Christmas Episode

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year again where shops become unbearable and Mariah Carey is the only relevant female singer. Yup, it’s Christmas time all over the world! And along with the season comes the nostalgic silver bells and All I Want for Christmas renditions that makes the season all worth the while. Truth is, aside from Thanksgiving, Christmas is also the time where families leave all their troubles behind to reconnect and celebrate the holidays. But given how we have all been consumed by technology, how do you plan to reconnect with your loved ones the old fashion way? Lucky for you, I know some things that will rekindle all the family fun you used to share way before technology took over the world… and the dining table. Put a twist to the original Secret Santa! Everyone places their gift on the table and picks a number. Whoever gets number 1 will be the first to choose a gift. Now here comes the twist! The succeeding players can either get a new gift or steal steal the gift the person before them got and exchange it with what they got. Reminiscing through old photographs is also a way to reconnect with your loved ones and share your Christmas tradition with the new generation. You can also play games to make your get-together more fun, like name the Christmas song, charades, or guessing the gift inside the christmas socks. We all have our own traditions during the yuletide season. But have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated all over the world? Here are some awesome ways people from different parts of the globe celebrate the holidays. In the US, it has been a tradition for the Americans to send out Christmas cards to friends and family. Everyone loves KFC especially Japanese. In fact, every KFC in Japan during Christmas is so packed that it requires a reservation. Christmas celebration in the Philippines actually starts as early as September, or what we call the “ber months”. Also to anticipate Christmas, Filipinos has an annual tradition of 9 pre-dawn or early morning masses called “Simbang Gabi” that culminates on Christmas Eve. Christmas decorations are usually put up as soon as the first day of December starts. But in Germany, Christmas trees are only put up on the morning of December 24. Everybody loves a white Christmas. But instead of snow on the streets, people in South Africa and Australia head down the beach as summer actually coincides with Christmas. How about you, how are you planning to spend your Christmas? Leave us your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe! Follow us on our social media to stay updated. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

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