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 We all love a sentimental gift and if we’re lucky enough, the odd expensive gift But isn’t it nice to open a gift and think, “why on earth have you bought me this”? – but it also ends up becoming your pride and joy  An unusual gift is the gift we didn’t know we needed, but turns out to be good fun anyway Because who doesn’t need a potty piano, right?  Make gift giving fun again, with an unusual gift for your loved ones, that they’ll enjoy for Christmas and beyond  From the downright weird, to the fun and quirky gift, we’ve rounded up some of the best unusual gifts you can buy for Christmas this year Best unusual Christmas gifts for 2019 1.  These ceramic vases are shaped like jungle animal heads and that’s all we needed to know  If you know someone who likes to jazz up their spaces with cool accents this is the perfect present It’s a fun way for someone to add a botanical touch to their home, the animal heads are statement pieces alone – but would look just as chic in a group  Even if you don’t fancy adding any greenery to them, they make a fun accessory that will instantly add a sense of personality   Price: £36, Not on the high street – buy here now  2.  It’s exactly what it says it is Whilst scrolling through social media or catching up on email’s are among the top ranking activities to do on the toilet, who could resist a sweet tune as well?  Play a tune on the loo With a songbook included you’ll be on your way to making music magic on the throne in no time  All jokes aside, this gift is great for parents who are potty training and can help to encourage confidence, for children still learning the toilet ins and outs  Yes, great for the children.   Price: £17.99, Find me a gift – buy here now   3  If you’ve got a novice gardener in the group who is interested to get some green fingers, this Funky Veg kit is affordable and easy to use – even for kids  The pack includes five biodegradable pots, five peat dishes and five different seeds – along with instructions for you to grow a colourful array of veg  like you’ve never seen it before  From purple carrots, to yellow courgette’s and red brussel sprouts, this kit is an exciting way to make mealtimes healthier and visually exciting  Everything is 100% non genetically modified. At £12.99 these are a complete bargain and could make a great gift for multiple members of the family   Price: £12.99, Amazon – buy here now 4.  From creating your own funky veg, to creating your very own Ecosystem This special little gift is the world’s first completely closed ecosystem created by scientists at NASA and impressively, the smallest size is under £100  The Ecosphere comes equipped with micro-organisms – tiny little shrimp and algae that are housed in filtered sea-water You don’t need to feed the little shrimp or clean the water. All you have to do is find a safe space for your little world to stay and provide plenty of indirect natural or artificial light  This really is a gift that keeps on giving. Although the lives of Ecospheres can vary; they are said to be able to live for anywhere between one and three years Now that’s a lot longer than a pair of socks.   Price: £99, Prezzy box – buy here now 5  This gift is great for animal lovers who like to get up close and personal with our wilder counterparts  Treat two people to a unique encounter with some of the most social and inquisitive critters – a mob of meerkats  The informative experience includes a guided tour of a meerkat enclosure, with the chance to hand feed the amazing animals and let them climb on you  Just think of all the meerkat selfies.   Price: £49, Find me a gift – buy here now 6  For the music lover that you know, this gift is one they can listen to their favourites on and cherish forever  The retro looking gadget is a three speed record player, shaped uniquely like a suitcase and finish in a cool slate grey The player has an NP6 needle and is capable of playing 7″, 10″ or 12″ records.  It has built in speakers so wherever you go, the party can always go on – it’s also bluetooth enabled if you aren’t the record type   Price: £129, Amazon – buy here now 7.  We all know someone who loves cheese on toast Why not treat them to a personal bottle of their own Lea and Perrin’s bottle, personalised just for them  For a limited time only you can personalise a bottle of the famous Worcestershire Sauce Exactly 1837 bottles will be available for people to make their, celebrating the year when Lea & Perrins was first created  But there is a catch, whilst you’ll need to hurry to secure your order now; in order for the ingredients to mature to their genuine flavours – the lucky recipient will have to wait until June 2021 to receive the finished bottle  So on Christmas day, essentially they’ll only have a personalised certificate of authenticity to show for it But we’re sure it’ll be well wort the wait.   Price: £6.50, Lea and perrins – buy here now   8  Scientific culinary skills have taken the world by storm, if you know someone likes to whip up unusual flavours or having there food twitch and tremble, this is perfect  Included in the pack are five pre-measured food additives, five specialised molecular tools and a hand DVD that contains 50 different recipes to create weird and wonderful dishes  Heston who?   Price: £43.94, Amazon – buy here now 9.  Nothing says Christmas like going into a paint ball battle in a tank, right?  For the adventurer and keen activity person of the group or family, this three hour experience will nurture the adrenalin junkie in them Take full control of a turreted FV432 combat tank and work as a team to navigate the difficult terrain to defeat the enemy   Price: From: £140, Red letter days – buy here now 10.  Potentially a very long source of entertainment for you and your beloved pet Combine two of the essentials: eating and playing, without ever moving a muscle.  This pet snack launcher is a great gift that can be used inside the home or when out and about Simply load the launcher with snacks, aim and fire.  The launcher comes with a wrist string attachment for convenient carrying It also isn’t battery operated, so you and your pet can enjoy it for a long time to come yet   Price: £5.99, Prezzy box – buy here now

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