Barbie – American Girl Christmas | Ep.4

Barbie – American Girl Christmas Dear Santa, my name is Chelsea Roberts and I live in Willows, Wisconsin… What’s Chelsea doing? Oh, she’s just writing another letter to Santa… What! She’s already written five letters to him… She must really want that doll! Skipper I think the whole town knows she
wants that doll… …and the only toy I really want for Christmas is the American Girl doll Isabelle… Heaven help us if Santa messes this one up… Don’t you mean heaven help Santa if he messes this up! I’m so excited Barbie… Only two more days until I get my very own Isabelle doll Ok Chelsea, Don’t get too excited just yet You know Santa doesn’t get everything that you ask for… I know That’s why I only asked for one present, so he has to get it for me Well just don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t come You can always get it for your birthday No I can’t! Isabelle is only available for one more week, then she’s gone for good I have to get her for Christmas… I just have to! Oh brother… Hmmm… Okay What do we have here… Little Tommy Smith wants a bicycle Mary Miller wants a trampoline Sandra Wilson wants a horse… hmmmm… I don’t know about that one Spider-man wants new web slingers Ken Carson wants a Ben 10 action figure? huh…wait… Isn’t this guy like 25 years old? Geez Some people never grow up! And who do we have here? Chelsea Roberts An American Girl Isabelle doll We should be able to manage that And another from Chelsea And another And another Ok Chelsea! I know I’m getting old but I don’t need this many reminders!! Every girl needs an American Girl doll Especially Isabelle But she’s only available until December 31st So hurry to your nearest American Girl store American Girl What dreams are made of… Ohhh… She’s so cute I hope Santa remembers I hope Santa remembers so you stop talking about it You’re driving us up the wall! Yeah – I agree You need to stop watching those commercials They’re only trying to… Oooohhh! Ben 10!! Cool! Ok Chelsea, it’s time for you to get to bed. Remember… Santa doesn’t visit little children if they’re not asleep Ok Goodnight everyone Goodnight Chelsea… Barbie? I hope Santa remembers where I live? I’m sure he knows where… What if he lost my letter? Well… What if he gets too tired before he gets to Willows? Santa would… What if it snows too much and he can’t see our house? I don’t think… What if? Chelsea! Stop! Santa is not silly He will visit our house, but only if you get to sleep Ok Goodnight Barbie Goodnight little sister Sweet dreams Please Santa get me Isabelle Please Santa get me Isabelle Please Santa Ho Ho Ho Oops! I better be quiet! Now, who’s house do we have here? Ahhh yes, the Roberts One for Barbie One for Stacey One for Skipper One for Ken…you big baby! and one for… hmmm… I know I had it here somewhere Oh great! I must have lost it or given it to someone else Chelsea’s going to be upset with me But I don’t have time to go back to the North Pole I really hope she likes these Good morning Chelsea! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone Did he bring it? Did Santa come to our house? He sure did Chelsea But we don’t know what he brought us We were waiting for you Quick! Let’s open them Ok The first present belongs to Skipper! Oh, cool Thanks Yes! It’s the sewing machine I wanted! Next present goes to Stacey! Please, please, please Yes! My brand new bike Woooohooooo! Ummm Ken, you’re next Here you go Me? I wonder what Santa could have got me? I’m pretty sure I didn’t ask for anything Maybe he made a mistake? Yes! Ben 10! Just what I want… I mean This is strange I don’t play with Ben 10 Yes! Ok… Moving right along The next present is for… Me! I wonder what this is? Oh A makeup set This is perfect! Ok Lucky last Is it mine? Is it mine? Chelsea Roberts Thank you Santa! Come on Isabelle Out you come I can’t wait to play with my… Web slingers! What the…? Where’s my American Girl doll? That can’t be right Poor Chelsea Santa must have got something mixed up Maybe Santa didn’t get all of my six letters to him Maybe I wasn’t a good girl this year? No way Chelsea I’m sure there’s a good explanation for this You can have my bike if you like? Guys? I’m… Ummm… Going to… Get some breakfast for us all Won’t be long American Girl store How may I help you? Hello Sorry to bother you on Christmas day But I really need your help I’m after an American Girl doll No problem, we’ve got plenty here Apparently it has to be Isabelle Do you have any left? Oooh! Yes I think I have a few left Oh great! Thank you I’ll take one And I need it delivered today That’s fine I’ll just get some details from you and we should
be able to get it to you in the next hour Ummm… I think I heard the phone ring Be right back American Girl store, good morning Good morning I need a big favour I need to find an Isabelle American Girl doll for my sister Do you have any there? Funny you should ask Someone else just asked me the same question Yes, we have two or three in stock Phew! Put me down for one And I need it delivered today please Ok, we should be able to arrange that Now, let’s get some details off you What? Ok, I’m coming… Sorry guys, back in a sec Hello, American Girl store How may I help you? Hello miss I need an American Girl doll urgently Let me guess You need Isabelle and you need it right away? Ummmm, yes How did you know? Just a feeling I’m just going to get a few details off you Although I might already have them (Doorbell rings) Chelsea Why don’t you see who’s at the door? Ok… Might as well I’m a bit bored of my web slingers anyway Good morning little girl and Merry Christmas I’m after a Miss Chelsea Roberts That’s me! Well, it must be your lucky day because I’ve got three packages with your name on it! Just sign here please… Look everyone! Three packages just for me! Three? But I only ordered one Great They messed up my order I wonder what this one could be? Isabelle! Yay! It came, it came! Gee, I wonder where that could have come from…? And this one is? Another Isabelle? Ok… Ummm… I might know where that one came from… And finally! What? Another one? I think someone over-ordered! Yeah I think you got that right! Well I don’t know who did this but thank you! Thank you! Now, what am I going to do with three Isabelle’s? I’ll have one! I’ll have one too! I wouldn’t mind one Huh…hmmm Ho ho ho! I’ll have one if there’s any left! Oh… Looks like I’ve been a good boy this year Santa’s left me a present And I have a feeling I know exactly what it is Hello new web sl… Isabelle! I didn’t ask for this! Is this some kind of joke? Where’s my web slingers? I am… Actually… She’s cute! Maybe I could play with her for a bit Come on little Isabelle Awww… Don’t look at me like that… Ok, ok! We can have a tea party!

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  3. Ken is a big baby. He never grows up because he still likes ben 10 and that is for kids and l like the part when Santa said:lsnt this guy like 25 years old geez some people never grow up.

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  5. Barbie : next present is for… ME! I was laughing my head off LOL

    Oh by the way 😄
    👠 this is Barbie one like = one Christmas gift

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  11. santa: Ken carson wants a ben ten action figure. Wait this guy is like 25 years old. geez some people never grow up

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  16. Why does Chelsea says she has to get the Isabelle doll but poor Chelsea she didn't get the amaricin
    Girl Isabelle from santa she had to get a dillivry but why did she had 3 ohhhh they over orded aah yessss

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  20. 6:05
    Santa: one for Ken u big baby

    Me: isn't he like 20 or something
    Me: wait why am I arguing I'm 13 and am watching this 🤣

  21. Yeah I was waiting for a toy for cristas but I didn’t get it the next day it was never sold again I was crying EVRY day for a week but my parents found one for sale and got it for me I was so happy

  22. Aw! poor Chelsea she really wants that American girl doll Isabelle you know Chelsea you don't always get what you want

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