A Die Hard Christmas Party with Reginald VelJohnson

[music plays] Look Warren, just because it happened in the copy room doesn’t mean it never happened. I wish it never happened– Totally. I’ll do anything for you Lauren. What? Ugh. Oh God, it’s John again. I thought he was banned from the Christmas party this year? Are you kidding me? Banning the one guy in the office with a mental problem from the Christmas Party? That’s a law suit waiting to happen. Well lets see how long it takes this year. Not to shabby of a party, huh? Let’s just hope we don’t get hijacked by
East German radicals– There it is– John, listen. For the last time, you’re not John McClane. Die Hard is just a movie– Just a movie [laughs] You’re ignorance is bliss. John, you can’t smoke in here. Come out to the coast and have a few laughs– The context of that quote doesn’t even make sense right now. California… [We Wish You a Merry Christmas jingle Plays] [interposing voices] Hey, it’s our new VP, Hans. [interposing voices – greeting Hans] He’s so cute [chants of “Hans” from the crowd] Hans? Hey John, I’m Ellis [snorts] John are you alright? Hey John. Oh, hey Reggie VelJohnson Who’s he talking to? Who is Reggie? Reggie, can I ask you something? Were you scared? Hell yeah, I was scared. But as long as I got my family with me, that’s all that matters. Yeah I guess you’re right. Family matters. Oh my God, I’m losing my mind. Hey crazy man. I just think, he’s just crazy. Hans– This shit is getting real. It’s about to go down hard John–
John? You gotta do something. Yippee-ki-yay mother fucker You gotta help them John. You gotta help them. There were four different sweaters–
You’re right– Let’s keep talking, I got so much to say to you– [crying] Oh, hey John.
I didn’t know you were in here. I go by Roy now. Partner Die Hard reference.
I love that movie. For the last time, it’s not a movie. [laughs] Did you change the lights in here? I’ve been working out– Oh God– No, no, just feel it–
No I will never touch you– Sorry, Reggie made me do it Time to save the day. [interposing voices] Hi–
Hey– [screaming] [laughs] [screaming] Hans! Ho, ho, ho–
I killed’em Reggie. [laughs] Welcome to the party pal. [laughs] What an idiot. [We Wish You a Merry Christmas song Plays]

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