A Crushing Christmas Party

♪♪Tori, can you bring
the tape? Tori:That would require
physical exertion.
The party starts
in five minutes;are you gonna join
[Tori grunting] Tori:I never cared
much for humanity.
Brother:No, do not embarrass
me in my
own home. Take that blanket off. No, this is my
cocoon of love. I’m not coming out until
I’m a beautiful butterfly. Or Charlize Theron–
I’m not picky. Tori, it’s Christmas. And you’re my least favorite
sibling. I’m your only sibling. Brother:Turn on the music.[Tori groaning] [woman on radio]:Rememberto hold your loved ones
close this season
and who knows?You may even sneak a kiss
under the mistletoe.
Even the halflings
have found love. [Christmas music] [doorbell rings] No, Stephen. Come on. Every time a doorbell rings,
an angel spits in your cereal. What? [spitting noise] Just fetch. Chocolates. Stacey:[knocking] Yo, Stephen,
open up!
Oh, I don’t want–no, no, no, you didn’t tell me
you invited Stacey. So? You fool! Look at me, I’m hideous! And that differs from
the norm how? I haven’t showered
in five days. And that differs from
the norm ho– Shut your face. The party’s starting and
I’m opening the door. No, I won’t let you. Oh, such power. No, I will defeat you. Elemental powers combine! No! Earth. Wind. Fire! Get off, get off, get off. Water. I don’t know what
you’re saying. [gasping] Heart. I don’t–I’m too young
for this reference. We are CAPTAIN PLANET! [Brother choking] I’m sorry, brother;
it’s for the children. You don’t have any children. I never will if you
open that door. You’ve never even dated
a single person. Why should that makes such
a– [bang] difference? [panting] Don’t try it,
Stephen. I have the high ground. [yell] No, Stephen. [grunting] Oh, hi Mark,
come on in, guys. [more grunting] The PAIN in
my BODY. [Tori mumbling] My SPLEEN. I didn’t need that
working anyways. Um… hey, Tori. No Toris here,
just this doormat. Oh, hey look, a mistletoe. [nervous sigh] It’s um–it’s
a parasite. Uh, well, it is tradition. [gasp] [muttering] [Christmas music continues] Merry Christmas, Charlize. [groaning] [both singing to the tune of “We
Wish You a Merry Christmas”] ♪ We wish you
would like this video, ♪ ♪ and then subscribe
to the video, ♪ ♪ and also maybe
share the video ♪ ♪ and comment in the year. ♪ [quietly] That was good,
you did great. [kissing noise]

100 thoughts on “A Crushing Christmas Party”

  1. Every time I ask my dad to do something for me he says the exact same thing!!!!! " That would require physical exertion"!!!!!!

  2. If I were Tori to ruin Stevens party, I would say
    i throw the punch bowl at Stevan and the snacks too

  3. Every time a doorbell rings and angel spots in your cereal
    That describes my life in the weirdest way possible

  4. “The party starts in five minutes, you going to join humanity?”
    “I’ve never cared much for humanity”

    Ahem, I think it’s pronounced… cats.

    👍🏻Thumbs up is if you know what I’m quoting 👍🏻

  5. How have I not seen this yet?!?!?!

    Oh wait wait wait… I have seen this. I thought I hadn't and then the ending came and Stacy kissed a picture and I was like… oh yea I've seen this one😂😂

  6. I've been really disappointed about the old cast leaving, and idk how well I'll be able to enjoy watching the new cast, but Tori is just so relatable and goofy and I love that

  7. Tori is my new favorite Studio C character! Where has she been all these years?? Behind the camera or working behind the scenes? Please make more videos with her in them!!

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