Christmas Eve in Mexico!! l VLOG#2

Making Tamales for the Christmas Eve party This is tradition in mexico Playing bean boozled with the family bite it! peach! rotten cheese! eww rotten egg or popcorn popcorn! she didnt bite it! yours can be dog food or chocolate and this one can be either smoothie or dead fish you have to bite it and swallow it it tastes good.. hey! you just swallowed it!!! you cheated!! give him another one!! wait dont smell it! can be vomit or peach and javiers can be dead fish or smoothie you have to finish it!! bite it!! his was vomit!! juan can be booger or peach and perico can be lime or grass booger? you eat your boogers! its not that bad abish can be vomit or peach and teso can be rotten egg or popcorn eat it! all of it!! they actually taste like it!! kevins can be rotten milk or coconut and yours can be rotten cheese or caramel she got the bad one!!! Swallow it!! give her a kiss!! i cant change it? im doing this for you guys! in you tube!! make me popular make me popular give me water dogs!! he know how to move his hips!!!

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