1. The arab song is.Wa Akheeran galaha.its mean .he is finally said that.and its an Iraqi song but the singers are a palestainian

  2. https://youtu.be/D3PymvHUmlw
    This is the song she sing in arabic .. Akhiran qalaha ( اخيرا قالها )

  3. It's an Arabic song called "اخيراً قالها" , it's different
    And yes it's Palestine 🇵🇸❤️

  4. Heather you looking beautiful in 144p quality I don't know how you will look like in 360p quality but I'm curious to know…lol

  5. ادخلي غلي قناة نادر احمد هي قناة واحد مصري بينزل فيديوهات مضحكة و هذا الكلام ولله قناتو ممتعك انا متاكد انك متواضعةه و هتشوفي تعليقي و تحطي ع المترجم لانك مش عارفه عربي و انا بحبك 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😂

  6. I love your reaction 💞
    Please please please can you reaction to عمر ورجاء بلمير https://youtu.be/j_gLS5YLAtw Their song is so pretty please I won’t to see your reaction for this song please 🙏🏻

  7. I suggest you to react kabylish songs, like a song of the big singer Idir ("a vava ynouva" or or "amedhyaz"), and a rethmic song of widding (mohamed allaoua "ahya vava chikh") this kind of music is incrydible of totaly different! And i know that you will love it so fear!

  8. اخيراً گالها گال احب گالها ونا گلبي گلبي گلبي نبضة توقف بعدها من فديت انا العيون قال ابك وبجنون ودي اطير ودي اعيش الدنيا بقربها وحدة احبه منزمان ومراضي يحس كان ونا كنت اعاني من زماني يحس بوقتها اخيرا گالها گال احب گالهااااااا

  9. React to despasito Arabic version 😂😂 … the same song but in arabic

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