A Peri Christmas Gift! 🎁 Team17 A4000 emulator

hello chip dippers just a very quick
video here firstly say very Peri Christmas to you guys and also I have
got a little gift for you I’m actually here in what used to be my
bedroom this is now my mum’s office and we’ll just turn the music down bit here, I’m not around my usual gear, doing things a bit low-tech but I wanted to share
this little gift with you so here’s the office and I used to have my
computer over here my Commodore Amiga on a different desk and that kind of thing
and speaking of Commodore Amiga you’ll of course remember the worms videos
where I shared with you that we found the original worms scenes on that team
17th Amiga 4000 and this is what we saw when we were looking at the original
computers screen and we were able to load up these worms objects and scenes
so I am very pleased to announce that I’ve now got full go-ahead from Team 17
and Cloanto to give you guys full access to this using a special version
of amiga forever explorer sponsored by Cloanto, I do quickly want to also
mention that none of this would have been possible without Pcbwayyy or
without my patrons, and by the way PCB Are having this big sale shopping
festival for Christmas and November you can get up to 200 bucks off a PCB anyway this is PCB’s sale and they are definitely responsible for me keeping
making these videos and being able to share this with you so here’s what
you’re going to do just head over to Perifractic.com, head into the shop
and don’t worry it’s free you’ll see an option for the free Amiga 4000 emulator
scroll down a little way and you will see two ways to install it, a
windows option and a Mac option so the windows one is
sponsored by Cloanto oh it’s a couple of files and some instructions I won’t
go into all of that now but basically once you have all set up you’re
gonna see something a little like this now this is once you’ve loaded Lightwave
itself which is you’re gonna just follow instructions to do that and I won’t give
you too many tips but you will find the same files in this folder… (Laughs) Live TV, somewone buy me a new battery for Christmas, oh I can just charge it… so
you’ll find the same files in this folder here so you see how it says load
scene and then here you’ve got 3D:Scenes/team_17/worms and the scene files themselves are in the
Emplant partition which you’ll see as well I do also want to mention and I
will say it although I’ve already said it on the website you’ll see several
errors popping up and this is by design it’s warts and all this is basically
because there are a lot of bugs on the machine from being stored in a shed for
30 years so click through just like cancel or ignore I wanted to present
this completely authentically as we found it I didn’t want to you know
try and remove partitions maybe you can even restore them I couldn’t that is it
for this little Christmas gift from me and Cloanto oh and PCB way and team17
and new tech who made lightwave and Cris Blyth who kindly donated that
machine if you haven’t check out my Christmas unboxing or unwrapping video
hashtag pants mic hashtag 8 bit audio because it is terrible audio quality
because I made a terrible mistake while I was live streaming but hey that’s the
nature of live-streaming anyway I really wish you a very Peri Christmas I hope
you’re having a lovely time with your family and friends
I am here with family too so that means I should probably go as well but as
always if you aren’t already please subscribe below I’ll be back in the New
Year I’ve got tons of fun content lined up until then cheerio!

17 thoughts on “A Peri Christmas Gift! 🎁 Team17 A4000 emulator”

  1. Merry Christmas too Christian and thank you for this nice gift ! Btw is that a Galaxy Fold that you own ? Please try TAWS on it !

  2. Thank you Christian, Cloanto, Team17, Cris and everybody else who helped make this possible. This is a really cool gift to us.

  3. I’m still waiting for you to install MorphOS on a A1103, and do a full review, and attach a Amiga IDE HD via USB / FireWire, and I’d like it to be lengthy and detailed..

  4. You must be back in UK then , team 17 I rem them from the old cracking days blimey ! ,😂 Merry Christmas to you and the misses 🎅👌

  5. You managed to find out more, about the worms FMV development history… Within an year, than I have from asking former T17 staff members !!! (Hehe…) In all honesty, I'm just so pleased in all that you've done with Cris Blyth showcasing his past work… All the best to you and your channel in 2020. Yours Niki "WormsT17" Hutchinson 🙂

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