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Hey guys I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa today, we will be doing the Christmas Do’s Don’t and please don’t but before we begin the video make sure to subscribe to our Channel join the Twinner family and turn on the ball Notifications to get notified when we post a new video also welcome to a Merrell Christmas Hope you guys are enjoying our Merrell Christmas for the month of December Let us know in the comments below what your favorite video is and without further ado Let’s get on to the do’s the Don’ts and the please don’ts of Christmas There you go its an avocado,Thanks An avocado I don’t want this This is so fun, I know I love Christmas, me too eh I think the tree looks fine the way it is right now yeah, I agree, let’s just leave it cool I’m so excited to decorate this tree wait, but I want to decorate it I’m gonna decorate it. What no I want to well. No I want to decorate al Vanessa. I want to decorate it its gonna be mine! hohoho I loves cookies hohoho Oh, oh wait the cookies What veggies somebody’s getting coal they’re stocking Hey Nessa I wrapped you a present Thank You Roni you’re welcome, here’s your gift Thanks Are you Vanessa Merrell yeah Hear ye hear ye, I hereby bring forth a gift for Vanessa Merrell Given by Veronica Merrell travelled through the mountains in the woods a gift for thy loving sister Good day Did you hear that Turn off do something Okay, sweetie. Good night. Make sure you fall asleep or else and santa won’t show up. Okay keep good night=] Good night, sweetie make sure you fall asleep right away, or else Santa won’t show up and bring those present okay goodnight mommy I’m gonna wait up all night long to see Santa Claus We’re so glad to have you guys back from college yeah, we’re so proud of you, thank you We’re so glad to be back with the family We’re so glad to have you guys back from college we’re very proud of you both, we’re dropping out of college What there is no way either of you are dropping out of college? We are paying for your college We’ve worked really hard so you guys could get a good education. Why are you ruining Christmas? This is ruining Christmas? I can’t believe you two would do this oh Come here little girl. What would you like for Christmas? I want a unicorn Okay, I will get your unicorn smile for the camera oh Okay Nessa come on its just Santa claus hes not gonna hurt you you let go what would you like for Christmas? Hi Santa Well hello little girl? What would you like for Christmas?A unicorn Okay Why don’t we smile for the picture? You hear that?! you better give me a unicorn for Christmas or I come to the North Pole and get rid of all the elves and there will be no Christmas for anyone Okay, let’s take a picture We wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Hello, Roni:We wish you a merry Christmas,we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new yearrrrr! Nessa: Merry Chrismast we wish you,Merry Christmas we wish you and a new happy year Hello What’s up, man, Merry Christmas Happy Holidays check out my mixtape give it a listen. It’s pretty lit It’ll be a dollar though No Oh nop? bye bye My gosh your Christmas sweater is still ugly. Thank you, so is yours. Thank you so ugly Ugly Christmas sweaters are so lame. Yeah, they’re like so agloe ugly Wah-wah this is the best ham ever thank you for making this on Christmas. Yes, this is so good. Thank you oh Thank you so much, sweetie. You’re so sweet. Ya this ham is great eww, mom what is this? yeah, you only gave me one slice? This is the worst Christmas meal ever Where are your manners young lady if you’re making your mom cry she worked hard on this ham Ruining this dinner you eww Mom I can’t believe this is the only thing we’re having for Christmas dinner all you made Hey James a mistletoe Oh Anybody want to kiss me there’s a mistletoe. I have nice lips someone kissed me, please someone kiss me Hey Veronica its mistletoe, eww I don’t want to kiss you I’d rather get hit by a tree And that was the do’s don’ts and please don’t of Christmas Let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of this video was Also, let us know in the comments below if you want to see more. Do don’t please don’t videos Also, if you want to know our sweatshirts are from its from glorify a pair of the link will be in description below Thanks for watching if you like this video give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the circle button over here and If you click this circle button right here you can subscribe to our second channel more Merrill if you want to see other marrow Christmas videos click the videos down here And we’ll see you guys next time bye

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