BEING NAUGHTY ON XMAS EVE???! (179 | Southeast Asia Travel VLOG)

So we’re back at that fancy resort place in the jacuzzi she’s got more balls than me they’re so gonna catch us out What’s up guys, it’s Sunday 24th of December Christmas Eve and we’re off to a pretty good start Bucketing down this morning. Like the loudest rain you’ve ever heard. Felt like this place is gonna come crumbling down Woke me up this morning, and yeah, it was pissing down rain I also woke up with a sore throat I don’t know if this thing’s getting any better feels like it’s getting worse I was coughing a lot last night Not feeling 100% my thing here is sort of getting better But anyway today is my break day, so I’ve been diving the last two days So if you haven’t seen those videos yet, go check them out today’s a break day So I want to go around explore the island you know see a couple of things Hopefully try to fly Mav I keep saying that all the time But I just never get a chance to fly or like It’s just it just randomly rains, and I don’t want it to be up in the sky and it pisses down right it kind of feels like Vietnam actually like last week has just been pretty grey and raining here and there And you never really get a good day of just sun. Kind of has that Vietnam feel But don’t worry. I am NOT gonna do a crying vlog. I’m not gonna do one of those this year anyway So guys just for these daily vlogs I’ll be uploading twice a week every Wednesday and Sunday just to get a bit of consistency in my life and also daily editing won’t take too much away from my trip this time You know a bit of it’s more of a scheduled routine, so if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe down below It’s only the start of my trip, so there’s plenty more to come All right and we’re off, off on christmas day exploring the island and today, I’ve got Mercedes here with me. Mercedes is from Germany. Yeah oh Yeah, we were talking last night, and I didn’t know because in Sydney we have bavarian bier cafe And I didn’t know that was an actual place and that Munich is the capital of Bavaria Yeah, but she is true blood Bavaria capital of beer. Oh, yeah, capital of beer and she can down 600ml bottle easy, and then well you could do like a litre as well I did it once in Oktoberfest I was quite fun. In Germany we have a 1 litre glass Yeah I could drink or I did it a lot, when I go to Oktoberfast 8 litres Liters when I when I went to Munich I was drunk on three like I was on my fourth litre, and I was just off my face I couldn’t couldn’t do it anymore I was like crawling to back to my room, and I didn’t even make it I slept on the hallway and my mate Thats what I told you, Australians are always drunk Harold got a photo of me in the hallway And I was just like sitting on the hallway drunk is anything The weather’s sort of cleared up now, the sun hasn’t come out to play yet, but at least it’s not raining So we’re just walking through town. I think it’s quite a small town as well because you walked it yesterda y Its just small, interesting places near the water we didn’t really cross the village there are two parts This side and the other side from our resort So we’re just having a look at How deep this water is it’s low tide at the moment. It’s only about a meter deep but But we want to try jumping off the top deck there And I think it looked pretty sick because it’s got the Malaysia flag so if you position it right I had that backflip off it. I think it’s gonna be sick so high tide’s later this afternoon She’s keen to jump But then I think I have to like build up my confidence for the whole day to do a backflip because I’m pretty scared right now All right, so we’re just now walking through the town area of the island and To be honest this has a similar feel to Kalanggaman Island in the Philippines How it’s like, the villages in the island and then like the resorts and the hostels or whatever and all the scuba diving’s things on the side So yeah if quite similar feel lots of little kids playing. This is like their houses and where they live So you saw earlier kids playing games theres coconuts. There’s little huts and stores Are they soul foods and snacks lots a little kids? And it’s like the most humid day the sun’s not even out and we’re just like sweating waiting for the rain to pass yeah, this is a graveyard and If you feel like having something to eat Maybe its for zombies, restuarant for zombies. We’re just walking through a resort on marble island So if you’re not into the whole hostel thing and backpacker place and want to spend a bit more money I think this is like the main resort right yeah on the island so It’s really nice back there And then they had a pool they had a jacuzzi So if you want to travel to this island and have a bit more of a budget and this would be the place for you All right, so just back at the hostel now and Mercedes has a few early Christmas presents from her best friend I know how to say happy birthday You have to say it slow No, you don’t need to sappy birthday Jesus We don’t yell, Germans, don’t yell, so this is a good old German gingerbread when she said gingerbread I thought it was an actual gingerbread man, but has chocolate in it, so good chocolate fix This is what her friend made oh, so sweet, it’s one souls in two bodies Oh its so sweet She made it for me on the first page, I started to cry like a baby because it’s so sweet, yeah We work together That’s so much effort How goods that. Some people think they look the same, but I don’t think they do But some photosI guess they do. They keep on asking us if we were twins But we’re not. The funny thing about it look at it, they’re always saying that I’m the older one, but I’m younger 3 years younger! What blue hair oh no its blonde just the photos blue, so where’s a few photos of me and my best mate Harold Which I’m actually going to visit him in Singapore later on, but this is us Don’t know if they look the same. People thought we do look the same That’s only because they probably haven’t seen much Filipinos or just two filipino guys walking around together with sunnys so yeah She still wants to jump, its three o’clock fine, but if I don’t do it now. I’ll never do it. Yeah Alright guys, so we’re back at that fancy resort place in the jacuzzi She’s got more balls than me. She’s like yeah, that’s getting the jacuzzi and watch the sunset I’m like they’re so gonna catch us out, but it’s good idea we’re just gonna chill in the jacuzzi until the sun sets and So I’m signing off today Just gonna have dinner and then drinks for Christmas so gunna put the camera down been a full day of just having the camera around so have a Merry Christmas guys, and I’ll catch you guys nice and early at the dive tomorrow Whats Merry Christmas in german again? There you go, I’m not going to try that oh, it’s coming back I remember that yeh See you guys

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  2. Keep up with the videos mate.. I seen your instagram post scuba diving at South West Rocks.. found out you were on youtube and been watching since. Ill be in Philippines next week for a month ahah

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