A Creepy Christmas Time Story Animated

It was November of 2006. I was a 16 year old kid living in the town of Altoona, Iowa. I went to bed early one night because I had to work the early shift in McDonald’s. As I slept, I had a dream that I was running through downtown Des Moines, but I wasn’t on a jog… I was running from something. As I ran around the corner of a building, I came face to face with my pursuer. A tall man wearing a trench coat and a top hat stood in front of me. The only thing visible of his face was his eyes. They were abnormally large with black pupils, and it looked at me as if it wanted something After what felt like hours, he reached out his bony hand as if he wanted me to go with him. I woke up violently from my dream, and after catching my breath, I peered around my room to see if I was safe. As I stood up from my bed, I noticed that I could see my breath. Feeling confused, I checked my window… It was latched shut. I then walked over and checked my vent. I could still feel warm air coming from it. As I sat back down on my bed, I tried to figure out what exactly was going on. That’s when the figure from my dream appeared at the foot of my bed. I scrambled back to my headboard. “What do you want?” I asked, trying to hide the shakiness in my voice. With the same bony finger, it pointed at me. Growing up in a religious home, I believed what I was looking at was a demon. I told the creature to leave. It just waved its finger at me and with a low voice, it spoke to me. “Never leave, always here.” The creature then screamed loudly and disappeared. A feeling of nausea came over me and I vomited on my floor. The last thing I remember was cleaning myself up and waking up to my alarm. It’s been about a month since I had seen the top hat wearing man in my bedroom The Christmas season was in full effect. My parents weren’t home because they got invited to some kind of event. So it was only me and my three sisters at home. I had to wake up early in the morning for work, so I decided to go to sleep. I rested my head on my pillow and closed my eyes. Not even 30 seconds passed until my sisters burst into my room and started singing obnoxious songs. This, of course, made me very angry; but I thought if I ignored them that they would leave me alone. This was not the case. As I pulled the blankets over my head, I started to feel the same cold feeling that I had November. As the obnoxious singing subsided, I lowered the blanket below my eyes and saw the man standing in the corner of my room. In one swift motion, he charged towards me, and I blacked out. When I finally came to, I found that my sisters had locked themselves inside the bathroom. As I knocked on the door, they told me to go away. I asked them what happened and all they could say was mom and dad were on their way home. I looked down and saw that my hand was slightly bloody. Holes were in the bathroom door and a broom was sticking out of the wall. I then walked into the living room and found that there were knives stuck into the wall as well. The same wave of nausea passed over me, just like in November, and I threw up again. As I was cleaning up, my parents walked through the door. My father immediately walked over to me and gave me a good beating, then he sent me to my room. I went to bed crying. Not from the beating, I was crying because of the confusion. I had no idea what was going on. The next morning, my sisters reluctantly sat next to me and told me what had happened. They said I got angry and chased them down and tried to hurt them. They said my eyes were red to the point where they thought I was bleeding from them. They said I sounded like a different person. In 2011, that was the last time I saw the top hat wearing man. I just moved into a new apartment and after a long stressful day of unpacking, I took a shower and got ready for bed. As I started to drift off, I could feel that cold feeling again. I lifted my head and saw the man standing in front of me. The man’s eyes were red now. With a low voice, just like on that November night, it looked at me and said: “Never leave, always hear.”

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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I really enjoyed this story and hope you do too 🙂 Thank you all for a great year.

  2. Llama Arts, this is my favorite video out of all of them. I mean, I did love a few other video's, but this one is my number 1.🥇

  3. This could be a psychological thing, and the y’all man is his brain trying to answer what he has but in its own way

  4. The part when the man with the hat wide his eyes it creeps me out I haven't slept in a long time because I have been thinking about it

  5. Does any one els remember the creature saying never leave always come back instead of never leave always here of is that just me ???

  6. Hit or miss I watched too much llama art's yeah!, Got so scared almost shit my pants yeah that's when I did yeah!

    True Story, Yeah

  7. here i am more than a year later just watching this and wondering if this is some twisted up ebeneezer scrooge shit. it's a christmas carol,

  8. Grew up in a religious household, receives beatings, has manic angry episodes and blacks out. He’s VERY mentally ill!

  9. Dude in Story: "It was weird because I could see my own breath"

  10. This story still scares the crap out of me to this day, fake story or not, this really scares me, amen to whoever made this story.

  11. If this happened to me

    Me: looks at demon

    Me: sighs

    Me: then slowly walks twords dresser

    Me: grabs a cross and relentlessly tells the demon to F off

  12. Anyone else have encounter tophat man wearing black suit/trench coat? I saw one next to my bed in a sleep paralysis. He did nothing but smile ear to ear

  13. I live very close to altoona.. like 15 minutes at most. I know every Iowan rn is paying very close attention 😂

  14. Isn’t this a rare ghost, though? I’ve heard a lot of stories about the man with a top hat and a trench coat. They always described his eyes being visible as well. Some believe he’s death itself and only appears when it’s about to take a soul.

  15. This entity is actually called "The Top Hat Demon". Anyone who experiences this should seek immediate therapist, no exceptions.

  16. When I heard the man say “Never leave…Always here…” I couldn’t know what he meant until I finally knew he meant that he is never gonna leave because he’s always there!

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    Dang it, my text generator broke!

  18. Hold up, hold up…
    Is the creature like the guys demonic impersonation of the guys anger or some evil feeling inside of him? Is that why the creature said “never leave, always here????

  19. Fun fact:the top hat man is standing behind u right now and smiling at u menacingly….he leans forward then whispers to u "good night"…. just when u thought u would be safe in the comments section

  20. so when i first watched this one, i was with my friend in her room at night with the lights off…now we're scared of sleeping in our own rooms

  21. I wonder what would happen if you asked an inner demon to sit down and try to have a conversation with it. would it listen? would it interpret it as an action of resentment and get hostile? seems interesting to ponder

  22. I had a creepy dream and to escape it I was forced to eat a giant marshmallow then I woke up and my pillow was gone…

  23. If I was this young man and this demon tried to get in my face I would get right back in his face and say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ !

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