Christmas Eve: female tow truck driver rescues stranded motorists

yes I am but you know what? At least I m out here helping the people get on their way [pointing
to customer] saving your dog You know everybody s at the mall doing their Christmas shopping.
So probably around 6 o clock, that s when the mad rush starts- getting home from the
mall to their house car didn t start, car keys in the car locket out, flat tire, overheat,
you know, all that fun stuff m the only one in my shop now that s a female doing this
job but there are a couple other tow operators that work for different companies that are
in this business, too. AND HOW DO YOU GET THE HONOR OF HAVING THE FLAT BED? I love it.
It gets the job done. Let me tell ya, this baby gets the job done. Cars with broken axels,
ball joints, tie rod ends. Trying to get those babies up there is a hassle but ya know what?
I get them up and I get them down. Rollovers, flip-overs, all those, yes, I do everything
. Some people don t understand when they have a car, some dealerships don t even show
them where the spare tire is and they re usually underneath the vehicle. You have to pop open
the back, get underneath, and you have to see for yourself that there s a spare. AND
YOU HAD ONE TODAY? Yes, I did, and she was very happy that I didn t have to tow her.
WAS SHE SURPRISED? Oh yes, she was very surprised that I jumped out of the truck The big muscular
guy I get out of my tow truck and he just says one word Gimme the jack. It takes him
twenty minutes to kindly walk back over and say, Can you give me a hand? I gave him a
hand, showed him how to do it and now he went on his way. And now he s probably going to
call back triple A and ask for a guy now. :p/@ urn:schemas:contacts GivenName urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags
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100 thoughts on “Christmas Eve: female tow truck driver rescues stranded motorists”

  1. I seen females towing and all of them that I encountered know more about the car then the people at the race track do I was shocked that they knew that much about the car they were towing

  2. I still find it a crackup that the occasional chauvinist idiot has a problem with women truck drivers of any description. In Australia, at some of the mines close to half of their dump truck operators (as in the kind that can squash an F-100 under its wheels like a beer can) are women. Who would you rather have at the wheel? a 20 year old male full of testosterone, or a 20 year old woman whom wants to prove she can do it? They're nicer to the machines they drive

  3. I love it! Men just need to grow up & stop acting like women can't be mechanics. We do everything else without men–why not this too?! Gr8 job, Evelyn! 🙂

  4. @mike82871 You must be state price regulated? Thats bs.! I'm 275. per hr for dws,no ins,duii, mva. How long does Oregon have before some liberal ruins this state too!

  5. @FlysAtNightWoman Nothing against women doing whatever they want.. it's just annoying when women do something "manly" just to prove some sort of point. I'm going to be a construction worker to show men how strong we are!!… WHY? I see no point in this, but if you truly wanna be a mechanic or w/e.. go ahead, no problem with it.

  6. i can do all my own car repair but if i new she would come to help me change my spare tire i'll get a flat tire everyday

  7. The honor of the flatbed??? Thats the Job the rookies get.Dont get me wrong she is hot as hell but flatbeds are for rookies.

  8. Nice video! I take my FORD SUPERDUTY Pickup over to Chestnut Hill after a big snow and make some good money pulling cars and suv's out. I also do jump starts, flat tires and lock outs! rumerboyz

  9. This awesome beautiful girl just towed my car… I have a 95 civic that is 3 inches off the ground….she managed to NOT scrape my front end which I was amazed by. With the pain of gettin my car secured on the bed and gettin the bed up my little streets she was still smilen….one awesome chick…never thought Id have such a good time gettin my car towed….hope I break down again soon

  10. I met her today!! Very cute and very nice!! She was very good at her job and very knowledgeable!! Feel free to hit me up citylimits215!! 🙂 peco bob…

  11. She towed my civic…delt with my shit….she's awesome…most fun I ever had in a flatbed….hope I break down again soon =)

  12. this chick is amazing…she towed my lowww red civic awhile back….most fun i ever had in a tow truck…awesome person

  13. im thinking about doing tow trucking as a living with in the next 5 years, how do you learn about it, like do you learn as you go on or is there a course you can take to help you learn?

  14. you have to find some one this is willing to train you how to do the job i frist learn how to do this job by wacthing my friends in there truck and asked if they can teach me the job. i hope you go well and good luck !

  15. That's Evelyn, I know her personally, and this woman can operate a tow truck Better than half the guys in Philly. I've seen her in action.

  16. Come down to keystone/comly and kick it with me an vic for a little while. U remember me, i drive the black jerr dan flatbed with the blue shield.

  17. lol ask her the same questions now and she wouldn't answer it the same way they are over worked and under payed and the mangers are assholes and the dispatchers lol

  18. always good to see people who love their job… it seems a tough work, she looks little bit tired… but always with a smile in her face. She made my day. Tks… and keep safe on the road !

  19. She "gets them up…roll overs….flip overs…20 minutes giving someone a hand on the jack"….       I'm going to go have a wreck now just so they will send her!

  20. Christmas Eve and she is out there making sure everyone gets to where they want to go, and with a smile on her face. I know a lot of MALE tow truck drivers who would bitch and complain about working Christmas Eve. Evelyn YOU ROCK and I hope AAA see's what an asset you are. This is just another shining example of how females can do the same job as guys, and in some cases even better at it. Yes, I am a male.

  21. Not to sound sexist, but if she were my girlfriend, sister, whatever this would make me nervous. Cute, petite blonde routinely out in the middle of nowhere with strange men. Sometimes after dark, I'm assuming. There are a lot of sickos out there. Hopefully she carries a loaded gun.

  22. hey Ev, if you get tired of slogging through the slush, I'm pretty sure you could get a job down here in the wink of an eye.

  23. This video makes me want to buy a tow truck and Start rescuing stranded motorist I'm saving my first dodge ram 5500 diesel flatbed tow truck now

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