BEST Kid’s Christmas PARTY🎉

(upbeat Christmas music) (laughing) – We decided to try
something new this year and have a kid’s Christmas party. There’s 14 kids and
it’s gonna be mass chaos but it’s gonna be awesome. – So the bells are attached to your bum. (kids laughing) You have to move the
bells by shaking your bum. (kids laughing) Like so. (bells jingling) (kids laughing) (upbeat dance music) That’s how you do that. – [Kendra] You nailed it! Laura’s up next!
– [Jeremy] Alright! – [Kendra] Ready, set, go! (upbeat music) (Sugar Plum Fairy) – He’s still going! He’s still going. He’s going! So you place the gingerbread
cookie on your forehead. And then you have to… (laughing) It’s all about the facial expressions. (cheering) (chatter) (Christmas music) – I’m so close. You need to flare your nostrils. He got it! (cheering) (Christmas music) (chatter) You just have to break your arm. Oh! I still have some gingerbread
cookie in my eyeball. – This thing is full of candy. So Kaleb, you are trying
to open this present. Ready, set, go! (laughing) There you go, oh, he broke into it! Oh, she got doubles! Okay, time to pass it. Good job, you got one. (Christmas music) Alright Miss Laura, get some candy out. Oh, doubles! (Christmas music) Keep rolling. Oh doubles! (chatter) (Christmas music) (Christmas dance music, laughing) (I Saw Three Ships) – (Gasps) No, oh, oh! (gasping) (no in slow motion) – So this is called candy cane bobbing. – [Jeremy] Masterful. (The Nutcracker Theme) She’s been working on this
for hours every night. (chatter, laughing) Go! (The Nutcracker Theme) (laughing) – [All] Go Laura, go Michael,
go Laura, go Michael, go Laura, go Michael! Three, two, one! (I Saw Three Ships) – So Jeremy thinks he can beat me. Not gonna happen. Not gonna happen. Go! Oh, when it falls off the
table it doesn’t count, babe. (laughing) You have to lift them up, Jeremy! One, he’s gotten one. I think the Santa hat, hey, hey, you have to
lift them up, Jeremy. – I’m trying! (laughing) – Jeremy, are you ready to accept defeat? – Never. (laughs) – [Kendra] Oh so close, so close. Oh, so close Isaac. Woo, he got one! You got it stuck. (light piano music) The secret is that our
Christmas tree is awesome. – Yeah. – [Kendra] It’s not exactly secret though. – They just flew like Dominos. – [Jeremy] Did it fall? Okay, who wants a snack? – [All] Me! – [Jeremy] Head upstairs! (chatter) (light Christmas music) (Christmas dance music) ♫ Girl’s Christmas tree
girls Christmas tree ♫ Boy’s Christmas tree (light Christmas music) – [Jeremy] Bye everybody! Thanks for coming! – Bye, Merry Christmas! – Well we survived, our house survived. It was fun but it was also
a little bit of mass chaos. So, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. J House out. (light music) – [Jeremy] You have a humongous lip! (laughing)

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