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Let’s go get these boys up get ready for this merry Christmas little girl time to rise up, baby I know I got to shake you down. Hey Wake up Monster man [Lines] [old] [yellow] wake up man. Merry Christmas pop up let’s get ready to Roll Fellas Everybody all the gifts. Yeah alright. Let’s start opening bad boys and see what’s going on. Oh That Big Baller Brand, keep it light and tight [oh], let me check that out zone is it leather on the sleeves. I didn’t I take Darth Vader look, huh? [oh], man all the gifts there well when it was younger man, we had to get all these toys and Playstation games But now they’re getting older, guess what? Nothing but the gear clothing gear everybody want to go out and look nice. All that Big Baller Brand that’s us We came up with this and [then] my wife It’s a family brand and each one of the B’s represent my boys. The first B is kind of fancy, it represents Melo. The second B is always a solid B, which is jello the strong one. The open B, the last one, which is Lonzo, and you don’t know what he’s gonna do. So that’s how we came up with that logo, triple B’s, we stand. Melo Let’s go, baby. Hey, this is our ritual right here on Christmas We do these pull-ups, and I’ll go first you on first man. Let’s get it on baby. Oh Oh, yes People say “Hey, you guys workout on Christmas?” ‘Yeah, we work out on Christmas. Christmas is all day! So we gonna get our little hour in, and we are good to go . Mister. what’s that, oh? What’s under the hat, a doo-rag? [yeah]? I’m gonna [breaking] walk. This is what I do. I break our bars, baby wow Let’s go But it also makes us understand that we got to jump on people ’cause a lot of people don’t do nothing on Christmas They take it as a holiday stuff fuck, right? Boy lots of liquor Holidays all day because we know everybody else takes [a] [break] [and] when they take a break reach up another step in front of that Allows us to be undefeated here. We go again Good one – that’s all my body requires Now we can go get this horse game off this one I got your arms nice and tight now I can try to give me a win [tig] that way it won’t check out this for me to knock out the box. I’m first we work with me out [we’ll] play out [how] let’s go out – yo man. It didn’t count as banking I’m second here. I’m never you say after you know. We’re arguing about I dream. I like slim Shane look at it I’ll get around quick. Oh, shoot Hmm, ooh daisy singh man nobody would do this my Daddy know your ball. Oh my goodness. Let me go go in oh What the heck is [that] you know dangling here just – hannah – money. Let’s go cash money. Yeah, oh He goner let’s go. Hey gunner. What’s up staggering struck no, [yangko], [debt] cash it oh That’s [ten] on to the next one the way you try to win in horses to get the arms real tired Hey this one today. Did not work at all. It worked on me [a] matter of fact Maybe because I’m getting older, but then we play dominoes. That’s where I get my revenge They can’t beat me in dominoes That’s a competitive game of dominoes my dad taught us how to play when we [were] young so we’ve been playing ever since then attritional Domino game Whoever wins these games get to Brag all Christmas day Everybody knows who the champion the head Ball [pitching] Damn, yeah, I guess you could [say] that that’s all trash. [oh] yeah, five Damn, yeah mellow more words come to mind crazy bouncing off the wall still better get over it But still hasn’t so light energy you got to put up with don’t do anything stupid There you go smart man. [oh] murder. She wrote let’s get it baby. 20 robbery stop it rise up even got to play [do] you learn to play from? Your dad learn to play from your mom [Belma] No, give me no give Me no You never hold this one the game [idea] see that are you today? I don’t always Know more okay you worried uh you were off you are in deep trouble. Go away. No more play G-Man you got a mind that it is oh man It is than it is it’s open so just being around [in] this cool You know I never get to see them obviously beyond ucla come here. I can see Melo jello, Eli Mom Dad everything’s cool Nothing a little [bed] [is] 2k. Leave them up real quick. Go outside Just have fun. [you] know the stuff. I can do that. Then don’t stutter in little Oh, how are we doing it you got reason no got a rich man. Who you think so no? No, I said [Lori’s] Gonna pull it out. That’s all Okay, be a [girl] me. Go outside. I fell down ain’t none. That’s gay look at Lebron play the whole game You said Carrie go get that [buggy]. Here’s a bucket gift I’ve boy shot 27 times, and it’s on my jello shooting 30 oh Please you not tell us yellows for standard man with two guards years 11 and 27 oh hello [all] three of them had the same Competitive nature they competitive about everything [they] don’t want to lose and they get that for me when I was a young kid I? Kind of took losing heart everything they do they expect to win, you’re gonna lose everything [down] [there], but that’s okay But we expect to win every time we do something anything and that’s how You know all the demeanor is the same [hey] man, not everybody had a great Christmas Lonzo Can you leave us with something that special man hit it one time man? I didn’t know using rapper – you came back looking like that Don’t step into the wrong life cuz you might live a short life with a lot of long nights [shoulders] on my team and they really bought that action they my real fans man – let him get the clapping [Pinballing] boy I just [had] a rap and took the face about my life so I can work on my suggestion I can do it not be dabbing like a press. I’d be trapping like the president. I’m just wrapping life short. I’m never slack. Oh Don’t like it. Let’s go outside for this last day, man. We’re gonna toss this ball up one last time

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  2. Damn Watching Tina before her stroke is so different I’m glad she didnt fall into deep depression

  3. I hate this fam cuz lil dicky is one of the brothers and he not here and his dad doesn’t let him rap and he’s telling lazno to rap

  4. I would love to live in a household like that! Very successful family and never a dull moment under that roof ever!

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