BIRTHDAY VLOG | Fall haul, opening presents, & bday surprises! ✨

Hello friends its Allison I hope you’re
having a super happy day so far so today is actually my 23rd birthday and I
thought it would be fun to just do a little birthday vlog and hang out with
you guys today it’s a Monday kind of not a very exciting birthday but I really
just wanted to have a relaxing and chill day so if you follow me on Instagram and
watch a few of my last vlog you may know that yesterday I actually ran my very
first half marathon so a half marathon is 13.1 miles and my legs are so sore it
went really well and it was super fun but I’m tired it was quite an experience
so my legs are quite sore like I said and I really just wanted to spend the
day relaxing and working and just getting some things done I actually have
a meeting coming up at 2:00 and it’s 138 now so I got a log on to my work laptop
and go hop in that meeting but this morning Brandon made me breakfast and I
actually slept in a bit so I slept in until about 7:00 I think I don’t know
the the daylight savings was yesterday so now the Sun sets early it’s I mean it
rises early so it’s set I can’t talk so the Sun rose at around 6:30 today so
that kind of like woke me up earlier but I just sleep in a little bit because
usually we woke up at 5:00 a.m. so Brandon just made me breakfast and he
went off to work and then I went grocery shopping got her
food for the week and I got my birthday Starbucks I actually still have a ton in
the fridge I’ll have to drink some more later but I got a big venti pumpkin cold
foam cold brew thing I only spray get the exact name of the drink but I’ll
show you guys later and I’ve definitely talked about it before cuz it’s so yummy
yeah it’s really chill day I don’t I haven’t opened my presents yet from
Brandon so excited to see that later and he has some kind of plans for dinner I
think he’s taking me out to a restaurant but I have no idea where the restaurant
is where we’re going so we’ll see I’ll take you guys to that um but also I have
a fun at fall hall I want to show you guys to I’m actually wearing one of the
pieces it’s this really pretty beige set you can’t see it all that I will do a
little mirror video soon so you can see the full look but I’m doing a little
fall hall with boo hoo and shout out to boo hoo for sponsoring this vlog so I’m
really excited I’ve worked with boo boo in the past and seriously they have so
many adorable pieces and so many fun pieces to that really make a statement
but also just like casual cozy pieces like this two-piece set so really
excited about that haul but first let’s get some work done
birthday girls gotta bring home the bacon go to my meeting and then we’ll do
our fault huh so before I hop in my meeting I wanted to show you that little
set I’m wearing it really is so cozy it’s this beige off-the-shoulder
sweatshirt and then it came with these sweatpants and I just love the color of
them and I like how they cinch up the ankle to kind of add a little bit more
structure even though it’s all slouchy but I think the colors are really cool
and perfect for fall also it’s such like a neutral and I wore this grocery
shopping just such a comfy outfit and it does have pockets so I can put my phone
in it and I can so see myself wearing this to like the airport it’s just a
cute casual look like with some white sneakers I think that would be adorable
here’s a little preview out the rest of the pieces that will be in the hall so
many polka dots this is absolutely amazing wait till you see it on and
cutie pie headbands ready for my meeting okay I just got out of my meeting it
went really well my coworkers are so sweet wishing me a happy birthday we
also did this thing called birthday buddy is in my office so like each
person gets a little different birthday buddy you don’t have to do it but you
can like sign up for it and so my birthday buddy left some treats for me
at the office but obviously yeah I’m not there so I’ll have to go in soon and
pick them up but yeah I just posted a video at through p.m. when my meeting
ends like I had it scheduled um so now I’m gonna just go grab my coffee thought
I told you that I got earlier from Starbucks my little birthday drink and I
am going to reply to some comments Wow I drink it and then we’ll do our fall haul
and Brandon should be home in about an hour and a half so really excited to
spend time with him first up for our boohoo ho we have this
absolutely precious blouse I’m obsessed with just the style of it the ruching
the bows the cinching at the sleeves it is just definitely an Allison blouse and
I’ve noticed I really don’t have that many blouses I have a lot of dresses and
a lot of like skirts and stuff but I don’t have just like good blouses that I
can throw on with jeans I have lots of t-shirts I can throw on with jeans but I
don’t have a lot of bosses so I was really excited about this piece and I
think it’s so so cute for fall it has the this really pretty little floral
detail let’s see if my camera wants to focus but it’s really sweet and I think
it’d be nice to wear like you can even wear it for Thanksgiving dinner I know
some people like to get really dressed up to go to their living rooms but this
would be a nice casual thing to throw on with a pair of jeans like I did super
comfy and super cute and boohoo if you didn’t know they have over a hundred
styles added to their website every single day so they really have so many
beautiful pieces I hope you like the pieces that I am going to show you today
and I’ll have them all linked down below but definitely check them out because
even if you don’t have the same style as me you’ll probably find something you
love okay guys I’m hiding because I don’t
know if you’re ready for this absolute magic oh my goodness look how cozy I am
I am just the epitome of cozy right now in this hand knitted a cable knit
cardigan oh my goodness isn’t it the happiest thing you’ve ever
seen it is like wearing a blanket truly I love the sleeves so stinking much it
is just chunky and a statement and truly I feel like if I wear this in public
which I am going to soon I just haven’t yet people are going to be stopping me
on the street saying where did you get that girl because it is so cozy I really
hope I’ll be able to wear this outside in Florida soon when it cools down but
in the meantime you better believe I’m gonna be cuddled
up in this on my couch at my desk everywhere it is just so cozy and cute
okay guys here I am this is a look if I’ve ever seen one I am so into this I
have not worn high waist high waisted Jaime boots because when I first ordered
Jaime boots they didn’t fit like on my side they were too big so they would
just slide down but these fit perfectly and I’m gonna love with them they’re so
fun and when you put these boots on you just feel confident I feel like a sassy
woman these boots were made for walkin for sure and I’m also wearing this super
cute sweater dress and I love the turtleneck and the color of it is super
fun it’s similar to my two-piece lounge set that I showed you at the beginning
that I was wearing at the beginning of this vlog I really just love this color
so much I’m really into neutrals lately neutrals and hot pink that is just my
thing for short I put my hair up because I feel like turtlenecks looks so cute
when you have your hair up maybe a little high ponytail action such a fun
outfit okay I kept my knee-high boots on because I wanted to have my ariana
grande moment with a little sweatshirt and boots but guys I am so in love with
this sweatshirt it’s this Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from boohoo and it truly
truly truly it’s the coziest thing I know I’m saying everything is cozy but
it’s just the truth but that’s all you want this time of year you just want
clothing pieces that are cozy so I actually wore this pretty much all
weekend I was saying at Disney and then running a marathon like I told you I
wore this to bed I wore this to dinner well I actually had dinner in my bed so
that’s not really saying anything differently but I went to go pick up the
dinner I just work anytime I could it’s just so cute and cozy again I love the
color this beige neutral color it’s just everything and this is definitely a
okay guys I am just living really outfit so much I am rocking so many polka dots
in this next look I have this cute booooo-whoo pearl headband has a little
knot at the top and I actually got this in a pink velvet which I’ll also show
you as well love this headband love headbands in general but this one’s just
really fun and this color is great because it goes with so many different
things obviously I love the pink one too but I’ve worn this one already way more
than the pink one just because of the color and then I have this beautiful
polka dot sheer blouse and it ties in the back it’s so so pretty I might have
to show you a different shot but has to places it ties it’s such a statement and
I want to have a photo shoot in it ASAP it’s just super super fun this would
also be a fun birthday look as well or just special occasion look and I think
this will be really nice too for some holiday Christmas outfits get some use
out of it then and I paired it with this adorable wrap polka dot skirt and it’s
in this really pretty like rusty orange color which I very much like and with
this sheer top I just put a bralette under it but you could also put a white
cami I tried that and it looks super cute and on the website the model is
actually wearing a white cami because sometimes sheer tops don’t really look
great you know and with the cami I think but this one actually looks super nice I
think it’s the high neckline that makes it work but I just think this outfit is
so so fun if you love polka dots like me hopefully you will like this outfit as
well ready for my slumber party guys I’m having too much fun with this haul but
this definitely isn’t a fall outfit but it’s a cozy pajama set that I just could
not pass up it is just so fun it’s this like silky pink bright color I need to
give it a little iron but you know so cute and the pocket has this embroidery
girl power with a heart around it how stinkin precious I just couldn’t pass it
up and then I’m wearing the pink velvet
headband that I told you about let me give you a closer look I am such a fan
of velvet and make it pink and I’m even more of it so I absolutely love these
few days so much and I think they would make very happy birthday PJs so I’ll
have to wear them later tonight okay last but certainly not least I have this
hot pink blazer dress it is so fun I have been so into blazer dresses and
this one is just so bright and happy and fabulous I kind of feel like Barbie or
Elle Woods or a combination of both it’s definitely an outfit that they both
could wear and I am so okay with that because you know they’re iconic I’d be
honored to dress like them so super super fun I might wear this tonight for
my birthday dinner or birthday surprise I don’t even know what we’re doing but
um the thing is it is kind of short and I think I’m gonna need to wear pants or
a long skirt because my legs will get really cold because if we’re gonna eat
dinner inside a restaurant it’s always super cold inside of restaurants you
know they have their AC blasting and it’s kind of chilly in Florida in the
mornings and nights which is great and my chili I mean like 68 degrees but
still I think I would be a little chilly in this outfit even though it is so
fabulous especially at for a birthday dinner but I might wear one of the other
pieces I showed you earlier but that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this little
haul like I said everything that’s still available will be linked down in the
description below but boo hoo has tons and tons of pieces and new arrivals so
you can just browse around I had so much fun looking at the website is finding
all the pieces I wanted to pick out and hopefully you guys like the ones that I
pick out but I know my style can be a little out there and all but I love how
boo hoo like supports that you know it supports my hot pink obsession and they
support my cozy sweaters obsession and all
so big fan thank you again to bubu for sponsoring this video and now it’s time
to continue on with the birthday festivities I just checked Brandon’s
location on find my friends and he’s only about 20 minutes away so he’s
almost here and then we’re off to adventure I just ended up putting the
lounge back on because I need Brandon to give me some hints of what I should wear
tonight because I don’t want to dress and correctly for the occasion so I’m
just gonna hold out for him and I am going to post a little Instagram picture
if you don’t follow me yet you can follow me on Alice and bicker stop on
Instagram it’s a little birthday picture we took at Disney this weekend I’m gonna
show you sneak peek but not really I think because you can see this way after
I post it but it’s just one of me and a Mickey bar and we put the numbers 23 on
the Mickey bar sprinkles we’ll know it was no sprinkles it was glitter so that
was really fun but I’m gonna post that now respond to more comments and then
actually need to make the bed because I washed our sheets this morning nice
clean sheets nothing better but making the bed not so fun but I’ll get that
done after I close this Miffy came home with these pretty
flowers I love them we haven’t had fresh flowers from a little bit thanks babe I’m gonna open presents
Matt first up once in here we usually tell you how they’re like exactly what
we want but I have a feeling I know what it is oh look it’s boy at my hands are
blue from the flower look at that I told grade ineptly olders that the
blue flower is like in the bouquet you got me they they die those flowers blue
they’re just white flowers in the name they either spray them with pee or they
paint them but it’s not actual and this is Peru where you can see the blue so
common design and oh man I wanted oven mitt but you forgot the design and it
was really really cute Hey look baby you have to show you guys our old oven mitt
this is quite an upgrade but we’ll certainly keep like some of that like
someone’s just a pass because we do not like light dishes on it you know yeah
all right next up we have this big one think I know what it is but should I
guess I should just open it I think it’s a heated blanket which I made honey
so bad I know I’m a crazy Floridian yeah you need a blanket so oh sorry
it does not happy I’m really excited I’m so interested how it’ll feel and how
it’ll work but this will feel really good once it cools down and even
sometimes at night I’m so full because we have like the fan on and all that
good stuff food super soft really fine thank you
oh that’s so cozy Wow there’s the plug bring your blanket so interesting and he
thinks baby and then I have this one from my dot that you said and I know
what it is because I told him I wanted it but it’s a new knife set for our
kitchen you know you’re like an adult and you’re older and when you ask you
like kitchen stuff but it’s it’s like really pretty it wasn’t really expensive
or anything like for what it is but it’s this quite nice side and I think it
looks really beautiful so I think that’ll look nice because right now we
have red knife which I’m just not a fan of um so it’s good to upgrade it those
aren’t terribly expensive like the ones they come now so I think it’ll be good
but I was just wondering like can we donate them to Goodwill I don’t know
what we do is their own knife but yeah thank you things that I ended up changing back
into this cute blouse and some jeans because Brandon said that we’ll be
outside for a little bit and it’s got wrong so I feel this let me put putting on his boo where his broken
truck such a trooper I still don’t know where we’re eating
though Brandon’s a little off now he needs to
tell me where we’re going so I can tell him where to go we got the waffle cone with chocolate
and it sucks hot dark chocolate fudge mini chocolate chips so yeah my day was
so sweet and fun we just got pizza at this really cute place
every what it’s called do you remember it’s part of Maria and Enzo’s I just
need spring but it’s just like Peaks Pizza port but it just reminds me so
much of Italy I love it so much and then we got here a deli out of my favorite
flavor at Ghirardelli is the espresso chip it’s like a coffee flavor with
chocolate chips well they like chocolate chunk just chocolate mania so yummy then
when we got home my door was decorated with this cute decoration from my
friend’s face so sweet she surprised me and just put it on our door and I didn’t
open it yeah I wish she was here to open it with me but she just surprised me I
didn’t know what Brandon knew she would do that because he told her yesterday
that when we would be gone so cute it’s like a little strawberry charm I need to
open up the other ones it was like hanging on the door so you’ll see a
little clip of it but so cute look at this birthday card
so cool her so much oh my gosh this is so cool so those
these earrings and then these sweet little charms can you put the earrings
on the trans how cute and I have an egg in a little strawberry she’s the best so
now what oh so now I’m just gonna change to my cozy PJ’s test out my heated
blanket and spend some quality time with my husband I got my cozy new PJs on and
my earrings from fave they’re truly so cute I love that in the strawberry and
then a was so fine I’m gonna wear these every day so much and this cutie is
setting up my heated blanket oh my goodness it’s so soft I think I’m gonna
get a lot of use out of this like when I’m doing my quiet time in the morning
snuggle up with this I wanted one that was like neutral looking so I can just
leave it out but I truly have such a big blanket collection now alright friends
I’m nice and warm with my heated blanket this is my first experience with a huge
blanket and I am definitely happy about it
it feels so good and comforting and Coby my favorite word but thank you guys so
much for watching this vlog my little birthday vlog I’m so thankful for you
guys and I definitely spent some time reflecting today on my 23rd year of life
and just everything that happened this year and I’m just so thankful that I
have it all documented and so thankful for your kindness and encouragement
through all the adventures that this year had for us and I’m so excited for
next year this this upcoming year and I’m just really thankful for your
kindness as always so thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon

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