Boring Prom Meeting – The Inbetweeners

Obviously no one cool wanted to organise the prom So when it came to recruiting a crack team, I wasn’t exactly spoiled for choice. But while there may be no ‘I’ in team, luckily there was a me And if I were to stop these morons from screwing up my big night every fine detail had to be planned. Right. Welcome. As you all know, this is the first ever Christmas prom Two things are going to make this event successful, teamwork and exceptional leadership. The first thing we will discuss is the agenda and how that – Yes John? Are we gonna have food? Yep. Yep. We will. If you look at the agenda that’s item four so we’ll get to that. Because I think we should have food and I was wondering what type everyone thought we should have. Yep. As I say, that is on the agenda so we’ll get to that. Lasagna’s nice and so are burgers. You don’t need a plate for burgers which gives them an edge on lasagna. Yes John, please we’ll get to that. But, you can eat burgers off a plate too Listen lardass, there will be food so shut the fuck up so we can get this over with. I just wanted you all – Shut up! Right. Right. Okay, uhm, item one: venue. We’re having it in the school hall Obviously. Item two, band We don’t need a band, I’m dj-ing. After half ten I should be dj-ing the whole thing! Well, they’re booked now? Oh, you’re shit at this. I’ll be much better I’ve organised hundreds of parties. This is the first ever Christmas prom not a chimp’s tea party. What we want is a good structured evening – What we want is a big mucky disco and a piss-up. Hang on, when have you organised parties? All the time. I’ve known you for ten years and I have never seen you organise a party. Bollocks! What about my birthday party last year? Your mum organised that. Yeah, under my supervision and that was a wicked party. I fingered a bird. See? And also, I organised the caravan club parties I remember we have been to a caravan club party. And it was shit? I fingered a bird Well there you go. Look, Jay, now is not the time. Item three. Seriously Will, why are we here? You clearly decided it all already. No I haven’t. There’s still loads I need your help with? Like what? Like, who cleans up the next day? What item’s that? 28. Oh for Christ’s sake, just get on with it. Item four. Food. Oh, good.

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