Christmas Carol CAPTION FAIL

time for another caption fail video this is what we have a little from the
you tube closed captions who wish to respond that restrictions for what he
thinks is being seventy this time we sing some christmas carols timmy
uploaded those and let you to interpret you meet at the age of eighty-two in
nato’s been delivered of christmas gives organising yet we promise to do it or reading wish you a merry christmas we
wish you were married priests mysteriously on every prisoners and a
happy new year to strat is the managers came to try to
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out of school santa claus and more robles store toys offer the little ones
christmas was folklore fall who i can go of orwell who would go well that’s a
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many charisma really uh… too although why did that i did that you know i i think mean

100 thoughts on “Christmas Carol CAPTION FAIL”

  1. Link used to be so serious. Rhett was the opposite, and now they've switched rolls; Link being the silly one, and Rhett the serious one.

  2. My favorite parts are when it makes no damn sense. "Mister that like this to" "mister is not the reason for a"

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