Chocolate Yuletide Log: Keep Calm And Bake 5

How to make Chocolate Yule log: Hi, I am Sim Smith and welcome to my keep
calm and bake series. In this episode we are going to be making
a traditional Christmas Log. It is going to be great.
[music] Christmas logs can be quite kitsch, but they
are also for adults too. Traditionally they are made like a Swiss roll,
covered in a chocolate ganache or buttercream. So to start off, beat the egg
whites and some of the sugar until they are forming soft peaks. Almost like when
you are making meringues. Into a clean bowl, add the egg yolks and the
rest of the sugar, and beat until it is fluffy and pale. Then pour the vanilla
extract into the egg yolk mixture. On top of that, sift some cocoa powder and
fold in by hand, making sure that you get a lot of air into the mixture, and that
there are no lumps. And then gradually mix in the egg whites into the egg
yolk mixture, keeping it light and airy.
Then pour the mixture into a lined and greased tin, and move it about a bit with a spatula so you get a nice even top. Then
it just needs to be put into a preheated oven for fifteen minutes.
The cake is out of the oven and cooling, and waiting to be decorated. And that is the best part, but first, we have to make
the icing. So we are going to start with some butter, which just goes into here.
And some icing sugar. [mixer sounds]
If you need any further information on the recipes or anything else, just check out the description box.
You can slowly start to up the setting of the whisk, and just beat until they are nicely combined.
[mixer sounds] And now you just need to add the vanilla in.
Followed by the melted chocolate. Now you can either do this in a microwave, or if you prefer you can use a bain-marie, so
you can just put it in a bowl over some simmering water on the hob. And then
it is just a case of whisking it again, and making sure that all of the chocolate
is combined so you get a really lovely chocolate icing.
[mixer sounds] The icing is done and the cake is now cooled
slightly. And what you need to do now is flip it over. What I have done here
is I have put some baking parchment down and I have just dusted it with icing
sugar just to make sure the cake does not stick. So you need to be a bit brave at
this stage, and you are just going to flip the cake over, like that. And then
you want to carefully just peel off the baking parchment. Now if the cake is cooled,
and which it should be by now, it will come off much easier. Whereas if you
do it when it is hot, it will stick. Now that the cake is out of its tin, you can
move on to the filling. Now you can choose your own. I have opted for some cream,
which we have just whipped up. And also, I think particularly Christmassy, is
this chestnut cream. So what I am going to do, is I am just going to spoon this
chestnut in. And I am going to make a kind of ripple effect, so it runs through
the cream. You do not need to mix it in totally. Just give it a really light
mix through. When it is mixed in, but not totally, you
then just need to put it onto the cake. So you want to spread it to the edges, but
not over the edge because we are going to be rolling it. If you like this recipe, or if you would like
to see more, just click the subscribe button. And that is that. Now it is ready to roll.
Hold the parchment, not the cake. Lift it up from the side. You want the longer
side facing you. That makes it easier.
[parchment rattling] And you want to nip it in quite soon. The
cake is quite soft and spongy because there is no flour in there. So it is also
good if you are entertaining for any Gluten free friends or family. If you have
got anyone with Celiac’s coming around for Christmas, than this is perfect.
At this stage you might want to just get hold of the cake, and turn it over on itself. So it is like a big Swiss roll, really,
that is what you are making. And that should be your log shape, ready for
covering. Now it is time to ice the cake, which is my
favorite bit. So start by taking quite a big dollop of it, and just place it
onto the log. And you just want to smooth it out. It does not matter if it is a bit messy because
it is that kind of dessert. Go all the way down the length. Once the cake is covered take a fork, I think
that is usually the best way of doing it, and you just want to rough up and
make a kind of bark effect on there. So, I think it is best to do really light
feathery strokes. You do not want to push too hard because you do not want to go
through all of the layers of icing, or reach the cake. Now I am going to create
a snow effect for the log. So, all you need to do is grab some icing sugar and
a sieve. And you just want to sieve it through quite heavily so it can pick up
all of the textures in the log. Well that is my Christmas chocolate log. It
is great for Christmas Day or the lead up to Christmas. I like to have mine
on Christmas Eve. I hope you have enjoyed it, and I hope to see you back again
soon. [music]

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  1. to make a nut effect place a very dark chocolate botten  and use a toothpick instead of the fork for shaping  

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