A Christmas Eve Horror Story Animated

Last year on Christmas Eve. I was working late. I’m 23 I work in New York City and commute home every day on the train Since I’m one of the younger ones in the office I got stuck with one of the worst shifts, so I wasn’t able to get home until five o’clock My family had already left a whole hour earlier to go to my cousin’s house, so I had to drive alone After having a quick snack before the half hour drive. I got back in my car and put my cousin’s address into my phone halfway through the drive that started snowing I got to my cousin’s house around 6 o’clock it was snowing heavily by this point, and I just made it in time to catch everyone starting dinner I brought all of my gifts inside and cheerfully said hey to everyone I stayed until around eleven o’clock the rest of my family left a little sooner I stayed an extra half hour or so just to hang out before leaving myself By the time I was leaving the ground had accumulated at least two feet of snow, and it wasn’t even done snowing The drive home was nightmarish the roads were hardly even plowed, and I had to drive under 20 miles per hour on most roads The roads were completely dead at this point though most likely because everyone was smart enough to go home before the snow accumulated Eventually I turned onto a main road that I’m sure would usually be bustling but at 11:15 on Christmas Eve night There wasn’t a single car or a single light from the store. It was a ghost town But then I did notice the flashing taillights of one car It was parked on the side of the road and the smoke seeping out from its exhaust with the taillights giving it a red tint as I got closer I realized there was somebody next to the car waving their hand in the air I assumed something was wrong, and they needed help so me being the Good Samaritan I am, I pulled up behind the car When I opened my door the guy approached me immediately barely even giving me time to step out He was an average sized man probably 5 foot 10 180 pounds he spoke in a very demanding voice asking me if I know anything about fixing an engine I told him I didn’t know much about cars The guy responded very quickly to everything I said. He told me it’s fine He went inside of his car for a second to popped open his trunk came back out and told me to just wait by the trunk for a second I had no idea what he wanted me to do I was really confused he walked over to the front of his car and I heard him open the hood I couldn’t see anything He was doing since the trunk was blocking my view and the loud wind of the snowstorm overpowered any small noises he might have been making I put my hand on the back of the car and leaned my body in anticipation when suddenly I heard three or four quick and aggressive Footsteps in the snow behind me before I was pushed into the trunk The man tried to close the trunk on me, but I kicked my feet up in resistance and held it up I was able to overpower him and kick the trunk open completely As I took advantage of the few seconds I had to get out of the trunk. I took out my keys He tried to grab me now, and I dug my house key right into his neck He fell to his knees and a scream echoed down the deserted street I was in my car and halfway down the road before he could even get up from his knees A little further down I called 911 reported the guy I came back in ten minutes to find blue and red lights illuminating the windows of the deserted stores The police held him until the ambulance arrived for him. I watched the whole thing and nothing ever felt better in my life. I got home safely half an hour later and told my family everything I was still very shaken that Christmas and this remains possibly the most horrific thing I’ve ever experienced

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  1. If you did that in the UK, I guarantee that you would be charged with attempted murder. It would take the best lawyer you could find to help you prove it was in self defence and I wouldn’t fancy your chances. The laws here favour the criminals.

  2. Could you at least make one video with a obvious and even ending and not a shitty one like every video you make

  3. I’m sorry. How bad of a shift is it that you get to leave at 5 p.m.? There are much worse shift times. The only bad part is that you have to work on Christmas eve

  4. Honestly if you're dumb enough to stand by the trunk of some strange guy who was giving you bad vibes then what do you expect to happen?

  5. Heres another tac tic um i am a guy who loves camo guess what that stands for the army so first you puch his ass or kick his ass and take your thumbs and dig them in his eyes your welcome

  6. Hey llama low chance of you seeing this but I’m here to suggest an new vid okay so you might know of a movie call
    “ A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY” but in that all the story’s were connected I suggest that you do a horror story like that

  7. I got stranded once on the freeway during a snowstorm and no one would stop to help me. I can see why. I will never stop for anyone. EVER.

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  9. That guy played so much fallout then knew where to hit🔑 the neck. Hobo santa wanted a elf but failed

  10. The story teller dude is the scary one he sliced that dude neck with a key, I know it's for self-defense but still

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