100 thoughts on “BoxBox Christmas Riven Cosplay”

  1. Bisexuals and one time crossdressing get away with everything. Congratulations Boxbox! 🤣
    You look like a size 10, 11, or 12 in women's shoes. How was high heels Boxbox?

  2. Why dress like a girl you can make riven a men is all to you not because she a girl the sent is you need to dress like girl

  3. Saw the thumbnail
    Me:Yeahhhh boiii caught a cute kawaii girl to watch today
    Enter the video
    Me:Wait….It's a dood??!?!!?!?
    Me:Oh well…

  4. Confused boners is what you got? Or you ask how the f*ck did he get those teeth? I'm asking about teeth…

  5. 1:43 the moment you realized that you’ve been dating and having sex with a boy after 3 years into a relationship…

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