Christmas Eve GRWM | Alistate conmigo Noche Buena y Navidad Subtítulos CC en español Jeovanax3

hello everybody welcome back to my
channel today we’re going to be doing another get ready with me the Christmas
Eve edition so if you’re interested in watching how I went from this to this
just keep on watching first thing I do is prime with my hourglass veil primer
now I’m going to mix nude ivory and bronze beige which are two shades of
foundation by wet and wild as you can see my tool of preference is a Beauty
Blender at this point I apply some maybelline fitme concealer in the shade
light on my under-eye circles I also apply some on my lids to use as
eyeshadow primer with this Rimmel stay matte powder I set my whole face
including my eyes from this profusion contour palette I have taken the shade
light to carve out my non-existent cheekbones from the same palette I take
the beige highlight and apply it on my under eyes to brighten up the area for
my brows I used a stylist definer pencil to draw the outline and to also fill
them in I first like to use the spoolie to put the hairs nicely in place and I
also like to use it at the end to kind of blend out any harsh lines drawn so for my eyes I’m going to use this
palette called solstice as you can see it’s by bad habit and I’m taking in the
shade spring which is a very beautiful peachy tone perfect to use as a
transition color second color I’m using is called fall it seems to be a darker
version of the first shade I’m also using it in the same transition area but
a bit closer to the crease it’s time for this beautiful shade
called bask a dark very pigmented red I’m directly putting it in my crease and
blending a lot summer is the color I wanted on my lid
since the beginning because it reminds me of the mustard colored stripes on the
pants I’m going to wear later today now going back to the shade spring I’m
applying some in the transition area again so it is well blended with the
other colors last minute I have decided to darken the
outer corner of my eyes so I lightly take the shade dusk and apply some Sol
is a very beautiful gold shimmer shade that I have decided to place on top of
that mustard shade called summer I take the white shade winter onto my brow bone
to make it pop a little and now to line my eyes I use scandal
eyes by Rimmel and wing it out from mascara I take the lash paradise
and apply some false lashes for my hair I use a brush blow-dryer by
Revlon to dry as you can see I had to ask my boyfriend
to help me iron the hair in my ponytail and he also helped me play some bobby
pins where I couldn’t see for my lips I’m going to use this gift I
got from a friend trio of liquid lipsticks by anastasiya I use the color
Hudson the last two things I’m applying will be
from this Melissa Michelle palette that I absolutely adore I will be using her
bronzy blush which is perfect because I didn’t apply any bronzer I’m going to be taking when I consider
the perfect real-life highlighter it’s a perfect subtle glow for everyday life
love it this is the final look I hope you guys
liked it if you have any questions or suggestions please remember to comment
also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel remember I upload on Monday
thank you !

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