hey internet so it’s Christmas yeah /
other religious holiday / particularly non-religious atheists hoe down now
while the festive season may remind you of family and food and love and all
that crap it is actually one of the most accident-prone times of the year now I like to think that i’m not that
clumsy but to be honest any attempts whatsoever of holding onto any dignity in
front of you guys probably died a long time ago and to be honest I should just
stop trying to defend myself and tweeting every time I do something
stupid but I found this article the other day talking about Christmas
disasters and whilst I admit I am prone to you know casually falling out chairs every now and then i am not this bad right listen to this did you know for example
that over a hundred people every year are hospitalized from trying to move a
Christmas tree naked 10 people have to have toys surgically removed from their feet after accidentally stepping on them ah! and at least two people every year are
killed by trying to water a Christmas tree with fairy lights on now i’m guessing we’re not all that
stupid but mainly to make myself feel better i asked you guys if you’ve had
any Christmas accidents yourself and this is what you said Wow well I think we can conclude that
therefore christmas is freaking deadly and it is gonna go down whether you’re ready or not but by far
one of the most common and real dangers of the christmas season is choking on
food don’t laugh ok picture it there you are
Christmas Day with your Christmas Chums gayly enjoying each other’s company so
much that you get a bit too excited cheing a mouthful of food and bam you
start choking on something now do you actually know what to do in
this situation because I mean you might but i imagine that for most of us it
would probably go down like this P: what what do we do?
PJ: Panic! Everyone panic!
*everyone panics* and I’m sure that if we wanted to help
we probably wouldn’t actually be that useful what do you think alternate reality dan D: water he needs water PJ: more water D: i don’t know, i tried well that was a disaster what about you? P: I know, why don’t we try scaring him? PJ: yes P: oops great ok I don’t think I want to
know what his plan is PJ: oh I know, why don’t we pretend to choke to make him feel better Everyone: uh so in other words most of us would
probably totally useless in that situation and to be honest until last
week I had no idea what to do myself so on the basis that this will actually
be new to quite a lot of you and as well as making me look a bit less clumsy this
could potentially actually save some lives I looked it up and what you are
supposed to do in the event that someone starts to choke is hit them, no really Alternate Dan: stand back people
Real Dan: after bending them Real Dan: slightly forward you raise your hand
with your fingers held tightly together Real Dan: yeah that’s right no no no Dan a
bit higher than that Real Dan: yes well that’s not going to help is it
a bit harder Real Dan: no no that’s too hard Real Dan: all right stop *bleep* about ok all joking aside this is what you are actually supposed to do in the event that someone
starts to choke you hit them firmly between the shoulder blades oh god, what is that C: well OWL be damned C: *laughs* Merry Christmas everybody *talking and laughing* Everyone: oh oh Chris! Chris! Chris!
C: ahh!
*laughing* you silly lad so there we go that is how to be awesome the closest
I’ve ever been to choking was once i was trying to see how many dough balls I
could fit in my mouth at the same time for some reason and I was leaning on my
hand when I slipped and crammed about five into my mouth at the same time when
I just so happen to sneeze and then that dislodged them i know im so attractive aren’t i, and whilst i’m here losing all respect for myself I might as well tell you about the time
when i broke my dad’s TV by bending over to pick up a bauble and knocking it off
the TV stand with my butt yeah that actually happened and went about
as well as you think it could have, oh and then there’s the time when I was eating
Christmas dinner and I got attacked by a moth and in my attempt to swat it away i
knocked over a candle and set fire to the tablecloth I should be locked up I am in danger
to society but as well as this video hopefully helping some people I want us
guys to get together for the festive period not like that, leave a comment down
below about any Christmas disasters or fails that you might have had as usual
we can just laugh at each other but don’t leave me hanging ok I’ve told you my embarrassing stories
and no matter what you’re celebrating this season I hope that you’re doing good and
if not then I will always be here to laugh at don’t worry that you can always
always count on that it’s the festive sexy end screen dance
ho ho if you enjoyed this video please give me
a good thumb yeah that’s the spot and just click here to subscribe to my
channel to see more of my videos yeah yeah I’ve ruined Christmas for everyone I will never look at tinsel the same
way again Merry Christmas

100 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS DISASTER”

  1. one time when me and my sister were little, she started choking on pancakes and I remembered watching an episode of A.N.T and remembered how a girl was choking and how they got her to stop so I did that to my sister and saved her so ye thanks disney

  2. I remember one time we were making Christmas fruit salad and my father almost had to go to the Emergency Room because he nearly cut his entire finger off cutting pineapples

  3. I was choking on a goldfish (the food, not the pet) right in front of the door, and someone opened it and it hit me. Then I was saved yay

  4. This isn't Christmas related but my sibling but too much cheese on a homemade quesadilla and I had to physically pull the cheese out of my throat.

  5. I was rewatching this and saw that when PJ was pretending to choke after he stopped Dan picked up the fricking knife thing and said "that's not funny"

  6. I once started choking in class but I’m too socially awkward to make a scene so I silently coughed myself to survival. People saw and heavily judged 🤦‍♀️

  7. My thing that happen on chismas me and my cousin got into a fight she pushed me onto the road and someone ran over my arm I had to spend 15 week in hospital

  8. this was about a year or two ago but one Christmas i was supposed to bring the gravy, yes, the gravy, to the table and i tripped and spilled the ONLY gravy we had that Christmas on the floor and on the table and we had to get a new table cloth and different plates and cups and everyone looked at me with pure hatred in their eyes. I felt really bad and so I ate dinner in the kitchen.

  9. i waited all year for Christmas, PATIENTLY, thinking, "when Christmas comes I am gonna get this" over and over, even wrote a letter to santa, and when I woke up on Christmas morning, santa gave me an Ironman minion that was of no use. not a disaster, but it was for me.

  10. I wss trying to pick up my cat to get him out of the Christmas tree and i ended up knocking the whole fucking tree over and it fell on a lot of precious ornaments

  11. One December, my family kept breaking glass things around the house. Bowls, glasses, figurines – it was a mess.

  12. At my house it's not Christmas without a fight or someone choking at dinner. Yup. Usually it's me.

  13. I don’t have any embarrassing Christmas stories but…

    Yesterday my class was practicing for the school spelling bee like normal but on my last word (which I got wrong and had already gotten two wrong because everyone was looking at me) so when everyone else was done I crawled under the table on my knees, fists clenched and rocking back and forth with two of my friends under here with me and I stayed there for at least five minutes scared out of my wits with no idea of what had gone over me…… My biggest fear is officially society.

  14. This wasn't anywhere near Christmas but onetime I was laughing and I started choking on air and my eyes started turning into waterfalls and I kept laughing and my friend laughed at me too

  15. I almost dropped the turkey while trying to carry it to the oven… it was less than five feet from me 😂😂

  16. I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have choked on my own hair while it’s still in my head
    I’m a danger to myself
    (I have also almost fallen off my Dad’s shoulders when I was putting the star on the tree) what the hell is wrong with me?

  17. Somebody please tell me what went wrong between these three and Chris? I know it's not our business, but their friendship was so sweet, it would be easier to accept it being over if I understood why.

  18. My aunt tripped over the cat and nearly threw my other aunts son through a glass window into a skip but I caught him and then hit my head on the glass and had a concussion 👍 thanks aunty

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