Chocolate Yule Log Cake චොකලට් ලොග් කේක් – Episode 43

Hi There, Today I’m meeting you with recipe on Chocolate Log cake. To make this log cake, We need a Swiss Roll cake For that I used a Chocolate Coffee Swiss Roll. I have already added a video recipe to my Youtube Channel on how to make that Swiss Roll. You can find the link for that in the describption box below. If you like my videos, Please share with your friends. And please subscribe to my Youtube Channel Only if you haven’t subscribed already, click on the red color subscription button below. Then, Click on the bell icon coming near that. Now you can watch my latest videos easily. Now let’s make the Chocolate log cake, which is very popular in this season. For that we need, A chocolate coffee Swiss role, 75g of Butter, 175g of Icing sugar, Milk as required, 1 teaspoon of Vanilla, Cocoa powder, And things for decorating. First we need to beat the butter very well. Beat it for around 5 minutes. Now we have to add one teas spoon of vanilla and one table spoon of cocoa powder. Now add the sifted icing sugar and beat it again. Now we have to add a one table spoon of milk. After it’s beaten to this level, add another milk half a table spoon and beat it again. Now take a part of this icing to a bowl. To the rest of the icing, add another 1.5 table spoon of cocoa powder. And beat again If you like, you can add more cocoa powder to make it darker. Add milk if you want. This is a Chocolate Coffee Swiss role. I have cut two slices. First place those two slices, as it’ll get the shape of the log. Cake log means a cake which has the appearance of a wooden log. First cover the whole cake using the dark color icing we made But don’t apply darker icing over the slices and the two ends of the roll. around the slices also, apply the dark icing properly. When you are applying the icing, you don’t have to do it very neatly or nicely. Then you want get the look of a natural wooden log. So you have to apply icing in a rough manner. Now apply the light color icing over the slices and two ends of the log. Now get a fork like this and draw lines with it. After you draw once, clear the fork with a tissue before drawing again. Don’t draw very neatly, then you won’t get the natural look. Now you can decorate this by placing some berries and leaves like this. Now to show it has snowed, add some icing sugar to a filter and apply sugar dust. Don’t let too much sugar fall in to one place. Now this is how it looks like, the log cake we made This is a very enjoyable and nice creation. Even if you don’t have the basic knowledge on how to do icing, you can make this log cake very easily. Please make this Log cake and enjoy with your family. If you like my videos, please like them, add comments. And subscribe to my Youtube channel. Let’s meet again in a tasty video like this.

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