Christmas Delivery

(Swishy Swishy Fist Fist) (Door Bell) Hello, I have a delivery for your neighbour,
but they’re not in. Could you take it? Yeah, sure. Great! Ahh! (Saxy Festive Dancing) What’s happening? Strippergram! AHH! (Door bell) Hello? Y’aright mate, I’m just from next door. It says there was a delivery for me left here. Right. (Saxy Festive Dancing) F*@# yeah.

100 thoughts on “Christmas Delivery”

  1. This is fucking amazing now I don't feel uncomfortable about my weirdness any more this made my day lol

  2. Ok I came here because I thought there was only a girl and im definitely not lying.
    Edit: It mustve been awkward making this video.

  3. I remember looking over my dad's shoulder and he was watching this. One of his work friends sent him it. My dad doesn't even know who Tomska is lmao.

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