25 thoughts on “Apollo 8’s Christmas Eve 1968 Message”

  1. Why they play the relgious card on these occasions I will never know. They're supposed to be the pinnacle of human intelligence but waffle on about God.

  2. I would rather believe that there is a God and then find that there isn't than believe that there ISN'T a God and find  that there is! Get well soon Shark! 

  3. Religion and space flights should never go together. It's either you believe in fairy tales or you do science.

  4. Lets have some respect for this momentous occasion that this video comes from. These men were in the middle of a dangerous mission in space and clearly moved by what they saw and experienced.   

  5. I'm sorry I didn't find this video on Christmas! Well, today is Christian New Year I hope it's OK all the same to wish the very best to everybody. Let us see this day as the real beginning of 2015 and may all the bad things that were happening in the past days, that all scared us to death, remain in the past! Best wishes everybody!

    (14. Jan corresponds to 01. Jan in the old calendar)

  6. I was at my girlfriend's house that night watching T.V. (we lived near the cape) when this was broadcast. It is something I shall never forget at the close of that dark and horrendous year of 1968. It seems like yesterday, since all of this happened during my lifetime.

  7. You can reconcile faith and science. Just as man uses tools, so could God. Does breaking a car down into its parts negate the accomplishment of the car's creator? The car parts would be meaningless without the creator.

    Evolution is God's perfect tool for creation…it adapts to the changing conditions automatically and continually updates creation to ensure its continuance. Mankind is developing self-healing materials. A non-human watching the self-healing material in action would have no idea that man created the material. Obviously the fact that the material can self-heal, does not mean that man does not exist.

    When a person recounts an event to another and that person recounts to another…the stories will not match. There will be fantastical discrepancies in any religion because it is, after all, a retelling of history. Because human communication is imperfect does not mean that a person should not have faith because of these discrepancies.

    Faith is a matter each must decide on their own.

  8. I will forever remember seeing this live in 1968 as a ten year old. I will never forget it. It is a Christmas Eve tradition to watch it again

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