A Very Hellsing Christmas Special

WALTER: A long time ago in a big house near london… …lived a mother hen and her servants three. Everything was oddly normal for this time of year. Then one night a certain magical character visited them, changing their lives forever. *Thumping* *GUNSHOT* INTEGRA: What was that!? Are we under attack!? Status report! STATUS REPORT! ALUCARD: *Sighs* Before you start… INTEGRA: Jesus Christ… ALUCARD: Okay! Before… you… start! INTEGRA: HOLY SHIT! ALUCARD: Would you care for me to explain!? INTEGRA: OH YES ALUCARD! I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHY YOU SHOT AND KILLED FATHER CHRISTMAS! ALUCARD: He startled me. INTEGRA: HE STARTLED YOU!? ALUCARD: He… startled… me! INTEGRA: Oh well I guess he should apologize! ALUCARD: Well, it’s going to be kind of hard, ’cause… …eh, you know, I shot him. INTEGRA: Brilliant! So what are we supposed to do!? ALUCARD: *Grunts* Well! I guess I have to save Christmas. INTEGRA: *Groans* ALUCARD: Yup. No other options. INTEGRA: How about, ANY, other option? ANY AT ALL!? ALUCARD: No use trying to put the brakes on this! It’s going down. INTEGRA: You planned this. ALUCARD: What? INTEGRA: You planned this! I know you did. ALUCARD: Psh- You honestly don’t trust me!? *SLAM* POLICE GIRL: MASTER! The sleigh has been secured! Unfortunately Vixen died… But… Oh… ALUCARD: You won’t believe how cheap that elf costume was! INTEGRA: FFFFFFFF- ALUCARD: I stole it! INTEGRA: AAAALLLUU- ALUCARD: LET ME HAVE MY NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS MOMENT! WALTER: And so… Alucard Claus and his little helper visited many houses that night.
*Alucard laughing in the background* Until Alucard got bored, and kind of wandered off. The End. ALUCARD: MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAHAHAHAHA!

100 thoughts on “A Very Hellsing Christmas Special”

  1. See, this is the kind of stuff that Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up should be airing. I mean, yeah, they got anime on Saturday nights, but I'm sick of them airing weird live-action shows and reruns of FOX's animated shows that aren't "The Simpsons" (you know, all three of Seth MacFarlane's shows, King of the Hill, and Bob's Burgers). Make it like 2002 and have weird cartoons from up and coming talent and pilots that never took off, but gained a cult status nonetheless.

  2. How many Is Many exactly like for him that would problable be like 30 maibe 40,50 homes would problable be max right.

  3. Today it's the 18th of February. I've never felt Christmas like this before. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Now this is going to sound pedantic but:

    At close range with the caliber of Alucard’s pistol Santa wouldn’t have much of a head left after eating a bullet

  5. Goin for a walk on Christmas?
    Saras in a tight elf costume?
    No goku “blink” into hellsing universe by mistake kamio or easter egg yet? Man. TFS be taking their sweet ass time

  6. 1. Alucard has a painting of himself doing the nude Burt Reynolds pose
    2. Santa has a cross tattoo on his back
    Just good for thought

  7. But seriously, we all know Santa was a vampire right? Alucard was just… Ending the debate of who was the actual supernatural being know as… The crimson fucker…

    He also wanted to nail Mrs. Claus…

  8. So did they do the MAJOR'S christmas? I know someone mentioned it in the comment? Something about the catboy eating the cookies the major poisoned?……anyone?

  9. How can an anime that's so serious, dark, and violent make for such a hilarious parody? And who are the voice actors for the parodies? Almost sounds like the cast of Hellsing Ultimate was involved.

  10. When this started, i was like, "Hey it sounds like the Abridged actors. They stole their audio track!!!!"

    Looks at channel name

    "….Im not apologizing."

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