKLZ Golf Swing Warm Up Stick. Over 1,200 reviewers have given this gadget
a 4.5-star rating. It’s designed to be used as a warm-up to gently
help golfers stretch and improve their range of motion before hitting the course. So, Those are the 8 Best Christmas Gifts for
Golfers. With all that we have seen, if you ask us
to choose 1 product, Our choice would be “Bushnell Tour V4, Shift Golf Laser Range finder”,
as the Best Christmas Gift for Golfers. I have also mentioned some digital products
for senior golfers in the description. If your loved one is a senior golfer, then they
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