ASMR Secret Santa 🎁 Unboxing Gifts

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  1. Hello beautiful tingle people! Here is my offering for this year's ASMR Secret Santa ☃️ There is a Playlist link in the description containing all the Secret Santa videos that have been uploaded so far . As you might notice I find it much easier to give gifts than to receive them 😆 and got quite excited. There are some louder parts from the paper and an unexpected 'moment' , it wasn't me! I hope you enjoy the video and the lovely gifts from my gorgeous Santa. Oh the word I was trying so hard to get right is Labradorite 🙄 I said it wrong once ages ago and keep on doing it! Tonnes of Festive Love from me XX Emma XX Ps. I'm so quietly excited to watch my person open their gift 😉 hehe

  2. Emma! Lovely.. so .. lovely and Bollocks on the breathing! Yours is yours and perfect. Happy Christmas 🎄🎁❤️

  3. i actually quite enjoy the mouth open thing (weird as that sounds) because it makes me think you are really relaxed and enjoying the triggers along with us

  4. Hi Emma, hope your doing well 🙂
    Would you be able to do a video of you singing. Doesn’t have to be relaxing. Would love you hear your voice.
    I love your videos, think your amazing.

  5. Seeing how happy you were in the video made me happy I loved when you described how your hart was pounding so fast! So cute! You always look so good! That perfect hair matched with your beautiful outfit and jewellery. Your content is so well mead to! I would say that you are one of the best and my favourite asmrartist!

  6. Watching your delight and gratitude is very refreshing in this day and age. I just listened to someone complain about a gift an elderly woman who can barely walk went out to purchase then sent to them and…well to be honest I hung up on them and was quite upset. This video put me right. Thank you!

  7. emma, you are so bright and lovely it practically glows off of you! it shines through my screen and makes me so happy as im drifting off to sleep 😘💓😴

  8. Does anyone else have certain sounds that–while not tingle-inducing–are just exceptionally satisfying? The sound of Emma cutting through the gift wrap (@ 23:47) transported me to 25 years ago, watching a children's show (Barney maybe?) and listening to them cut construction paper. It wasn't tingle-inducing like other sounds I'd experienced, but I remember feeling so satisfied by it. I'd totally forgotten about that moment until I heard the cutting noise in the video. The sound of mac-and-cheese being stirred produces the same effect. Anyway, wondering if anyone else in the ASMR community gets this. I suspect yes! Thanks, Emma for reminding me of this! 🙂

  9. ASMRrequests
    Hi Emma and Ally happy new year! I️ have been thinking about sharing this message for a while now and wanted to let you how much I️ love this video! I️ believe I️ always felt ASMR triggers especially when I️ was a child in school listening to the teacher read a book. I️ realized last year when I️ came across how lovely spa videos sounded when I️ needed a moment to relax and couldn’t get there. That’s how I️ stumbled across Ally’s beautiful channel which then led me to Emma’s channel. I️ thank you so much for bringing so much happiness and relaxation to my life. This video gave me chills because it encompasses the full circle of my ASMR journey so far. I️ hope to continue to spread the joy of your videos and I’m excited to see what’s next! Love, Sadie

  10. I feel like there should be a set budget, because give got spoiled and Taylor didn't get much, also rip headphone users

  11. The idea of this was wonderful, especially nice to go back and watch all of the videos so far of those who also participated. Though some of them are ASMRtists I was already familiar with, I feel like i need to thank you specifically for the wonderful Christmas gift I feel i received by discovering FredsVoice, i mean OMG Emma! lol xoxox Happy New Year indeed 😉

  12. Emma!!! I sat here and cried as I watched you open this. I’ve worked with the “ Toys for Tots” program here in the U.S all season, and it was such an amazing experience to be a part of. It has created a boost of love to my holiday. And I hope that you felt it too. Happy Holidays to you and the entire ASMR community. We’re all awesome in our own ways. Great job Secret Santa😍🎁

  13. Your concentrated look makes you look incredibly relaxed, which helps me to relax. Your breathing is very relaxing as well. I hope this helped! You don’t need to change a thing! Love your videos! ❤️

  14. In response to those who have told you to close your mouth: shush. Please, never stop breathing through your mouth. It is a lovely sound I find very relaxing and tingly.

  15. Alot of thought and love went into those gifts all the secret santas were awesome and it was really nice to see how all of you thought about special items for each person. I loved all of these videos. everyone had great secret santas

  16. Hey emna. I came from gibi's channel. Just seen the video of her opening your gifts. How fantastic. U are so generous. I loved this video and gave u a sub. Xx

  17. I loved the part with the broken carafe… you just kept on going, being thankful for the thought of the gift. Such a wonderful video.

  18. I am having the BEST time watching all of the secret Santa videos and drinking my peppermint hot cocoa. You all put such lovely thought and kindness into your gifts and it's such a beautiful treat for us to get to see the love being shared in the community! 😄🤗💕 BEST. IDEA. EVER!

  19. I smiled throughout the whole video 😊 loved it!! ❤️ You and Ally are definitely one of my favorite asmrtists – two lovely souls!

  20. Emma, if you were happened to be conceived in the nineteenth century artists such as William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti would be falling over themselves to use you as a model for their paintings.  You are a truly beautiful, not to mention serene, Pre-Raphaelite goddess made flesh!   Keep up the good work.  X

  21. Ezik be. Kendi kendine hediye almış insan bi paketleri değiştiri bari yuh. Bide içinden çıkan hediyeleri gerçek kesit oyunculuğunda şaşırmak… Al sana bi alkış.

  22. I agree with the breathing thing, I feel like I'm when I breathe though my nose, it doesn't feel right and I don't take enough air in like you said.

  23. Iv’e recently just discovered you, hahaha just being real… but I think you look really sweet, you look kind! Love from the Philippines!

  24. I have the same problem I don’t think it’s something you could change or should change I really struggle to breath without my mouth open if I close my mouth I feel like I’m slightly suffocating it’s horrible I do it when I sleep too

  25. 寝る時、これを聴かながらじゃないと寝れなくなった。

  26. Watching this (again) a year later and I still love how excited you are opening this! That's exactly what giving gifts is about: Watching the excitement on the recipient's face. Merry (Happy) Christmas, Emma!!

  27. I have to agree with about EVERY comment here.. PLEASE dont change your breathing..! Its soooo relaxing. Also, I never comment either, but seeing your face, and how genuinely happy you are, I had to say how you are just so AMAZING! you are the nicest lady to watch, truly I cant even watch anyone else, they just dont have the same gift you have. You were recommended by the KING of the universe! I am a very strong believer, and the Holy Spirit Himself recommended you too me…..! I really needed to tell you that because that is a VERY strong endorsement. I pray for your happiness come to you 100 fold. And that your very best in still in front of you. God bless you Emma (BTW thats my 8 year old daughters name, and I showed her your lovely candy bowl opening video, which was also recommended by her Heavenly Father With Love, Dawn

  28. Ok yesterday I watched your draw my life story and was in tears the whole thing. Today I think I'm ready to watch another vid, and I'm crying again because it's just so sweet that two people a world apart are sharing gifts and such kind words just because of the community that brought them together.🎅🎅❤❤😭😭

  29. your broken glass present should have been wrapped in bubble wrap. it seemed like it was just wrapped in paper? but maybe I am wrong? it wasn't protected at all. lucky you didn't cut yourself Emma. You showed no disappointment at all, you are just the kindest soul ever Emma and just so gretful for everything! ❤️ you are the sweetest. I have truly enjoyed the secret santa videos for asmr 😍 on a positive note the broken glass sounds were a really nice asmr trigger :p x

  30. Watching you in this video i couldnt help but feel excited for you. And seeing you amile ended up making me smile along with you. Im happy for you and love watching your work

  31. OMG, I had to watch this video like 4 times, I kept falling asleep and I really wanted to see what you got. Merry Christmas! Christmas 2019 is fastly approaching!

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