80 Christmas Gift Ideas People Actually Want!

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  1. CHRISTMAAAAAAAS!!! Who’s ready to snag some good good deals with retailmenot?? Let me know what you save in the comments 👇🏼👇🏼

  2. Finallyyyy. I needed this soooo badly. I have so much people to buy for this year and this helped sooo much. Thanks a bunch!❤️

  3. when i saw the description and i saw the fangirl gifts, i knew this was worth watching all the way through because i knew it’d be a lot of great stuff for my broadway heart

  4. I've got 2 more gift ideas. 1. A calender with their favorite actor/singer they will get a lot of use out of it and the will definetly be happy about it! 2. kind of a map or world poster with stickers that they can stick to the places they visited like this one :https://www.odernichtoderdoch.de/poster-a3-weltkarte-inkl.-klebepunkte

  5. I've best Christmas gift idea in this link https://www.gocrazyfitness.com/product/christmas-iphone-cover/ you can get it for you or for someone you want to give it to.

  6. Sierra your hair looks so amazing I dunno what u did besides the cut but it looks so good on you! I might need to steal that look!

  7. I loved when I got concert tickets for Christmas. It was something I really wanted. Something I got from my cousin so we could go together. & something I had to wait for until summer & was right after my birthday. So it was something to look forward to & also kinda doubles as a birthday gift. Also got a day at an amusement park one year for my birthday from that same cousin which was also a good time

  8. Where did you get that top?? I've been hard pressed to find one of those old lettuce-hem type tops in my size! Always seems to be sold out in L/XL

  9. Check out Shuttermoon Phone Gadget on Amazon! Great gift for everyone! Get creative with your pictures using this amazing Phone Camera Lenses!

  10. Most of these Christmas idea videos aren’t that great but this one was actually very logical and gave some perfect ideas for those “certain” people.

  11. I am so glad I found this!!! So many great ideas but the family photo session was my favorite! I am booking a photo session for a friends family now! 4 generations taken care of with one gift that will mean so much more to them than a gift card or toy! 😊👍

  12. if you search for real funny gifts for christmas you have to see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnfudyUQRSM

  13. This was the best holiday gift guide I have ever seen on YouTube, thank you so much for doing this! I’m sending the video link to my whole family so they can get great inspiration. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with your videos lately!! You have the genuine and fun qualities that youtubers don’t have anymore.

  14. please don't buy leather, it's incredibly cruel 🙁 They use dogs' and cats' skin for cheap leather (in China) and baby cow's skin for expensive leather… :'(

  15. Thank you so much! I really needed this and you saved me, also you're really sweet and I Immediately fell in love with your personality

  16. Great video, thx!!!!

    also recommend this space heater for christmas gift


  17. I actually don't celebrate Christmas but since we're doing secret Santa in class I got my teacher's name and Idk what to gift her and this video gave me inspirations of what to gift her

  18. a lamp, mirror, good headphones,…..THAT IS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS 😂😂❤️

  19. You are very inspirational my sister, she is also a curvy girl, was very unconscious about her body and started watching you and now loves her body

  20. wow 🙏🏼😃🙏🏼😃🙏🏼😃 my fav gift is the amazon paperwhite and lumiy lightblade desk lamp 🙏🏼😃🙏🏼😃🙏🏼😃 PLZ

  21. Aaaallllllll iiiiiiii wwwwaaaannnnnttttttt fffooorr cccchhhhrrrriiissstttmmaaasss iiiiiiisssssss yyyyyyyyyyooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu

  22. You want Christmas digital Elements for Instagram or videos!
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  23. Just get some Versace cologne minis I got 3 for 27$ and I can’t wait for Christmas so I can give them to my family. I also saved 18$ to buy myself something

  24. Shoes are hard to get for people too tho. Someone might have a narrow foot and be given shoes that are way too wide for them. I would struggle finding shoes that would fit my friends and they would actually like!

  25. We love you, Sierra! You’re inspirational!

    We are new to YouTube, so any advice/tips you have for us, would be greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas!

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