Chocolate Christmas Tree PINATA! No Bake Xmas Dessert Recipe By Cupcake Addiction

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Christmas
Tree Piñata Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this awesome Christmas tree
piñata, perfect because you can make it up to a week in advance so you don’t have any
extra work to do on Christmas day. Tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’m using an iced cake board. So this is just
a regular cake board and I’ve iced it. I’ve got a tutorial which shows you how to ice
a cake board and that’s a little bit optional. I like to put mine on a cake board if I’m
going to give it away or take it somewhere for lunch. But you can of course just use
a plate or anything you like. I’m using a sharp knife.
3 spoons. 2 zip lock bags.
A pair of scissors. A little bit of green fondant, either fondant
or modeling chocolate will do. I’ve got a giant cupcake case. So this is
a giant silicone cupcake case and it must be silicone. You can’t do this with the metal
cupcake cases. 2 spatulas.
Some melted dark chocolate. Some melted green candy melts.
I’ve also got some melted yellow chocolate or yellow candy melts.
A little bit of candy for decorating, regular M&Ms and miniature M&Ms. Both in the same
bowl there. I’ve got a pre-prepared little fondant bow.
This is just an optional extra if you decide you want to go ahead and make those presents.
And I’ll be showing you how to make those in this tutorial.
A pre-prepared chocolate star which I’ll also be showing you how to make in this tutorial.
For candy to go inside my piñata, I’m using some candy canes, very Christmas-y. And I’ve
just picked some of my favorite candies that I think are going to give a really nice spill
effect. I’ve also got 3 little pieces of wax paper
or greaseproof paper. Just a shallow tray or bowl.
And my star template which I will link to in the description box below.
So let’s get started. Now the first thing that we want to do is
you want to start preparing the actual base of your piñata because this needs to go into
the fridge and have a little bit of time to dry. So the bottom half is going to be dark
chocolate and the top half is going to be those melted green candy melts. So this is
where my spatulas come in. You just want to pour in that dark chocolate and not all of
it, about half to 2/3, and you can either tip it. It depends on how fluid your chocolate
is. So you can either tip it like this so that you’re sort of tipping it up the sides
of your giant cupcake case or if you find your chocolate is a little bit thicker, you
can just use your spatula and sort of just scoop it up the sides. With this one too,
2 thin coats is better than one thick coat. So once you’re happy you’ve got a relatively
nice coating, just scoop a bit of it up and just give yourself a bit more around those
top edges because you want a really nice thick top to be able to join the two together. We’ll
repeat that process with the green candy melts. Perfect! Those 2 are going to go off into
the fridge for about 5 or 10 minutes until they’re completely set.
Alright, so while those 2 are in the fridge setting, I’m going to show you how to make
the little star that’s going to go on top of your Christmas tree. And I like mine to
be a little bit oversized, the star, because I really want it to be nice and big. So I’ve
got a printable template which I said I’ll link to in the description box below. But
for this, you’re going to need the template, your little piece of wax paper and your flat
tray. You’ll also need your zip lock bag, a spoon, and those yellow candy melts or yellow
melted chocolate. Scoop some of those yellow candy melts into our zip lock bag, pushing
it all the way to the corner before we seal it up, and making sure we let any air out
of the bag. Then you want to cut quite a reasonable-sized tip off your zip lock bag. If you cut it too
fine, it’s just going to take you longer to do this. So you can there, quite a thick strip
is coming out. So just holding your wax paper or you can
sticky tape it down, you just want to trace around the outside edges of your star, and
then you want to fill your star in. Just be careful not to get too much of that yellow
chocolate into the corners because we’re going to tap this down and you really want your
corners to stay nice and defined, so just sort of press it down into the corners but
then kind of use the tip of the bag just to drag it out again so that it’s not so thick
in the corners. Alright, so once your little star is looking
something like this, you can pop it into the plate, just that little piece of wax paper
or unto a tray, oven tray, whatever it is you’re using, and you want to give it a couple
of good hard taps on the bench. And what that does is it actually moves out the top of it
so you don’t have any bumpy ridges. And then if you need to, you can just go around and
just smoothe off any edges that might have come out of shape a little bit. Beautiful.
That one is going to go off into the fridge until it’s completely set. Alright, now while
our star is setting, and our base is setting, we can prepare a couple of these presents.
They’re a bit of optional but whenever I make something like this, I do like to use a cake
board or something like that to really, I guess, extend the size of my giant piñata.
So I’m just going to take that fondant or that modeling chocolate and you can also use
square candies like caramels or liquorice, all sorts for this if you don’t want to use
fondant. But I’m just rolling it into a ball and then I’m just going to sort of squish
it out so that it’s a bit of an oval I guess, and use the sharp knife just to shape it into
a square, all different shapes and sizes is great for this. Perfect. So something about
that size for our present. I’m just going to use my fingers just to neaten off the edges.
I’ve also got this little premade bow. Now I’ve got a whole tutorial on my channel My
Cupcake Addiction which shows you how to make these little bows which I’ll link to in the
description box below. I kind of think the presents are okay without them but if you
want to go that extra mile and have little bow on top, they do kind of make them just
a little bit cuter. Now for the little ribbons on our present
box, I’m just wiping the tip of that zip lock bag off. It is quite a nice thick tip so what
we’re going to do is we’re actually going to use a piece of wax paper so we don’t make
too much of a mess. And I’m going to use this to make our ribbons. So to make our ribbons,
I’m just going to come across, at the side, straight over the top, and then on the other
side. So you’ll see, I start a little bit before my present and I finish a little bit
after. That’s just so that I got a bit more control and my wobbly bits are normally at
starts and the ends. Beautiful. It also saves you having another color of fondant.
Alright, now straight away you want to pick that up and we’re just going to tuck under
any of those little bits of melted chocolate so that it’s really nice and neat. So just
tuck in under the present there and stick it on he fresh sheet, so your other sheet
of wax paper, and if you want a bow, on goes the bow, really cute and really simple little
present. So it’s exactly been about 5 or 6 minutes
and both of my first coats are nice and firm. We’re just going to go exactly the same thing
again and just apply the rest of that melted dark chocolate to the bottom and the rest
of the green candy melt to the top in a second coat, spatula-ing it up to the sides and making
sure to give that edges a nice coat. If you’re using candy melts, you’ll have no
problems with them setting. They do set really hard. If you’re using chocolate however, you
want to make sure that you’re using a compound chocolate. So I use [proper] actual baking
chocolate or chocolate that’s designed for melting and baking. If you’re either to use
let’s say a block chocolate or a really high quality curvature chocolate, it actually requires
tempering so that it will set nice and firm. Otherwise, it always [tale] a little bit soft.
So just bear in mind what sort of chocolate you choose when you’re picking your chocolate
for this piñata. Back into the fridge until they’re completely set.
Coming back from the fridge now, all of our little piece are dry. So I start… Once that’s
dry, it just comes off that baking paper really really nice and easily, and your 2 pieces
of your Christmas tree. So when you take these out, what you want to do is you want to sort
of roll that silicone down around the outside edges and you’re actually hearing it kind
of peeling away from the chocolate. Try to touch the outside edges of the chocolate as
little as you possibly can because it will get fingerprint so you’ll see there, I haven’t
touched the outside of the chocolate at all, just the case. And then I’m putting my hands
on the inside and out comes our top section. Before you take your top section out, you
can see these little raggedy edges, you can just go around and just sort of break these
off. Otherwise, you can use your sharp knife and just sort of just come around the edges
really quite gently because you don’t want to take any chunks off there but you do want
to neaten it up a little bit. Beautiful. Don’t worry too much about the little sort of sections
or the littler details, just the bigger chunky ones that are more noticeable. Lovely!
Now do the green first so that you don’t get little pieces of the brown from your base
on your green top. Once again, just rolling down the sides and pulling free our base,
and just snapping any sort of larger overhanging edges. Perfect.
Now here, you want to clean your work station down so that you’ve gotten rid of all those
little pieces of chocolate before we put this piñata together.
Alright, so this is where I like to attach mine to my cake board. So if you are going
to use a cake board, make sure that you always know where the back of your cake board is,
and mine is usually where I’ve joined my ribbon. And then you just want to take just a little
bit of your green or your yellow, it doesn’t really matter, just a little dollop, and this
is just going to glue the base down to the board, stick it down. And you’ve got a couple
of seconds here just to check that it’s nice and center where it will still slide around
a little bit before that chocolate or that candy melt starts to set. Lovely.
Now, you want to take some of your green candy melt or you can use dark chocolate, just depending
on what you’ve got more of leftover, scoop it into a zip lock bag, let all of the air
out and seal it up. Everything is starting to take shape.
Now you want to fill your little piñata candy but don’t be too tempted just to dump all
of the candy in there. You want to kind of take it in little handfuls and just position
it in because if you dump it all in, you’re going to put too much pressure on not ideal
sections of the case. You want to sort of allow that pressure to go in relatively evenly.
Now I’m just going to add here just a couple of handfuls of M&Ms. And I’m doing this because
the other chocolates that I’ve put in are quite large, and I really want to get a nice
spill effect when we do break into this piñata. Those M&Ms are just going to be a smaller
candy and helps achieve that. Perfect! Now from here, you want to make sure that
you don’t have any of those wrappers touching the actual lip and no candy on the board.
And then we’re going to take this candy melt, snipping off quite a generous corner here.
We’re going to pipe a nice big thick amount of candy melt all around the outside here
and then very quickly put on the top of our Christmas tree. Do just be careful that none
of that candy melt drips over the side on to your cake board. If it does, get it off
straight away because it’s less likely to stay if you can get it off as quickly as you
can. Alright, now working quite quickly here, take
your top of your Christmas tree. Make sure that you’ve got your best side facing forward
and position it down on to that candy melt seal. And then run your finger all the way
around the edge just to neaten it up, and getting down on eye level with your cake,
come around, just make sure that your candy melt hasn’t sort of come down around the outside
edges of your dark Christmas tree base. Alright, so it’s time to start adding our
details. So using the remainder of your green candy melt, we’re going to just start adding
on just some little, I guess, lights or little bubbles, so just place down a little tiny
dollop of green candy melt and fix your M&Ms – large ones, small ones, however many you
like, and whatever color scheme you like. You might like just to do red, green and white
here or you might like to, like me, add a bit more color and make them all nice and
bright, something to think about here. Make sure all of the Ms from your M&Ms are actually
facing inwards to the cake, not outwards so that your guests are going to see them.
Alright, so once I’ve added all of my larger M&Ms, I like to go around and just add in
some of my little mini-M&Ms. It gives you a little bit more of a variety of sizes. You
can also add in peanut M&Ms here or almond or whatever candy you like. You might also
find that your candy melt starts to harden a little bit by now so you might just need
to take it out of that zip lock bag, put it in the microwave again just for 30 seconds
or so just to re-melt it and then put it into a fresh zip lock bag so that you can keep
going. Now finally we’re going to add on our star
and also the present. So you’ve got your candy melts and you’ve got your star. With the candy
melts, you do want to put quite a generous amount of this and you are going to have to
support that star. So a nice little blob on the top there of that candy melt and down
goes the star sitting right into it and then just support it with your fingers. If you
want to here, you can just go and smoothe it down around the front edges. Beautiful.
And then our finishing touches, of course, will be our presents, so however many present
you want to put on if you want to put them at all. You can either just rest them on the
board or depending on whether or nor you’re going to be traveling this or actually moving
it around, you can just pop a little bit of candy melt on the back and on the bottom,
and stick it down. I kind of like to stack the presents in different colors sort of looking
like they’re piling up around the bottom of the Christmas tree, a couple on one side and
a couple on the other side. So once my presents are all on, I’m just going
to take one final look. Now that I put that star on, you’ll notice I left a bit of a gap
around the top, I just want to put just 2 or 3 more little tiny, mini M&Ms just around
that top section. Beautiful. So there you’ve got your finished Christmas
tree piñata. I hope you guys have enjoyed this tutorial, yet another great idea for
your silicone giant cupcake mold. I hope that this is an idea that you’ll share with your
family either this Christmas or next. And as always, thanks very much for tuning in
to My Cupcake Addiction.

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